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(en) France, Alternative Libertair #220 - Egypt: Market liberalization in the Muslim Brotherhood + Spain is EspaÃa muy bien ... (fr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 20:21:58 +0200

Egypt: Market liberalization in the Muslim Brotherhood ---- In Egypt, the conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and the former Mubarak clan was more competition for economic stranglehold on national markets as a political disagreement. The last steps the country with the rapacity of foreign investment are being taken. ---- After the accession to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the question arises of itself: who is the person with the greatest influence on the economic policies of this government? The answer, which would seem too obvious to some naming this or that leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is wrong. This person is none other than Gamal Mubarak, the younger son of the deposed president he would inherit power, which receives reports of successive judgments and is certainly in a comfortable prison 5 stars. To learn how to manifest the influence of Gamal Mubarak government yet worn by popular protest against the regime of his father, he must delve into the corridors of power at the time Mubarak.

Bring foreign investment

Gamal Mubarak was the representative of the "new ideology", a term used by vague and unclear Hosni Mubarak and many businessmen after the presidential elections of 2005. The new ideology advocated unfettered liberalism wanting to put an end to all social minimum that the state still granted, such as food subsidies, electricity and fuels. This, of course, suppressing any challenge to the workers and popular classes who would defend living standards too low.

With the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ultra-liberal clan symbolized by Mubarak's son keeps a great influence. Just listen to the statements of Hassan Malek, a businessman and historic leader in the Muslim Brotherhood: "The economic policies followed under former President Mubarak, showed the right way except that they were parasitized by corruption and clientelism. We may well benefit from past policies, the evidence remains that Rachid Mohamed Rachid very well know how to bring foreign investment. " This statement is from an interview with Reuters dated 27 October 2011. This famous Rachid Mohamed Rachid is none other than the businessman became Minister of Industry and Trade to the reign of Hosni Mubarak, fled Egypt in late 2011 and the various legal proceedings that accused him of corruption. You can also add the declaration of another leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Kheirat El Shater, the man behind all decisions of Mohamed Morsi, the current president of Egypt. El Shater believes that the private sector should participate in infrastructure projects, such as remediation and electricity, because the state is unable to do it alone, about that even under the former regime leaders n ' dared stand. On May 5, Kheirat El Shater was invited by the American Chamber of Commerce to discuss projects of the Muslim Brotherhood to power, he assured them that will be defended liberalization of markets, foreign investment and the interests of their owners. Here for statements but what about the facts? The current Interior Minister welcomes the violent crackdown by security forces from five different mobilizations of workers protesting against poor working conditions and employees protesting against breakage rights social.

Repression in anticipation

Repression expects to become arbitrary police arrest anyone suspected of inciting rebellion. She welcomes even in its communiquà of 13 August when she claims to have arrested twenty-one people in 48 hours for the sole reason to encourage the peaceful revolt. The same repressive policies held in silence by the very people who complained under Mubarak. The shadow of Gamal Mubarak is present at all levels, but how this graduate of the American University in Cairo have become the symbol of a doctrine? To understand this, we must go back 60 years ago with another Gamal, Gamal Abdel Nasser, who built a large economic infrastructure owned by the state. This appropriation state of the Egyptian economy has not only created a bureaucracy linked to the state apparatus, it has also created a new bourgeoisie. After the death of Abdel Nasser and Sadat came to power, the Egyptian economy opened to global capitalism. But under the influence of businessmen at school career combining legal brief and to the illegal, this period does not undermine the economic power of the state over the country, through which the whole class' s rich.

The Mubarak era was different. This class of businessmen parasites lost influence and gave way to businessmen trained in prestigious Western universities. With them, Egypt opened the doors to a market economy.

In the continuity of the process neoliberal

Laws are applied to accelerate the process: tax exemptions and customs duties, prohibition of unions in creating new businesses. The accession of Gamal Mubarak as head of the party in power is the result of these economic policies, as it is the perfect representative of the new generation of businessmen specialized in the service economy. At the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood is incorporated gradually liberalization of the country as a group of businessmen and holders of foreign aid from Gulf countries, the conflicts that opposed the ruling clan were much more related to economic competition policy. The Muslim Brotherhood does nothing to change the neoliberal continuity of the process started by the Mubarak clan, especially since the prosecutor has to drop corruption charges against Gamal Mubarak in exchange for a fine equivalent to several million euros. The Muslim Brotherhood did not dare even to refer to Mubarak's son, but they do not hesitate to get in touch with former businessmen. Surely they will soon redeem himself and regain virginity again the road to power.

[ 1 ]

[ 1 ] Yasser Abdelkawy (Libertarian Socialist Movement - Egypt)


Spain is EspaÃa muy bien ...

"And Spain is very good, very good for those always the banker for our President and the Mayor" [ 1 ]. Written in 1998, these words of the libertarian group Ska-P have only more sense as they stick to reality ... even 14 years later.
Mass layoffs in the private sector, reductions in public employment, salaries of amputees, angry Indignad @ s or Asturian miners, violent strike taxis in Madrid in late July, mobilization of artists against the VAT increase on culture, events street against austerity policies, difficulty or inability to repay loans and housing expropriations that lay in the street of entire families, lost youth that sees only in exile in France, Germany or England, the possibility of finding work while it is one of the most educated in Europe ... The panorama social well-PyrÃnÃes is alarming. And the situation is unlikely to improve ...

"It goes back"

At the corner of discussions with yay @ s - these seniors have experienced the dark hours of Francoism - it's the same refrain: "It goes back." Back in the mouth of a grandma or grandpa from the Spanish working class is fraught with meaning. It is the return of mass unemployment. It's back to the misery and cursed time of scarcity. It is the return of the fear of tomorrow. And reality confirms these fears. Families living together in the same house because there is no way to live in independent homes. Grandparents under one roof alongside their son, daughter, their spouses and grandchildren. And more often, it is with the retirement of his grandfather or grandmother that the whole family will try to survive.

On the issue of expropriations very popular, major banking groups Iberian are becoming the principal owners of the land. What does also not without some contradictions to the least surprising: force to expand their real estate, banks find themselves unable to pay the accommodation tax, property or maintenance of these expropriated property.

Luckily, the government of President Rajoy - People's Party - was generous to impose a drastic reduction in property taxes. Constant claim of all neighborhood associations, never satisfied. Those from below were not worth the trouble, the best interests of the banks ... if!

Back to the earth ...

Another symptom of this crisis in Spain: the return to earth. While in the 1990s and 2000s, the pueblos (villages) are depopulated, youth are reluctant to follow the path of their parents in the exhausting work of the earth and opting for industrial work. This is the opposite phenomenon today. The Aragonese peasant union Asaiah number between 15 and 20% increase in the number of workers of the earth the last six months. The explanation is simple as noted neo-rural in the newspaper El Heraldo de Aragon: "I abandoned the countryside because I wanted to enjoy my weekend and have a better quality of life in the city. But now I'm back to work continuously ground floor [sun sun]. Field work is harder than the assembly line of General Motors but at least the ground allows me to live. It was no longer the case since my dismissal. " This return to the earth revitalizes entire villages abandoned for years. Number of families evicted, expelled, went into exile in the villages of the Pyrenees or Andalusia. No rent to pay, as it gives life to old can stone houses and live frugally barter and family garden ... the end of July 2012, as each quarter, the government publishes official figures of unemployment. These figures are, as we know, truncated precarious employment and moonlighting yet endemic in agriculture, tourism and construction. The unemployment rate is now 24.6%, a quarter of the workforce. In comparison, the highest rate since 1994. Except that this time it was 3.9 million people, while today it is 5.7 million workers are concerned. The unemployment rate of under 25 beats also records. It is now estimated that over 53%! Finally, 1.8 million households have unemployed adults.

What resistance?

In this context of social decay, although the majority trade union leaders concede that the situation is "alarming" and that government policies and reforms Rajoy are "harmful, unjust and ineffective," it is clear that the Spanish workers n ' expect nothing bureaucracies unions as institutional UGT and CCOO, long discredited capitalist reforms have accompanied and bad shots governments of both left and right. The government does not also mistaken. It punishes those who may pose a threat in terms of the resistance movement. In Madrid, some 400 judicial investigations are underway against members of the 15M movement - the "Indignad @ s" - with fines ranging from 300 to 30,000 euros. Last spring, it was the secretary of the CGT Barcelona, ââLaura Gomez, who narrowly escaped a prison sentence after 23 days of detention. In Andalusia, August 10, seven union activists SAT are indicted due to the action "expropriation" of the Mercadona supermarket in Ecija. The union of these Andalusian wrong: forcing the release of three food carts for distribution to 36 families homeless.

Before the outcry caused by this action, the Socialist Party of PP through the very "responsible" Andalusian CCOO leaders - a practice "unworthy of the labor movement," they say - the authors incur heavy penalties. The dying of hunger can not afford anything in the rule of law, they shout in unison. This does not mean that intimidates those who do not intend to remain silent. Mobilization unit most combative unions, initiated by the CGT, the anarcho-syndicalist continues. This latest announcement in his last statement that it intends to "continue in summer 2012 mobilization to denounce the pro-Fascist People's Party" [ 2 ] to build the foundations "of the general strike that will need to operate freedom, dignity, rights and the future "...

Jeremiah Berthuin activist and friend of NÃmes AL

[ 1 ] "Y es that will EspaÃa muy bien, muy bien going para los de siempre: para el banker, para para el alcalde y nuestro presidente. '

[ 2 ] The reference to the origins of the pro-fascist PP: post-Franco and comes from Allianza popular it was long led by Manuel Fraga Iribarne, a former Minister Franco and President of Galicia. Aznar praised the regime still a student and has never hidden his sympathies for the Phalanx. Rajoy as his successor elsewhere.
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