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(en) Greece, Initiative anarchist-anti-authoritarians: A stance on the current reality - If capitalism creates crises totalitarianism take it (gr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 06 Nov 2012 10:18:33 +0200

The global capitalist restructuring carried out with violent pace in the last three years across the length and breadth of the land reveals the true face of the dictatorship of capital and bosses over the lives of the subordinate classes. The economic and political elite conduct a multilevel class attack throwing it in the bin as social contracts signed between the famous social partners in the past decades in order to maintain social peace-class. The end of the last century meant the gradual collapse of the welfare state in Europe by neoliberal storm. And the new century greeted with horror capitalist crisis contributed to the sharpening of class offensive of the bosses. In Greek and European level, ftochopoiisi wider social strata, forced devaluation of the workers and their attendants, the withdrawal of the state from the cost of reproducing their labor power (collapse of the welfare state), hardening and shielding schemes at institutional / legal / sedative / ideological level and the open war against "internal enemies" and "dangerous classes", are some of the foundational pillars that can describe the years looming emergence of a modern capitalist totalitarianism.

Let us in the here and now. The political management of this conjuncture of capitalist crisis level by the Greek situation was not political forces, parliamentary or otherwise, creates a perpetual state of emergency and therein outlining one way is left to follow the "coordinate state" than the one and society on the other. The ethnosotiries coalition came quickly on the agenda of the local political system is threatened by the clear obsolescence, lack of confidence and challenging the local population. The memoranda, the "structural changes" and "packages" stacked succession over everything on our backs in the name of debt and under the constant threat of bankruptcy, the exit from the Eurozone etc. The economic status of staffs earn press for renegotiation, extension, bankruptcies and a thousand myriad things trying to terrorize and mislead society from the material reality of poverty and destitution. The local political system rearranges the House and greets the "unruly child", fascists and neo-Nazis of the ASE and the 'formal ruling left "in the form of SYRIZA. On the one hand, the scheme promotes full political agenda sharpened racist and fascist aggression giving her the codename "Xenios Zeus" while simultaneously being built step by step a modern police / totalitarian state who comes to meet the ongoing socio-class tensions and the prospect of widespread social revolt. On the other hand, the Left not only smooths the rhetoric and keep regular "equidistance" to ensure electoral clientele but even more than ever taking the expander and assimilatory role of class antagonisms providing another outlet for the political management of the crisis spreading illusions the human face of capitalism and to return to the welfare state.

More specifically, the daily level, conducted an unprecedented operation ftochopoiisis widespread plundering and the lower classes of the population: the labor force further underestimated and should be very cheap to lubricated the "coveted wheel of development", the social wealth should be divested in the name of public debt and reciprocity, large pieces of socially excluded and sent to the margin creating a modern army supplies slaves. Through the whirlwind of layoffs and unemployment, foroepidromes and smashing to pieces every social benefit us inevitably lead to uncertainty and insecurity in the face of a future that nothing seems assured. The brutality of these changes hit the core of social relations were structured in an earlier historical period. The fragmented society of neoliberalism through the ideals of individualism, class advancement and material evdaimonismou's place in society dismembered loose individuality in fear of poverty and deprivation and discipline easily coerced by the dominant imperatives. Plus, the experience of powerlessness, subordination and consumability must be embedded into the ranks of the exploited and a substrate material which will dominate smoothly concoct the perspective of the economic and political staffs 'top'.

Simultaneously, the dominant rhetoric around issues of lawlessness, crime and the "national emergency" is the battering ram of the dominant institutions of the state to foster and consolidate the pervasive fear, to build new divisions within the oppressed and of course -of course, blackmailed social subjugation in the name of national unity. Already, the anti-immigrant policy of the Greek state counts hundreds of victims, dozens of camps across the country and expanded repressive pogroms in the cities against illegal workers in the tolerance and acceptance of significant parts of society. Beside them act fascist hordes stochopoioun that the figure of the immigrant and refugee as a scapegoat to blame for all the woes of the locals, legitimizing the physical elimination of illegal workers, the surplus labor in times of crisis. Simultaneously channel the social anger produced in broad walks and turn into the exploited classes through the racist and xenophobic propaganda and practice. It is clearly preferable to the regime and his minions to bind the chariot of fascist violence and social cannibalism and chase tearing the weak than to attempt the removal of strong power over our lives.

Consolidating and reinforcing the fear they try to impose social discipline in the official state policy that serves the choice of capital for the salvation of which must be sacrificed nationally. With racist propaganda sheets and channels, calling up the Greek army to enter the game, "because the police will not be enough to support the mammoth task of repression", build the wide acceptance of nationalism, racism, and xenophobia by advertising in essence militarism promoted by neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn. Show with big titles and false sensitivity, anxiety supposedly passes constantly threatened by "illegal immigrants" Greek citizen - the days that a huge percentage of unemployed trying to immigrate to the ground "where gone, gone" and already handled by the racist ' host countries. "hand in small letters somewhere near the signs and ads, are - as is the "politically correct" and requires the "journalistic ethics" - and some references to the incredible violence of the soldiers of the Golden Dawn against immigrants. The state and mediaki propaganda for the "insecurity" and lawlessness, exploiting the problems generated by poverty and injustice, apparently completely legitimizes "Security Battalions" and "justice" by the fascists in the absence of a "responsible officer the state. " The construction of "health bomb" in an era of tritokosmikopoiisis health system and, of course, the rhetoric about the collapse of the Greek economy and the movement of goods as a result of "illegal trade" elicit social consensus and extorting allegiance to open the way for legalization of state fist and fascist violence, authoritarianism and brutality.

I am under no illusion. In times of capitalist crisis, social-class tensions and political instability, the fascists as official parliamentary party and, now, player power, are more than mere tool of the state and the bosses against the oppressed. The complete management, fascist and nationalist propaganda and repressive cruelty are a clear systemic parameter, a cornerstone of modern totalitarianism to tackle social discontent. Anyway, the coveted social peace has burned long ago and now tries to complete social subjugation borderless balances. In short, the alleged condemnation 'extreme' behaviors, practices and perceptions of the civilian democracy beyond pretense, clearly intended to legitimize the "official" state of barbarism which adopts and assimilates them in full all the practices and beliefs of the fascist gangs.

In socio-political level, chrysafgitikes hordes parastate mechanisms and their contribution to the good of the police up the mercenary army of the Greek state willingly undertakes the task of social disciplining violent anti-social choices all sorts troika, foreign or domestic. This interest patriots, nationalists, racists and all sorts of cannibals who rallied around practices and logydria of neo-Nazis is a critical social mass in cooperation with the official state apparatuses performing the work of one counterinsurgency effort to halt and derail the amplitudes of social contestation and anger and to act solvents and menacingly towards the social dynamics of resistance, emancipation of rebellion and freedom. The fascist aggression through the assault battalions and militarism are here to be nurtured and deepened the capitalist barbarity.

After all, what radical or antisystemic can represent all these and those constituted as Nazi gang organization and at the same time that their party is staffed by a patchwork KYPatzidon and paramilitaries, pimps and mobsters, organized state-sponsored "charitable" lest raise the polling rates, which are strongly supported and voted massively by the mechanisms of the "deep state": the cops, the Mataji and caravan; Not only can also pose challenging the state and capitalism, but represent the most extreme form of class -social oppression chapter draws whenever he feels threatened and seeks domination of the military workforce management, operators around the world. In this context, it is no coincidence that in front of the looming political exploitation by the regime, clearly moved by the Nazi / National Socialist ideological core to a character fascist party in power grid puts the national macho, productive reconstruction ethnocentric in direction etc something akin to the historical past of the Metaxas regime and fascist parties in the interwar Italy etc. And of course, their proposals do not describe something radical but one of the possible "routes out of crisis" with minor or major variations described pieces of Aristeraskathos and other capitalist interests.

Fascism them stinks and their democracy

"We can crush fascism in cooperation with the democratic government, but only in the face of democratic government. We know that no government really wants the uprooting of fascism, because the bourgeoisie is compelled to resort to it when they see that it may leave them the power of their hands. " José Buenaventura Durruti

It is clear now that the election Panigiraki last summer aimed at decompressing and channeling social discontent during the previous period translated not only diffuse actions targeting civilian personnel and sharpened social and class tensions culminating in the insurrectionary events of 12 th February. Moreover, the electoral agenda seeks, first, to redeem the social rage through the creation of "antimnimoniakou camp" where different crowd right and left fronts, and exacerbate social despair through the formation of a "coalition of the willing" which offers various guarantees as to remain in the euro, avoid bankruptcy, "the fulfillment of commitments" and "responsible negotiation and disengagement" from the memorandum.

Absent with the resultant socio-class tensions and protests, the scene xanastinetai giving breaths necessary to battered regime. A new coalition trikommatiki (with left taps anymore) undertakes a rigorous implementation of the sovereign choices. The turmoil of the period antimnimoniakos expressed polling now shows a new "responsible left opposition 'willing to take the" reins of the country "where political deadlock in the system. At the same time, social despair, a creeping social ekfasismos and state authoritarianism expressed through parliamentary and political representation of ASE And while any hopes for renegotiation, disengagement or withdrawal of "national curse" of the Memorandum contradicted the regime is rushing to promote the new policy agenda.

So choose the new candy "defense of democracy" from the bogeyman of the far right, from the irresponsibility of the Left, from the violent and extreme. The new coalition of the willing make statements and communiqués: the fascist Pretenteris reproaching him KYPatzi Michaloliakos the "democratic order" and Tsipras a "responsible opposition", the fascist yp.PROPO Dendias warns Kasidiari army and that "we will not get the job "while trying to present SYRIZA as a factor of social destabilization. And the answers and tailor-known: fascists cite the state to "nothingness" and the Left calls the "coordinate state" to intervene n "" avoid the worst "while not forgetting the famous ideological autism to condemn the "violence from wherever it comes." And while the "official" status request "national sacrifice" against bullying 'foreign', the IMF and the troika, the fascists are calling a "patriotic uprising against foreign usurers" looking both for assholes to tighten belt until you choke. Commonplace of these developments is the complete legalization of the state of emergency, state boxing and brutality in the name of various "risk" and "extremism" where the once "democratic management" opens the frames of fully assimilating outright designs and practices.

Moreover, the "ruling Left" tries to display as an alternative management of power through democratic and social character references. The new "responsible opposition" SYRIZA rushing to adopt the policy of "equidistance" and made a series of declarations of loyalty. How else do you explain the conscious emulation and bundling the activities of fascist gangs to practical social and political counter-violence that undermine the grip of bourgeois legality. How else can be understood frantic attempt be erected 'democratic antifascist fronts "and" solidarity networks "that although you are limited to the first democratic condemnation and demands paranomopoiisis the Golden Dawn and the second hand will be funded by SYRIZA parliamentary salaries or the NSRF and will play the role of "lobbying" against the welfare state catarrh. How else can suggest is trying to trim their social-class races than any rixiako and subversive, dissident and confrontational content and format and convert them into "social opposition" manipulated by them. It is clear that the supposedly progressive political management of power by the "ruling Left" goes through the socio-class pacification and assimilation / integration and akidemoneftou any radical element within the bosom of society, in the unfolding socio-class struggles. And just at this point is consistent with the enormous ideological and repressive war carried out by the regime against the social dynamics of self-organization and rupture, overturning and freedom that resist not only one way to poverty and deprivation, but from the perspective of conciliation and assimilation, integration and losing.

And for us it is clear that the war against the fascists and para deeply subversive dissident and not limited to democratic appeals and complaints and seek the foundations of modern totalitarianism smashing, state brutality and social ekfasismou. That the antifascist struggle is part of the wider antikratikou-anticapitalist struggle is not just the vanguard of the system but the very foundations. That the confrontation with the forces of social subjugation and assimilation of obscurantism and integration not only ideologically but clearly springboards social, class, political and historical motivations and challenges. Because when the story of humanity meets with fascism and totalitarianism produces no hoax. Not even a hoax. Instead, they are born successive historical tragedies.

We know that the permanent status "emergency" under the guise of parliamentarism actually the true face of modern totalitarianism. Why the constant calls for "national unity and enlisting" aimed at ensuring full disclosure of the class character of the attack are experiencing and to prevent such a class mutiny. Why behind the "hospitality" that builds democracy for illegal workers see the creation of modern forced labor battalions for all sorts excluded, "outcasts" and "undesirables", locals and foreigners: the homeless, the disabled, "unproductive" addicts, prostitutes and each ftochodiavolo not subordinated to the new standards of intensive exploitation of the "bottom". Why is "fenced work" without rights, and our wages are not nicked evoke only «Arbeit Macht Frei» and Auschwitz and modern Special Economic Zones are set up around the world by various investment funds in partnership with local government mechanisms . Why is the demonization and criminalization timeless undocumented migrants gradually and irreversibly digs modern Keadas and other social / demographic groups are portrayed as "delinquent", "aberrant" or "redundant" as the Roma, homosexuals, the unemployed, etc. Why counterterrorism campaigns, extraordinary political and military war against the enemy in a time of internal democracy pave the way for new idionyma, new islets new political purges everything in the name of "national security" and "social peace." Why is the demonstration of state fist in the name of "orderliness and functioning rule of law" goes hand in hand with the aggression of paramilitary mechanisms aimed at intimidating and smashing any outbreak of social resistance and contestation. Why chrysafgitikes gangs and "assault battalions" remind us of threatening the security battalions and chites from bygone eras where the official status openly legitimize spying practices of snitches and dosilogismou. Why consolidate the material and spiritual poverty of the famous ethnosotiries coalition and military shielding clearly aimed at ekfasismo society and the establishment of modern totalitarianism.

For us, the above condition can not be anything more than another act in the war against the bosses and their state, in the war for freedom and the abolition of exploitation of man by man. The fascist threat dredged up from the lethargy in order to intimidate and crush what can spoil the design and implementation of capitalist restructuring. Fascism, at this time, can be a barrier to social reactions, further disrupting the social fabric and preventing the radicalization of discourse and projects who opposes the capitalist maelstrom.

Strategic choice of collegiality is our birth and promoting diverse social struggles that will respond comprehensively to the imperatives of sovereignty, and fascism, as one of the dominant parameters. Matches where, position everyone. Migrants and locals, workers and unemployed, who do not read all the reality beneath the distorting lens of the media, but on the streets creating their own struggles. There are many who opposed the fascist cleansing operations will be preceded by the solidarity and camaraderie. There are many, locals and foreigners, trying to xanaffanoun the social fabric, the case of the downfall. There are those who believe that the poor and the oppressed, the bottom of this world do not have to split anything between them, but also to unite adiamesolavita antiierarchika to look equal to the beast and claim what deprives them for hundreds years. With all these, we wager to get together and see how together we can operate in the direction of social emancipation. Creating our own struggles that will challenge the whole system and will bring aggressively and strictly requirement to throw off any balance.

Addressing the emerging fascism can only be done within this generalized resistance and not piecemeal through a hazy "anti-fascist front." Only way to have hope is to break the muteness and fear of society, situations and feelings that impede the subversive organization and perspective. Our aim is to create events that will occur and will be bent fascist aggression, but will also create the structures, relationships and the means to open confrontation with the entire authoritarian rabble. We want to create networks that will allow us to effectively communicate with people of our neighborhoods, which may occur fascist presence, but focus and link our struggles.

They will also need to deepen collectively on issues of self defense and attack in order to be able to defend the physical and political presence of partners and ventures that exist, but also to be able to smash the fascist presence and political existence in our neighborhoods.

Initiative anarchist-anti-authoritarians

from the foot of Hymettus

paapty.squat.gr , paapty123@yahoo.gr
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