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(en) Brazil, "ungovernable" - Libertarian Resistance Organization bulletin (ORL-CAB) No. III, October 2012 (pt)

Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 23:28:45 +0200

A POPULAR AND FIGHT LEFT IN THE UNIT ---- The capitalist system of domination and perpetuation of inequality in which we live, managed by the state, always renews its forms of oppression, exploitation and Capital advance. The State, through government action, has implemented measures palliative and supposedly "popular", countering that his speech enhancement of life and economic development, brings countless losses to the poorest. ---- These losses range from several arrochos wage, expropriation of territories (Maroon, Indians and other native communities [1]), and even denial inability to carry out the simplest conditions of survival and most essential human rights (housing, health, education, food, access to water and energy, mobility).

Recently in Brazil, some of the major thrusts to the advancement of Capital are
the so-called mega projects (such mega events and mega-enterprises) [2]
developing, filled with seductive advertisements ideological, has supported
by governments (federal, state and local) neoliberal "entrepreneurs" and sayings
the Left. In the same context, appears in the midst of struggles, a series of oppositions
created by the very contradictions of everyday struggle. Conversely the strong unity
maintained by business owners and managers of the state, the Left maintains its division
fratricide, in order to compete in the "fruits" of the struggle of our people.

Currently, the weather before the fight against the removal of populations by
account of the 2014 World Cup, pile up more examples. Much is said about the need for
"Unit in left field" of social movements and of all people who struggle
against the advance of capital and a more unequal and less worthy. Well,
we are the biggest supporters of unity in the struggle to advance the achievements of
popular classes and oppressed. But as always cherish, we must fight
opportunism in the spaces of struggle and articulation.

How Political Organization aimed at building the People's Power, we could not
disagree with the fact that the united people have much more strength. We believe that struggles
the most varied categories and social movements must be coordinated. But as
gives this joint popular struggle in this union? It's being together doing
it seems more convenient, walking paths contradictory? We argue that
not because it secretes more and undermines the fight than enhances.

Indeed, this theme of unity is old. That's because there have always been disagreements
among the most varied fields of the left and always spoke of the need
join. Joining because our enemies are the same and extremely strong, because
are separated easy target. So far our understanding is the same. But when the practice
the fight requires consistency, the paths are different between the sectors involved.
For us, the anarchists, the unit is not an abstract principle. It builds on
daily struggle and solidarity of our people, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, which is very
different from the summits of leaders who act detached fight
daily, and proposals for joint actions outer movements, replacing
protagonism of the people in the fight!

"Left" today is a concept that eludes therefore suggests that everyone under this
title groups are similar, with the same practice. We know that many who raise
This flag is actually tied to the rule of order mechanisms
extremely reformist government. Parliamentarians also said left-wing
biennially reinforce the replacement of the concrete struggles and electoral dispute
use these struggles to ascend politically, through the most comprehensive
advertisements, even if they do not have basis in real fights.

Beyond this current scenario of the Left, we see many parties, organizations and
movements that treat people as if they were masses of maneuver. What does this mean?
They believe they are non-thinking beings and are there to be guided, as cattle
by a vanguard party organized in a vertical that intend to drive
hierarchical social movements. For this current authoritarian
socialism, the people is the basis that only serves to legitimize its actions and policies
they can not build their struggles autonomously.

They believe that those who must actually decide on the course of the fight are those
directions which act as enlightened beings and as if they were better able to
direct the paths of the people, where they find most convenient. Other,
Even more opportunistic have only appear in times of
propaganda, covert way of reinforcing their own visibility, use the
behalf of the people who are working every day on behalf of their agendas to appear
publicly, often with private interests and / or purely electioneering.

We strongly disagree with these positions. We disagree with those who want to take
credits from popular work, as if they were responsible for the
organization and achievements of popular struggle, built with the sweat of the people.

We believe that people should fight their own hands by educating yourself and making your
road itself. As our motto of The International: "Let us by our hands,
everything that we respect. "The position of our organization is that
those who are sensitized to the popular struggle and want to help, to act jointly
and donate their militancy, should approach from the perspective of enhancing the fight,
walking side by side and shoulder to shoulder with the people, respecting their spaces
and joint decision. Never ahead, as the fight director, operating covertly
actions that hurt the autonomy movement.

The unit is built on a day-to-day struggle, within the people, and not in meetings
"Domes" or moments of pure propaganda. We advocate a role in guided
compliance and ethics activist with deep honesty and respect with everyone
that build the fight every day, denying utilitarianism and opportunism. It is a
performance that gets nothing in return, not intended parliamentary gains, financial,
positions or advertising. Rather, it seeks to build daily without fail
People's Power, so always horizontal and combative.

We organized / of the oppressed and exploited classes, we do not want new / the
aproveitadoras / s. Addition, we are already filled for centuries. Yes we need to drive
our sectors, but between the people and with respect and awareness of the tasks that
ahead. The unit is made in the struggle between popular and who really is the subject
struggle, not between political organizations that articulate the default of / the
true / the wrestlers / s. We know that the interests of political organizations
often may not coincide with the interests of social movements. Now
scope of popular struggle, where we are all / the, our actions can
resemble our proposals and can converge. But we must always be
aware of who are the real subject of struggles without opportunism and

That's where we want to see all / the the / the companions / os: the social struggle! Form
ethical, consistent and respectful.


Libertarian Resistance Organization


[1] "Do not confuse companies originating with traditional societies. Expression
Traditional calls to your modern pair and thus is part of a hierarchy
conducted by Eurocentrism from traditional to modern. The expression originates
refuses this pair and requires it to be seen by themselves and by their own values. "(Carlos
Walter Porto-Gonçalves - Globalization of Nature and nature of globalization.
Publisher Brazilian Civilization, Rio de Janeiro, 2006)
[2] FIFA World Cup, Olympics, IIRSA, PAC 1 (transposition of the São
Francisco) and 2 (Belo Monte), etc..
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