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(en) Anarkismo.net: Greece, Fascism, Merkel, labor protests by Dmitri (text composition) - MACG (personal capacity) (gr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:52:55 +0200

These are written in the text, it may seem hackneyed these days, months or even the last two years or so, but I think it important to be repeated to give an overview of the social struggles of the last days in Greece. ---- Racism, xenophobia and fascist obsessions began to appear as trends in Greek society with the introduction of the first wave of immigrants to the country in the early 90's. But given the exploitation of immigrants from almost all of Greek society and of any profit realized by the exploiters at times a virtual economic prosperity, these trends were, in a manner largely defunct. The advent of poverty and economic shipwreck of Greece - namely the failure of Greek capitalism was always irrational even by capitalist criteria, which means that, apart from brutal and antisocial, was and remains both counterproductive (with an innate hoarding and mania not "investment"), wry, and under iron mafia state protection to a degree that is the definition of interactions - were the precipitating factor of the occurrence of the fascist disease that could not be kept in another stage of incubation (snakes course).

Since the era of the "movement of the squares" of 2011 appeared slowly - slowly, but outside alongside the popular assemblies, one principle undefined and heterogeneous mob, consisting of "patriots" with strong nationalist tendencies and all kinds of fascists. After the elections of May 6 and June 17 the nightmare was so real that as you tweak can not stop him seeing: 441,000 and 426,000 votes for neo-Nazi organization, respectively.

From the first moment that they themselves neo-Nazis realized that they are potentially a large audience, the atrocities were: beatings and killings of migrants, bullying in the workplace with a constant tremor; many speak of disappearances, rapes and practices that incorporate more than half of the crimes of the Criminal Code. Any act of violence by neo-Nazis, which remains unanswered by the society or is directly or indirectly tolerable or even desirable, raises them and their friends, a sense of grandeur and a sense of even greater power, which in turn, is the cause for the unfolding of yet another wave fiercest hatred (fascist) intolerance that ultimately creates a constant threat stochopoiontas other migrants and political arenas (anarchists, communists), social groups or "minorities": gay, disabled, psychiatric patients, etc. come day after day waiting list of candidate victims.

The hatred escalates self-powered and moral, spiritual, political and social slump has bottomed anymore. Within this reality, the fascists to do than "patrols" and "legality" of the existence residence and work permits to migrants and immigrants evictions (and not only) tenants can not pay the rent of they slum rented from the locals, sometimes householders de facto created as a social reflex, the need to create an antifascist defense. Many state or fascists, but the burden fell on anarchist / antiauthoritarian space.

The Left parties with parliamentary representation (SY.RIZ.A., KKE) who enjoy words but do not want and / or can not organize the world or society even in simple questions (eg example refusal to pay onerous taxes and illegal). Moreover, it is not only unable to organize something like fascist militia, but do not dare to even make such a hint. The loyalty to them has eroded so funny trying to dribble politikantikes Tsiridis and to "preach" the Golden Dawn, "outlaw." How is it possible to believe that the framework that created the phenomenon, or even tolerated his appearance, will work to combat it?

As anarchists and antifascists had no illusions that the struggle against the state and capitalism tagmatasfalites lackeys will be easy. We declare that the determination to continue to not overridden by state repression. Across the state and parastatal gangs to create fascist militias in every neighborhood and organize social and class counterattack. "

So we are told that it is wrong to expend the antifascist struggle; think it is wrong to "pay attention to a bunch of fascists"; reproduce so that their propaganda; advertise that their ... Arguments although seemingly have a validity, but in practice given the situation is wrong. Did the media do continuous advertising the positions of ASE converting a spectacle for the whole family every new grisly exploits of?

Perhaps, durable lies of the neo-Nazis are not paranoid one weave fabric in which trapped the whole society - gkempelikis victim of propaganda supported by media and safeguarded by the state appendix, the Police; And for nightmare fascist anarchists blame? Easy to load one's apathy, cowardice or complicity on the witches of athees era of absolute stupefaction.

But such arguments ("if faced with a fascist (anti) Becoming violence and you fascist") does not touch us. And we are not required to respond to any nonsense uttered by anyone, fully and consciously, away from any social event. Raises shoulders warning that the fascist threat is a matter of time to focus on the Greek working class, the local underprivileged, the same Greek society, leaving the immigrants in the penumbra of obscurantism. React to the advent of fascism. You may not save anyone. Maybe not "save the revolution, but we'll save our thoughts and our cohesion." And our dignity.

It is true that we have to create conditions for the development of positive activities. That we must find new and practical, avoiding whenever possible the anti-violence (which as you try may not have the results we want as long as there is mazikotati but "our case" and our "responsibility" to partly Loading other fascists - eg often in local assemblies aristerokratoumenes not want us, remember us when it raises the question of fascism - and partly saddled ourselves (as if we are responsible to take just us dirty piece).

It is imperative that we adopt and new and different methods such as eg those Spaniards have been trying for years to build, working tirelessly towards this direction: it is necessary to create a mass movement through which we can pass on to as many people as possible can more libertarian principles. The Spaniards organized for months, regardless of major unions. They make dozens of structures, groups, movements. Small and large. Experimenting with forms of (self)-organization and communication. creating networks everywhere. Avoid preceded ideological type features and differences, emphasize the individual demands and needs (eg Corruption, evictions and housing problems, unemployment, etc.). We attach great importance to avoid the assignment of the solution to some "other", so I try to involve everyone at all stages of assembly, action etc.

The penetration of ideas within our society can and should be done by any means likely to produce results that failed thus far proven practices. Support activities and actions designed to improve small or less small areas of everyday life, can be quite crucial for us, especially considering that, through our (and our dynamic influence) in them may succeed where hitherto systematically fail.

Our active participation in activities and antidomes principle not seem to suspect a conflict that may have any of the following results (which should advance to have set as goals) to leave the room to participate in demonstrations in this world still does not want / can not collide. Set aside the rhetoric of the media and the dominant ideology refers to "dangerous / extreme elements." Create representations and narratives that will help us win more in communicative war, considering that in the age of spectacle we can find a way to reach out to the world better than our opponents. Ultimately give birth to that feeling of participation that will enable the world is not ready to work under both policy options both through the parallel thymikou.I adoption by us of such practices should not be seen as a step backwards.

So we, along with our usual practice, to invent new and the choice of one or the other or a combination of these will have to do every time the state thus formed, the circumstances and the specific targets we thesei.To issue ultimately is who will be the boss. Until now the bosses are bosses managed to making words (democracy, freedom, equality, justice, etc.) to mean so many different things that cause confusion and can govern serving their interests. Today, more and more unable to feed from this rhetorical pretext-ground while the elites, their political staff and repressive mechanisms to support them, being in a panic, have abandoned any pretext, the words have lost their meaning anymore . The only thing left to consider is whether to continue to have bosses or if we can be emancipated. The dilemma is simple: either the (para) state or us. How to get the coveted "we" is a matter of organization, will and strategy. Or more simply: theme dignity.

With all these arrive on October 9 when as part of a visit to Athens, Chancellor of Germany had a special meeting with Greek and German businessmen. A meeting that vindicates those who argued at the beginning of the crisis, the Greek version of the even that this brings opportunities. Of course once in a while there comes a crisis far exceeds the level of protection against the shocks of the capitalist system, but that's another conversation.

So the time that the streets around the Constitution are in conflict (even a little bit of) that promised them that they will live worse than their parents, against those who advocate the establishment and perpetuation of class inequality (because this is their job and these disparities keep the salaries of cops), the Samaras and Merkel discussed with those who earn from us squeezed.

The way the media handled this meeting was highly relevant to the fact that business groups are offshoots, trying to convince us that the Greek businessmen transferred to Mrs Merkel truth of the crisis. There is a chance we can fit there, fleetingly, as consumption stagnated.

The point is that once again it seemed that the camp of the enemy not only includes European and supranational parliaments directorial. Domestic boss pushing for years for structural changes such as the reduction of employer contributions and privatization of SOEs, which would provide push for further tax cuts in favor of entrepreneurship and of course the release of layoffs, reduced compensation and general deregulation of labor relations . Many analysts even electronic and print media, the best bosses minions, they have the audacity to say that if structural changes were made earlier maybe things would be better. Part of these structural changes were (and in other formats) Yiannitsis the famous law that raises the retirement age near life expectancy!

But what is finally these structural changes? Nothing more than the chatter of the liberalized markets fundamentalists who insisted on unreliable models of economic analysis, insist to show the reforms promoted as an elixir for every disease. They insist that their application can be accessed an equilibrium where labor demand is matching supply and free competition would reduce prices, commonly an economy can operate efficiently for everyone without a role for the state. Not only convincing explanation for the precipitation of living standards of the working class and the ranks of the unemployed, elements that characterize societies where applicable financial treatments.

And we came to defend the state interventionism? Course not! Understands and still perceive the future of our class outside the bounds of capitalist accumulation and private profit. Then consider that the light at the end of the tunnel, the development preach bosses and state, is but the train of social decline rapidly coming upon us.

But as these are not common place among us, let us at least begin those / s among us are attracted by the sirens of cutting government spending and privatization to think that if the "supervised" capitalism can produce such asymmetries and so much misery, what Does it happen with the full release? Let's check the standard of living of the British and American works after sweeping privatization and deregulation of labor relations since the 70s and we ponder why the same theories are still dominant, although in largely responsible for the crisis of 2008. Is it because the rich are getting richer and the business elite that win always wanted or because they achieved even greater division of our class by exploiting our consciousness deficits? Nah! Probably for their scientific excellence!

As a corollary, we at the October 18 strike GSEE-ADEDY. One day general strike, which is never general, because the Labour Centre and the clubs that are never creaked teeth employers who dismiss striking workers in the private sector. Never worked to propagate the strike. And mainly because employees know they are sold out and not trust them.

In the public sector, on the other hand, unions are fully consubstantial with partisanship and careerism. In many of these bosses at work is on the boards of clubs! And none left over for the wages given away, we did not see the result in this type of strike. Strikes one day, with the de facto low participation is the best way to confuse the union bureaucrats and sold out our most powerful weapon: the general strike

We know that the struggle is out there. Outside the tertiary unions sold out and sectoral and local thumbnails.
- On fighting sectoral strikes lasting, having the character should have a general strike
- The occupations of workplaces
- To support each other, communicating with fellow so you do not pass the arbitrariness of the boss or manager at work
- The interdisciplinary solidarity between workers, to effectively support those struggling in other workplaces
- The militant unions primary base
- On the road, breaking the terror generated by the fierce repression. Here we remember the value of collective labor struggle, the value of trade unionism.

* This text is composing parts of three other texts:
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From http://www.anarkismo.net/article/24150
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