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(en) Argentina, Statement on the protests of the repressive apparatus of the state (ca) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:03:51 +0200

In these days of democracy shows that many do not want to face see, with a new disappeared, with the confidence of a large segment on the left in the "working" of security, with the distraction generated by both the Government and the opposition, etc. etc ... receive and publish the news CORREPI (Coordinadora Against Police and Institutional Repression) on protests repressive state apparatus. - (3/10/12) PRESS: underclass, NEVER WORKERS. - Condemns the coup CORREPI APPLIANCE Repressive state. - The conflict over pay prefects and gendarmes, which has spread throughout the country, and threatens to extended to other repressive forces, reveals the true despicable nature of their function. ---- With this mutiny, a falsehood is revealed: there is no professionalization and democratization of the repressive forces as a guarantee of social peace. Repression is, first of all, expression of the monopoly of state violence in a society class privileges.

The nature of the claim (strictly monetary) also puts
Evidence another falsehood: not sindicalizando forces
repression as achieved disrupt his enormous capacity for violence
over the poor people. Unionization, only enhances their relationship with
the State, but does not change the perverse nature of their rationale.

The prefects, gendarmes, and the rest of the oppressors, not
workers, it is not a strike, but a mutiny or riot. The
obtaining their goals rather than closer to the people, the
further emboldened to exercise the function for which there are:

The fact that the police come largely from people not
means nothing. It is the existence that determines their consciousness. And the
existence is not determined by the perception of a salary
but by the social function exercised. One who, belonging to
rise to the working class, becomes police, a police
bourgeoisie and not a worker. All police are trained to
repress the people when it is mobilized for their just
claims. Also, know that governments change, but the
police remains.

The relationship between the ruling class and the poor is a
class war, sometimes more obvious, others more subtle forms.
Although disguised by the speeches that appeal to social peace
social justice, equality of opportunity and rights,
the natural domain of a human being over others, not
means that, because the repressive forces encaren a claim
wage, have left for a second, his dog function
guardian. Biting and play the role of the dog, does not mean being the
master. The dog belongs to love, obey him, meets.

It is the very nature of his despicable role, which becomes
untenable the argument of "if we win, if aparateamos, if
autodepuren get that organized and defend, as
workers, then we break the oppressive system. "

Almost as "logically absurd" that want professional and democratic.

We face those who postulate the possibilism, that despicable
position to legitimize capitalism from alleged positions
progressive, ie those who do not dare to be openly

All experiences of unionization (in Argentina there are several
groups or associations of police and members of the unit
repressive state) lead inexorably to improve capacity
fire, and the conditions in which they practice repression.

The capitalist system is unthinkable without disciplined workers
to tolerate levels of exploitation and alienation. Any hint
lifting causes the release of the pack. Because they can
without workers still need more police,
gendarmes, all pedigree prefects and the like.

Claims for pay, are shown on the right, and for some
also left as a labor complaint over. With wives and children
columns of uniformed applauding vociferously while entering
obstruct traffic, the picture is very similar to the many
claims that workers are formulated.

The difference - among others in these claims is that no one
legitimized with bullets and threatening to curb gases.

Claims paid by the prefects and company, leading to serious
concerns of officials and legislators, trying
rapidly dissolve the conflict fulfilling each
requirements, unlike when operating on the crop
salaries of public employees.

They work in factories and shops, working in the works
and in the countryside, in the mountains and on the water, working in offices
and hospitals, in public and private spaces.

As part of the repressive apparatus, not working, is satisfied
FUNCTION to discipline and control those who work, impacting
in the subjectivity of the working class.

That is, with or without professionalism, with or without instruction
democratic, with or without human rights courses, with or without
unionization. In all cases, those who fulfill this role
inherent monopoly of force by the state, receive
also other favors from the same state when examining
behaviors (impunity, advantages, benefits procedural assistance
legal, etc). And it is no coincidence that demand more benefits go
becomes more visible when the need for the government of the day has
of which the minister called her "confidence forces", the
"Professionals", the "not corrupt" to invade neighborhoods,
patrol the streets and prevent, with uniformed invasion, any
more glimpse of popular organization.

What really matters is that you are guaranteed that monopoly
exercise of force to deploy against the masses.

Remember that those who claim, are the same as inches days ago
Pan and evicted savagely beaten and put prisoners
60 workers in Campo de Mayo (first since 1983),
commemorating the day when the Disappeared, in order of
carapintada a former second minister of the more "progressive" "government
of human rights ", the same as in 2005 and 2006 militarized
and tortured in Las Heras and repressed fishworkers
in Mar del Plata, the same as in 2007, suppressed the
Casino workers, which we will infiltrate and spy
workers with "Project X", in short, the same as in 1999,
Mauro killed Escobar Francisco Ojeda and Bridge
Corrientes, when Minister most "progressive" of "government
human rights ", was the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Government of the


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