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(en) Venezuela: In a libertarian society, emancipated, Fascism will not pass! by Revolutionary Anarchist Federation of Venezuela - FARV (ca) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 00:08:33 +0300

1st release from FARV presidential elections before October 7, 2012 --- The Revolutionary Anarchist Federation of Venezuela, formed by libertarian communist groups and individuals in the cities of Caracas, Valencia, Maracay and Barquisimeto, we present the following statement ---- Black storms shake the air. Capitalism and international economic powers seek to resume the spaces that are losing in Our America, seek to chain again, try to make the local history of the north-west, overall design for the world's peoples. We are aware that the situation of October 7 is not a mere inter-bourgeois conflict, but a scene of class struggle and confrontation anticolonial. ---- As anarchists, we recognize the possibility conditions that have been generated from the stressed joint State/ Communities Organized, translated into undeniable achievements in relation to social and popular than the current Bolivarian process has resulted in among the people of Venezuela.

It would be foolish and unrealistic to say that no progress has been made in meeting the social and political needs of the population in this country historically excluded, due to the struggles of vegan hijxs the Venezuelan people. However, we also recognize the limitations of this joint that, beyond the many errors and failures-own hierarchical nature, bourgeois and reactionary of any state tends to dam up the potential of the Venezuelan people to build a society where eradicate capitalist hegemony and dominate the economic, social and political power from a real popular socialist collective asambleario direct democracy. As anarchists we know that the process of deepening is constituted as a collective and common to the Venezuelan people and, therefore, should not be abandoned to the conditions of possibility that today raises the joint tactical Bolivarian state.

No state is revolutionary: revolutions are made by the people. Therefore, before the upcoming presidential elections on October 7, we maintain a strong position to not let the fascist bourgeois puntofijista traitorous retake the reins of the national government, and emphasized our commitment to fight for the deepening of the revolution .
We know historically anarchists of all kinds have been against bourgeois elections and all the trappings of electoral show, as anarchists not validate that circus. States do not make revolutions, but they can destroy. Therefore it is not surprising that, in certain specific situations of limited and there have been examples in the world of electoral political participation by anarchists sectors, for instance the Spanish elections of 1936 where the Spanish proletarian people, anarchists ellxs muchxs of both National Confederation of Labour (CNT) and the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI), gave their support to the Popular Front against right-wing groups and parties Iberian quickly executed the coup in July of that same year.

The same people who went to the polls was that, months later, enabled one of the most glorious moments of the world proletariat, bringing to reality the Libertarian Communism and Anarchy. Similarly, the Party for the People's Victory in Uruguay was founded libertarian influences from the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation, members were great luchadorxs cuyxs who fought southern dictatorships of decades past, among others.

The joints and the characteristics of each battle is not a new issue. At a meeting in Biel (Switzerland), on the fiftieth anniversary of Saint-Imier Congress, Bertoni and Malatesta arose the question of what should be the actions of the anarchists against possible social revolutions were not CUNO libertarian.

"It was not about discovering a revolution like we want, as an anarchist revolution would be possible if all, or at least the vast majority of the inhabitants of a certain territory were anarchists. They were seeking the best that could be done for the anarchist cause a social revolution that may occur in the present reality. "(1)

However, the exercise of imagination in favor of anarchism, of the situation brought before the outbreak of a possible revolution, found his libertarian opponents on the field:

"The partners contribute their lights to the question and the friend and companion Colomer no offense or be outraged. If these are new issues for him, is not frightened anarchists both the new "(2)

That, it was a hypothetical situation to Malatesta is a reality in which we confront revolucionarixs venezolanxs anarchists.

All this allows us to express the historical circumstances that can not be obviated when evaluating participation in building spaces and revolutionary socialists. The action and the theory can not be divorced from reality, the historical political context where we play unfolding. We are firm in the conviction that the possibility of a genuine radical revolutionary change, ie deep roots, is alive in the creative powers of the people in these communities who struggle enrumbado the country on the path of social transformation and supporting the partner Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. We believe, as experience has indicated to us, that there in the grassroots, lies the germ of a new communal society.

At the present time there are already many examples of spaces which, while not defined as anarchists, undoubtedly exhibit in their daily practices libertarian: communities with some degree of social production, self-governing and self-assurance (Collective January 23, Colectivo Alexis Vive Collective Ranger, etc.), community radio stations which do not conform to opinions contrary to the popular cause and who define themselves as libertarian (Community Radio in the north of Barquisimeto, Waraira Repano, Toromaima Rebel SanareÃa Community Radio, sites like The Guarura and the like). The Movement of the "homeless", "Communities in Charge", "Project Our America" ââPeasant Front Ezequiel Zamora and many other groups and organizations of the Popular Movement that while the protagonists are, builders and promoters of the Bolivarian process , are deeply critical of the same.

That is why, compared to the vision of the neoliberal sectors of the Venezuelan right and desire to implement economic policies that reduce the state to a minimum (as is currently the case in Europe, Africa and other countries OuramÃrica) , we say we do not feel sympathy to see and hear our position. Our struggle is for libertarian communism and therefore are not willing to go back to a "state of things" where: we perseguidxs occupants and social luchadorxs where alternative means are closed, will be returned to landowners and land entrepreneurs and companies now owned community, where there will be systematic violations of human rights, which disappear legal instruments that can help the popular cause, the future construction of communal spaces and assembly-truly horizontal, the realization of obrerxs tips, campesinxs, student, where the social, that are needed now to help the lower classes are eradicated, to regress to a past that, not so crouching, waiting to give his paw fascist.

History has already given many examples:

"From his guard post in protest, Santillan understood better than any of the men on the left Argentina, the direction and the sense of anti-irigoyenista conspiracy, which was not really but an attempt to destroy the labor movement of stop social revolution (which allegedly was coming) and to establish the foundations of a corporatist state (with the support of the armed forces, landowners and clergy). When the coup of September 6, made from the pages of a call for a general strike. The FORA it disregarded: atenidos a view apparently very orthodox and logical militants refused to interfere in the struggles of the bourgeois political parties, as if it had been a mere dispute between conservatives and radicals or between antipersonalistas and personalistic . Moreover, a doctrinaire atenidos inflexible, proclaimed: for an anarchist and a proletarian same Irigoyen gives populism that fascism Uriburu. That error cost the FORA perspective many deaths and many exiles and even can be said that you killed herself. Protest and commissioning closed outlawed labor organization ... "(3)

We are both against these alleged positions "left" would have us believe that "this is more of the same" as the careerists and accommodating to ensure that "this is a revolution."

And more of certain "personalities" who took refuge in the ideals of anarchism (and certain positions of Trotskyism) seek cover instead of enunciation bourgeois and with it, the invisible struggles and processes for change that from grassroots communities and movements counter-hegemonic, have been developed during the last three decades. These anarchists turned-peddlers, merchants and tourists from the idea, we say also, that fascism will not pass.

The FARV reiterates not to support any government or any state, but the people in their liberation struggles and the Social Revolution.

Our position is: defend the gains we have achieved popular and cost us so much blood; combat by all means possible the return to power of the right historical fascist oligarch Venezuela and fight with the people, organizations, movements and groups political and social related to our struggle for autonomy and popular deepening of the Bolivarian Revolution, against the "red right" and against faults and errors caused by this even legal bourgeois capitalist economic structure, which has yet to be dismantled and it not be, would risk another example of imminent socialist revolution failed, democratic and participatory in the world.

The overcast sky announces storm. We call venezolanxs employee lending, vegan campesinxs, the exploited and all LA excluidxs of Venezuela to attend the battle of 7 - O, to close the door to fascism, either at the polls or in the streets.

Fascism will not pass. The invitation is to choose the option that expressing the view of organizations, movements and revolutionary socialist groups related to our cause and for the continuity of the Bolivarian process. The invitation is to be alert to any agenda of violence from the right, to defend our determination to be free. But, above all, to build from the ground to the left, from everyday life and everyday, from small and ordinary, from the street, the neighborhood, the villages and the mountains, libertarians spaces that help achieve of the Social Revolution.

"Out Mazzinian system which is the system of the republic as a state, there is no other system but of the republic as a commune, the republic as a federation, a genuinely socialist republic and popular-the system of Anarchism" M. Bakunin. (4)

BY Bolivarian process and POPULAR!
For libertarian communism!
Revolutionary Anarchist Federation of Venezuela - FARV

(1) Writings. Errico Malatesta. Anselmo Lorenzo Foundation. Madrid 2002. Page 56
(2) Ibid. Page 59
(3) Anarchism in Latin America. Carlos M. Angel Rama and J. Cappelletti. Biblioteca Ayacucho. Caracas 1990. Page LVII
(4) No State Socialism. Bakunin. http://www.marxists.org/espanol/bakunin/socsinestado.htm

From: http://www.anarkismo.net/article/23900
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