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(en) Anarkismo.net: More about St Imier - The "Whole" Enchilada by Brenda - 1 of Anarkismo Editorial Group (ca) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 15 Sep 2012 11:12:29 +0300

There anarchist and advocate providing other solutions, other future forms of social organization, but they will, like us, destroy the political power and individual ownership: want, like us, that the organization of social functions is made spontaneously - no delegation of power and without governments, like us, want to fight at all costs and without respite until complete victory, they are our comrades and brothers. ---- Besides, for all school exclusivism; us understand more about the way and the means, and on." --- Errico Malatesta ---- From 8 to 12 August last was held in the Swiss town of St. Imier the International Anarchist Congress to remember that took place in the same city 140 years ago in response to the expulsion of Bakunin and James Guillaume Miguel the consummated in the International Congress of the Hague, 1862.

In this Congress, sponsored by the Jura Federation (among others) who founded an anti-authoritarian International appealed to the autonomy of the sections thus countering the communist maneuvers, since the General Council of London, trying to build a centralized organization.

140 years after a committee of different organizations, groups and anarchists of different tendencies spaces but all identified with the so-called social anarchism organized or launched a project to which they responded more than 4000 people from all corners of the planet with the order to think and discuss anarchist practice in the current context. This is scheduled numerous activities: conferences, lectures, workshops, film screenings, creating a privileged meeting place also favored conducting endless meetings and impromptu meetings between individuals and organizations.
For accommodation were arranged campsites and conditioned spaces in the town, in the rink, for example, got a huge book fair which had titles in almost every language becoming a center of exchange of material between publishers and distributors (although some tables, very few actually were totally neglected). From 10 in the morning until late at night had all kinds of activities, including concerts, exhibitions or simply sharing a drink at the Space Noir, the cooperative local anarchist.

Despite the varied program, which unfortunately splicing conferences and round tables, and that the events were held at venues scattered across the length and width of the winding streets of St. Imier, we must emphasize the large audience that counted and that inherent difficulties occurred, such as insufficient space, lack of equipment for simultaneous translation (French, English, German, Italian, Greek and Portuguese mainly), same that despite the enthusiastic cooperation of voluntarixs, were not always the most optimal . It was inevitable that the understanding of some exposures were limited and considerably reduce the time entries (sometimes just for the exhibition center to the detriment of the debate). However, at the end it came down to minor details that far from tarnishing the organizational effort of vegan organizers, highlighting its convening, his immense work, creativity and valuable infrastructure available.

1. The Media Enchilada.

Also used the event to make some formal meetings of organizations such as the Congress of the International of Anarchist Federations (identified with the tendency synthesist) and the meeting of the groups linked to the website Anarkismo (platform). It was evident from the start that there are significant differences in the European anarchism, a real parade of acronyms that share the same inability to explain their differences and with the same ability to make implicit in the program, discussions and even in fine humor involuntary some stories

Within the program were referred to four conferences that formed the body of the great discussions: "Anarchism and innovation policy", "Make anarchism today", "New Territories Anarchism" and "anarchists Alternatives facts" and panel discussions from anarcafeminismo perspective, although discussions exceeded these issues and included issues such as basic unionism, libertarian education, direct action, urbanism, anarchism and right, indigenous resistance and autonomy, as well as lectures on the history of the international anarchist movement and its protagonists.

In the table of "Innovation policy" discussed how the anarchist movement to articulate the movements "autonomous" social popular and have appeared in several countries (such as the Canadian and Chilean student movement). We thought it lacked develop an overall strategy to participate in the broad anarchist movements. No requirement not talked about losing sight of the limited purely reformist and some movements, mentioned the case of the Indignados in Spain ascribing anti-capitalist and anti-systemic in nature, that would be discussion-though no one addressed, if we evaluate the defense of the welfare state which assumes, or limits such unions operating in a legal framework established by the State. Missed, then, recognize that sometimes prevails indulgence, condescension, false tolerance on the analysis and to add an acronym to the list of supporters reproduce corporate practices, and critical analysis only, rigorous, can be located at anarchism as a living force in the social struggles

While there is a strong and genuine interest in the movements and struggles of Latin American independence, it seems that is still based on Western cultural assumptions that prevent its complex depth understanding these resistances. Like their ancestors of the sixteenth century, European anarchists have failed to overcome ideological paradigms as those named America a "New World". With the same naive arrogance of conquerors, decided to appoint a board "New Territories" of anarchism; adjudging the authority to determine what is, or is supposed to be not only America but also the liberation struggles that occur therein . A serious conceptual error, but sadly common, we have seen take shape in the guise of charitable solidarity and carry out end to end of the imaginary: either idealizing these struggles (neo-Zapatistas, Mapuche protesters, MST, pachamamismo, etc. ) and Latin America as placing space realization of long-sought Utopia or libertarian underestimating the strong potential of this resistance, it being anchored in a strong cultural tradition of its own, rather than anarchist, they are unworthy of attention.
In Latin American periphery of the capitalist system in structural crisis manifested in open warfare against the population cruelly executed by the State, with a working class under corporate control, you configure a quite different European anarchism. To mention a hint: if in Europe the dismantling of the welfare state, indeed an achievement of social struggles, make the defense of these privileges are claimed for the European anarchism, in America, where the project was introduced to European civilization means ( except in the north), and was achieved by violent expropriation and dispossession of any possibility of being made by despotic states, anarchism has a communal life, autonomy and the assemblies of the people, as a benchmark of struggle and organization.
Thus, these slips Eurocentric explain the great misunderstanding about local processes and limited international collaboration to move so incongruous and decontextualized ideological differences that match a specific context (Europe) to Latin American, causing unnecessary and artificial divisions in local struggles solidarity and subordinating the prism of one or another European organization, impoverishing their chances to be assigned the task of "teaching" their ideas and practices, never knowing that other reality. Surely we must learn that beyond the written word or the bank account, solidarity means sharing our experiences, allowing and respecting the development of our struggles.

2. Incompleteness ...

The objectives of the meeting of St. Imier were extremely ambitious, facing them feelings of dissatisfaction are inevitable, however, will have to overcome the disappointment and appreciate that he had the ability to ask big questions: How can that anarchism is a real force for social change?, How can the idea be extended and that the anarchist movement is a movement of new features and vigorous presence in society?

To nosotrxs St. Imier was proof that there are multiple places, organizations, groups and individuals working, everyone from their perspective, in order to resolve these dilemmas in practice. It is true that the meeting was not intended to become the forum for resolving differences (which are historical and deep within the anarchist movement), but it certainly was an opportunity to move forward in the direction of building a more cohesive movement, starting from knowledge of the other, the approach to concrete struggles, the understanding of realities that sometimes seem distant by distance but are surprisingly close. Hopefully this exercise has served to strengthen existing partnerships, and has facilitated the birth of others, based on real affinities rather than initials.

The questions go on the air and as was seen in St. Imier from anarchism there is no single answer, but many, as many as there are realities and contexts, all rich and valuable. Hopefully these events serve to reflect on the act anarchist and we can understand that beyond belonging to this or that trend, this or that organization, although some practices that separate us, while resulting from strategies and do not enter in direct contradiction with the basic principles-what someone has aptly called the core of anarchist thought and action share a common history and a same approach.

Although somewhat viejxs, we like to have fun. From Mexico, attending the meeting of St Imier anarcotropical trend.


1] The Enchilada is a versatile Mexican dish made from corn tortillas, stuffed with a variety of ingredients and covered with chili sauces equally diverse. When au gratin with cheese are called Swiss Enchiladas. The term "whole enchilada" was a term coined during the Fox administration (2000-2006) by the then Foreign Minister Jorge G. Castaneda, who in a fit of creativity amazing used it to refer to the ambitious-and frustrated-immigration agreement with the United States; sadly popularized has joined the popular language repertoire when you want something immeasurably unlikely to get it.
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