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(en) France, Alternative Current #222 - Palestine / Israel: the unbearable status quo Zionist (fr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 17:26:41 +0300

Zionist leaders have in the past split on strategy. But they have always been united in their purpose: to transform marginalized indigenous Palestinians would no longer be in a position to assert their rights. ---- The OAS ruling African hunting is open in Israel. The Interior Minister Eli Yishai, a member of Shas (a fundamentalist party "Sephardi") says quietly: "Most people who come are Muslims and believe that the country does not belong to us whites." Eli Yishai has parents from Tunisia. He forgets that they were treated "Schwartz" (Black) by other Israeli racists who were assimilated. Member of the "National Union", an extreme right party, Aryeh Eldad suggests that opened fire on "infiltrators" (= Black). Israel is of course not the only country whose leaders despicable behavior vis-Ã-vis immigrants.

Simply in the name of Zionism, racism pure no more advance masked. Netanyahu said that the Africans undermine the "Jewish character of the state." He built several detention centers in the Negev desert, an electronic wall between Gaza and the Red Sea and is opposed to the education of immigrant children. In Tel Aviv, thousands of aspiring pogromists ratonnent chanting "Israel is for the Jews and Sudan for the Sudanese." When racism is mixed with fundamentalism, the word has no limit: Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Safed urged Jews to refuse to rent any apartment to Arabs. Ovadia Yosef, founder of Shas, has added a layer "sale to a non-Jew, even very expensive, is prohibited." He had already explained that the Palestinians were snakes and the Torah said we could kill their wives, their children, their flocks ... In Israeli prisons, there are 4700 Palestinian political prisoners. All political parties are affected: Marwan Barghouti (Fatah), the President of Parliament (Hamas) and the entire political leadership of the PFLP in prison. 2000 of these prisoners led a hunger strike a month. They won their demands: end of administrative detention (which allows indefinite detention without trial), abuse and isolation, visitation for families of prisoners from Gaza. At the end of the strike ignored by the Western media, Israel has violated the agreement. Authority informed the Palestinians of Israel they have no right. One of their leaders, Ameer Makhoul was sentenced to a long prison sentence for "spying". Land of the Negev Bedouin were almost all confiscated. Destruction of villages deemed "illegal" are relentless. JNF (Jewish National Fund) even organized a training course a bit special for students "how to destroy a Bedouin village under the protection of the army."

Occupation, colonization, apartheid, racism, fragmentation of Palestine ...

Every day new homes are built in East Jerusalem or the West Bank. Colonies called "illegal" is legalized. It has been known for ages that the army protects the settlers and systematically help build or attack the Palestinian population. End of April, the settlers 'illegal' Yitzhar attacked with firearms Palestinian schoolchildren returning from school. Present, the army ... has protected the settlers. Regularly, Palestinian homes are occupied or destroyed. In Gaza, the blockade continues and murderous methods already used against previous flotillas came to break the blockade are now well-established. The third session of the Russell Tribunal meeting in Cape Town (South Africa) in November 2011, concluded that the state of Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid vis-Ã-vis the Palestinian people. Half of the 12 million people who live between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan is Palestine. They are deprived of everything: work, land, housing, water, political rights ... The court judgment Russell was ignored by the Western media continue to propagate the fiction of "Israel only democracy in the Middle East ". Israel's strategy is to divide the Palestinians. They are both enclosed in spaces increasingly reduced and subjected to different statuses: Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank (itself fragmented into three zones, zone C is being attached), the Palestinians' Israel (with particular discrimination against the Bedouin) refugees. Any solution that ignores political fragmentation, would play the occupant.

Zionist consensus and impunity

Long ago that Zionism has blurred ideological differences. The coalition led by Netanyahu Lieberman together with all right-wing secular and religious, and especially the representatives of the settlers. Ehud Barak, wet in various scandals and author of war crimes during the massacre of "Cast Lead" left a moribund Labour Party and is still Minister. Kadima, founded by Sharon, was first appointed as its head a general prosecuted for war crimes (Shaul Mofaz) before joining the Netanyahu government. A clear majority of the Knesset (Parliament) voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of Haneen Zoabi, Palestinian member of the Balad (a party that defends the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel) who was on the Mavi Marmara, Turkish ferry strafed. In Israel, opinion think the balance of power is so favorable that everything is permitted. The transformation of Palestine into Bantustans surrounded and broken should be eternal for this opinion. This feeling is reinforced by the attitude of the "international community." The refusal of the UN to admit Palestine within it showed solidarity Western and especially American will be endless. It is endless knowingly: Western leaders are totally related to this over-armed Israel, the West piece full Middle East and centerpiece for the control of the region. An Israel living in peace and on an equal footing with its neighbors are not interested. Israel continues to receive many foreign investments. This economy where 60% of the budget is spent on armaments and technology is powerful for the masters of the world. Last striking proof of this bond: the invitation by the European Parliament leader of a bloc of settlements (Shomron). The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange continues to burn. The ultra-liberalism continues to dismantle social protection. A portion of the Israeli population expresses feelings of rejection or engages in struggles (the movement of "tents", feminists and those who defend homosexuals), but only a small minority refuses colonialism and made the junction with the Palestinians. Multiply laws criminalizing all those in Israel or those who refuse to recognize the "Jewish and democratic" state or prÃneraient boycott of Israel. Well-oiled mechanics of treating anyone who criticizes Israel an anti-Semite work thoroughly. The "Masada complex" did the rest. The Israeli population believes in its most victims have been, are, and will always be Jews, the Palestinians continue the work of Hitler, and that Israeli leaders "have no choice." No measures were applied to the South African apartheid is applied vis-Ã-vis Israel. The construction of the Wall in the West Bank and scar colonization were declared "illegal". Yet the colonies dump their products duty free tariff on European markets. Reports on violations of Palestinian rights is growing. And yet the "international community" has endorsed the Gaza population, guilty of "evil" Vote or Syria, but not Israel. Almost all Israeli leaders are guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity. Yet they are everywhere received with honors. The measure that had the largest impact on South African racists leaders was the exclusion of the country of the Olympic Games. The Middle East, we are far from Israel will hold next year's European Championships Junior football when a Palestinian footballers (Mahmoud Sarsak), arbitrarily arrested, her risk of dying from hunger strike.

Palestine, the end of illusions

What else does the gigantic scam What made the Oslo Accords? Nothing, or rather "the Palestinian Authority". Arafat had imagined an understandable process, entitled "Peace against the territories." He had thought to sign the "peace of the brave" with a branch of Zionism, the founding fathers deemed "socialist". These "socialists" have yet steeped in all the crimes committed against the Palestinian people, expulsion premeditated colonization from 1948 to 1967 through the construction of the Wall, the massacre of Gaza and South Lebanon etc ....

Not only Palestinian Authority will never be the embryo of a viable Palestinian state viable, but she did not know or have avoided the role that had been assigned by truly agreements: to be an institution clan (since redistributing subsidies from abroad in a society whose economy is almost completely destroyed) and an instrument of collaboration with the occupiers. The Authority assumes the role of police and guarantee "agreements" that have no meaning. Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah have agreed to all the humiliations, all the pseudo-negotiations under American leadership. Their main goal has constantly been recovering from Gaza against Hamas. It is significant that the two leaders who publicly regretted the fall of Mubarak and Abbas were Netanyahu.

Long ago, the Palestinian Authority suffered helplessly annexation is no longer rampant (the internationally recognized border no longer exists), the daily incursions and house demolitions. She continues to claim a myth (of a Palestinian state alongside Israel on 22% of historic Palestine to the UN sitting) while the occupant totally destroyed the feasibility of this project and everything is done for the installation of over 500,000 settlers irreversible. The appointment of Salam Fayyad as Palestinian prime minister is significant. The old man of the IMF program to put aside the question of the occupation by developing a business class. Ramallah covers major hotels while the rest of Palestine is sinking into poverty and despair. Hamas has managed to survive despite the hostility of the international community and its complicity with Israel.

But his strategy has stalled. Isolated and increasingly authoritarian pluralism face of Palestinian society, he has no perspective to offer. Two years ago, young Gazans had appealed on the Internet: "shit occupation, shit in America." They had added: "shit Fatah, Hamas shit." The revolutionary process in Egypt has certainly eased the blockade of violence but the demand for freedom, social equality and dignity expressed in the streets of Cairo is not really the values ââof Hamas.

The other Palestine

Fatah and Hamas are not the only Palestinian political parties. There is a small flowering leftist political parties. The PFLP abandoned the armed struggle for a long time. He acquired and retained great prestige thanks to the courage of his stubborn activists. He is the head of some municipalities (including one in Bethlehem) and runs several camps. We saw huge demonstrations organized in Gaza against the Palestinian division. It begins to be a generational in that party. Other political leaders of the Palestinian left retained some influence, as Mustapha Barghouti who ran against Abbas in recent presidential elections. If Palestine does not bend despite the colonial steamroller is primarily because it is in the "civil society" flowering associations.

They are of all kinds: associations of peasants, artisans, help the poor, associations organizing camps, popular committees struggling against the Apartheid Wall, associations supporting prisoners, battered women ... The company civil practice unarmed resistance (more correct term than non-violent) with regular demonstrations against the wall, the incursions of settlers and land confiscations.

In front, the Israeli army demonstrated extreme violence. 36 protesters already fell victim to fire and all kinds of new weapons. The progress of colonization and the disappearance of the "green line" (the internationally recognized border) that are actually returned in the struggle against apartheid and discrimination and for equal rights in a single space from the Mediterranean to the Jordan ..

In 2005, 172 Palestinian organizations, noting that the application for recognition of a Palestinian state was a stalemate, launched a global call for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions). The three claims are advanced by the end of the occupation and colonization, equal rights and the right of return of refugees. Note that these claims are somewhat at odds with the "two-state solution" that sacrifices Palestinians in Israel and refugees. In fact, the call for BDS focuses on claims and forms of struggle on a political solution "cold". The call for a boycott on all areas: commercial, economic, cultural, academic, sports, politics ... and he starts to win great success.

Return to crime founder

The war between Israel and Palestine did not begin in 1967. Palestinians had made a huge concession by limiting their claim to 22% of historic Palestine. The occupant has consciously destroyed any possibility of this project and the Palestinians still believe are increasingly rare. As we explained a Palestinian representative of the community of African Palestinians of Jerusalem (on tour in France): "Those who defend the idea of ââtwo states is that they have never been Palestine. "

Crime founder (the expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians from their own country) took place in 1948 and the Zionist project of "transfer" (expulsion) was already at work for a long time. The debate on Zionism is not an academic debate. This ideology denies the existence and legitimacy of the Palestinian people on their land. It propagates the myth murderer of exile and return of the Jews in "their country." The question of the existence of a Jewish state is central. In such a state, non-Jews become strangers in their own country, deprived of all rights. The myth of coexistence with Zionist Israel collapsed.

Palestinians do not have and will never under Zionist partners for peace based on equal rights. Suddenly, there is a stiffening and tension in many Jewish circles even moderate. Must delegitimize Israel and it is unbearable for them. Yet the reality is stubborn as expressed by the Russell Tribunal in describing what is apartheid at work. In their book "A common state between the Jordan and the sea," Eric Hazan and Eyal Sivan opposed to the idea of ââtwo states that a realistic utopia: the common state.

This idea is probably still hegemonic in Palestine, but it is growing and in any case, the resistance struggles are no longer under the claim of a Palestinian state. It should also be remembered that when the PLO had decided in 1988 to accept the state of Israel within its pre-1967 borders, there was great resistance (Edward Said, the PFLP ...) and old claim of "one secular and democratic state" has never disappeared.

The situation of the Palestinian people is being dramatic. But it is not hopeless. The central project of Zionism, deportation, a (probably permanently) failed. The Zionist project is essentially to save time and to institutionalize apartheid. Consensus in the OAS in power, everything will be used: the Syrian argument ("there are real dictatorships in the region, why do we attack Israel?") Or argument with the Iranian threat regularly repeated in a "preemptive strike." For now, the State of Israel is generally unpunished. It is protected by the United States and Europe. Nothing is immutable in the Middle East. A large anti-apartheid struggle is being born and grow. In the southern United States and South Africa, these struggles had lasted for decades. But they were partially successful.

Pierre Stambul
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