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(en) Anarkismo.net: Uruguay, Barrikada No 48 Aug-September 2012 - For them there will be no Dungeon Memories: by Nicholas scaron (ca) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 03 Sep 2012 15:50:11 +0300

IN THIS ISSUE: -- Editorial: What is on the horizon -- Pueblo Jail: Irma Leites --- Cover story: For them there will be no Dungeon Memories: Nicholas scaron ---- Landscape of barbarism: Gustavo Lopez -- Alleviate the crisis: Sergio Pereira - DIRECT ACTION, BOICOTT and sabotage tactics anarchist in the labor movement in Uruguay: Pascual Muñoz ---- There were nothing: Urubú and 90 -- Antigone and After: Theatre and memory to fight--- Dialogue between two fighters from different generations: ---- Debate between different models miltancia. -- The economy under popular control.-- Memory for Pocho Mechoso -- Recovering antisitémicas practices -- Poetry Roscigna: Power to the imagination! --- Cover story ... For them there will be no "MEMORIES OF Dungeon" by Nicholas scaron / Barrikada out in No 48 Aug-September 2012

During the government of Jorge Pacheco Areco Uruguayan prisons were no longer guarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and passed under the Ministry of Interior. Among other reasons this measure came to meet the security demands of the time, it was not against young people addicted to cocaine base, the danger that the Tupamaros were assaulted, robbed, put bombs, invading villages, media, and indoctrinated boys questioned the "Uruguayan lifestyle".

The media clamored for more "tough" in the old stores including commenting that "could not more", many people were nervous, restless, many began to harangue the military to "bring order" And he lay. In a flash, trained by U.S. experts, liquidated the armed apparatus of the Tupamaros and exterminated social classes fighting the capitalist system and generate awareness in the mass of workers, where, among other "products" emerge guerrillas, calved from a political and not a whim of a handful of college. The devastation was complete, consistent, systematic, in 10 years the entire Uruguayan people felt the rigor of the "cleaning" ideological dictatorship did. I felt even clamoring for more order because totalitarianism not trust even in intellectual rights, capacity, later than sooner can play against the regime. Only fools, the fools, the fools, the total unconscious with some technical training are well regarded by the government of the rich.
In Uruguay today, where many people "can not stand more" where the insecurity felt in the veins give a damn statistics, where ministers take as a reference to the television channels, the Tupamaros who are now ruling, meet demand, which do not bother to counter. Uruguayan prisons will become controlled by the military with full acceptance of the political system. This kind of "process" or "test" will be conducted by the same army that made no kind of criticism as an institution for the human rights violations committed by more than a decade, which has in its ranks with more than 400 troops who are directly linked to the disappearance, death, rape of men and women who stole babies, who kidnapped, who stole goods that state terrorism practiced right and left. The major reason given is that the police are corrupt and allow the entry of weapons, cell phones and drugs into prisons. It seems that the soldiers of the institution sinister act state otherwise. And surely they do, as well as the practices exercised by the police, adding torture to prisoners as a constant and systematic. Bonomi, Mujica and Huidobro, among many, you know.

Mujica told them that Army units are already in training courses for professionals jailers; personnel trained specifically for relations with prisoners and that apparently will not be more policemen. These courses are being taught by a civilian, a Uruguayan teacher who in turn received training in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. "We are adopting systems and instruction of some successful countries in this area," said the President in M24.

Instruction countries "successful in the art", called the army, internal enemy that threatens the "lifestyle of Uruguayans" are terms that seem to recur. Dangerously repeated. The only thing that does not foresee a repression as in the seventies is the ideological backwardness prevailing in the labor movement and in other social organizations reflected in their demands. Perhaps responding to a sense of survival, perhaps the "trauma" that lives in these structures lost their best men and women in the jails, in madness, into oblivion and exile that led to the dictatorship. But just kill us without resistance. The causes of an operating system is suffering the same, though not oppose resistance. The social war between capital and labor is not known any peace, even if not peliamos, even if we still overdue clemency. There will not be.

Does the systematic study of governance systems and their assimilation? Is the conviction to cheat the system from her womb? Is the temptation to have "power", money, betrayal in the broadest sense of the term cretin? Does the Stockholm Syndrome? Surely neither Mujica can say for sure. But the repressive process inherent in capitalism in crisis feels and is devastating. The company is listed in the column starts behind modern repression. 63% of the Frente is in favor of lowering the age of criminal responsibility, the police asked students and teachers in high schools, asking uniforms, tough ask, ask that the military out of the barracks. We want to live in peace, live in peace our imbecility, that the neighborhood kid who smokes paste not rob us and we were still selling stolen goods "nice and cheap" that robs neighbors and we want to be in "the oven" so we took advantage and cut the grass in our garden for a "chirola" ...
As they say, all you can not.


The boy came home it was 8 in the morning and arrived late, the father from the door drunk yelling "sucks dick dale hurry" the jug also answer him with insults and hand in the pockets was heading to school where a teacher would challenge him for being late and a companion would say something about the smell of urine.

A teenager in Uruguay jar these days, when I have to go visit her father in jail, that God knows because he's in jail, but his old and wants, you will find a hooded military, women in nature I want to imagine, that will touch your body, that abuse its intimacy seeking a joint in your vagina or a gram of markets in his anal opening, hours later hear the PE teacher talking about "physicality" ...

A few days ago a group of female relatives of prisoners from jail of women faced with police in the street by the arbitrary suspension of visits by the union affiliated to PIT CNT repressors. The TV image reflected the deepest loneliness, so lonely and in their very lives, submerged in poverty and ignorance they have to endure the brunt of poverty system it generates. They fight without conscience, fighting from the "guts" as the child smelling pichi that will tell the teacher that fence to putísima recontra thousand mother who bore and paste a classmate of pineapple "side part" as the teenager who look askance and distrust physical education teacher who tells him to drop his body anime on the web.

Alone against a system that wants to exterminate, but heroism in jail, will not "dungeon memories" of these prisoners of 2012, which has no cure cultural supports terror. Family members can now organize marches where Viglietti sing. Where supports silences, their lives hell carries the rhythm of the cumbia villera. These damn poor left without marqueting makes us hate them both.

And if they are alone ... Where are the others?

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