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(en) Canada, LinchPin #16 - a publication of common cause* - The G20: Two years later GUELPH ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS

Date Sun, 26 Aug 2012 08:58:34 +0300

Here in Southern Ontario, anarchists and anti-authoritarian rebels are re-discovering the strength of our networks and recovering from the shock of state repression. Over the course of the past two years, dozens of comrades have been forced through the courts, strict bail conditions, and prison sentences for organizing or attending protests during the G20 summit in Toronto in June 2010. This article gives updates about comrades still facing serious repression and who need our continued support. We will share some thoughts on how the affects of the G20 are playing out in our current climate of struggle. -- The following list of defendants still facing charges from the G20 is not complete. -- The people listed here are in contact with ABC or are comfortable with being public about their cases. There are others still facing serious charges and possible jail time who we don’t have listed here. Keep checking the Guelph ABC website for updates and information on people who need support.

G20 Main Conspiracy Group

(G20 main conspiracy group)
(Mandy Hiscocks’ Prison Blog)

Twenty-one people were charged with
being part of the G20 main conspiracy
group. The crown alleged that there were
upwards of fifty other co-conspirators
who were never indicted. These charges
stemmed from a one and a half year
infiltration operation undertaken by
OPP officers Bindo Showan and Brenda
Carey. By the time the case reached its
preliminary hearing, charges were dropped
against three defendants and one defendant
received a suspended sentence in a non-
cooperating plea resolution negotiated

In November 2011, the remaining
seventeen co-defendants came to a plea
resolution in which eleven people’s
charges were withdrawn, and six people
pled guilty to Counselling with various
prison sentences. Erik Lankin, Peter
Hopperton, and Adam Lewis have all been
released following 3-5 months of jail time.
Mandy Hiscocks and Leah Henderson
are currently serving jail sentences. Alex
hundert will begin to serve his jail sentence
in June 2012.

Mandy Hiscocks

Mandy was sentenced to 16 months
in jail. She is expecting to serve about 11
months and to be released in December
2012. In recent years, Mandy has focused
on Indigenous solidarity, environmental
justice, strategies for developing healthy
anarchist communities, and being a good
ally. She would love to be kept in the loop
so she can continue this work while in jail.

Leah Henderson

Leah was sentenced to 10 months in
jail. She is expecting to serve about 6.5
months and to be released in July 2012.
Leah is a community organizer who has
been active for the past decade in struggles
for justice within apartheid Canada. She
has been involved in the environmental
movement; in supporting Indigenous
communities in the struggle for sovereignty
and self-determination; and in the fight for
justice for women, queer and trans, low-
income, disabled, and racialized people.

You can send them mail to the following

Amanda Hiscocks / Leah Henderson
Vanier Centre for Women
P.O. Box 1040
655 Martin Street
Milton, Ontario
L9T 5E6 Canada

Alex Hundert

Alex will be sentenced to 13.5 months in
jail. He is expected to serve about 8 months,
beginning in June 2012. Alex is a founding
member of AW@L, a direct action group
based out of Kitchener-Waterloo. He does
Indigenous solidarity organizing and works
with land defense struggles, including at
Grassy Narrows First Nation and with allies
at Six Nations. Check the Guelph ABC
website for his mailing address when he
begins serving jail time.

Robin Henry

Robin was convicted of two counts
of Mischief Over $5000 and one count of
Masked with Intent for breaking windows
at a Starbucks and Bell store. Robin served
nine months under strict bail conditions
before his sentencing. In March 2011, Robin
was sentenced to one year of house arrest,
followed by two years probation, a $5000
fine and 300 community service hours.
Robin is currently serving his sentence in
London, Ontario.

Ryan Rainville

On December 5, 2011 Ryan Rainville
received a conditional sentence of four
months under house arrest, followed by
four months of curfew and then one year of
probation. He spent about 100 days in jail
awaiting bail. Ryan pled guilty to a Breach
of Peace, and three counts of Mischief Over
$5000 for using a red and black flag and a
hammer to destroy Toronto Police cruisers
during the G20 riot. Ryan fought and won a
trial where he contested charges of Assault
Police with a Weapon and Obstruction of

Girr Rowley

See Guelph ABC’s statement: “In the
Face of the Courts”
Girr was arrested in November 2010
for his alleged participation in the black
bloc action. Girr pled guilty to one count
of Mischief Under $5000, one count of
Masked with Intent and one count of
Public Endangerment. He was convicted on
February 3, 2012 and is currently serving a
six month sentence. He is expecting to be
released in June 2012.
You can send him mail to the following

Greg Noltie-Rowley
Maplehurst Complex
PO Box 10
661 Martin St.
Milton, ON
L9T 2Y3

Kelly Pflug-Back

Kelly has been presented in the media
as the “ring leader” of the black bloc
action. She spent two months in pre-trial
custody, before being released to house
arrest with her parents. Kelly currently has
a curfew and a lengthy non-association list
which includes upwards of 100 people.

Kelly was facing multiple counts
of Mischief Over $5000, Conspiracy,
Obstruction of Justice, Assault Police with
a Weapon, and Intimidation of a Justice
System Participant. Kelly has had some of
these charges dropped, but she is currently
still facing seven counts of Mischief
Over $5000. Kelly has pled guilty and
is awaiting sentencing at the end of May
2012. The crown is looking for upwards of
2 years. Check the Guelph ABC website
for information on her sentence.

George John Horton Norabuena

George is facing nine charges for
allegedly participating in the black bloc.
George was originally charged with
Assault Police Officer, Intimidation of
a Peace Officer, Obstruction of Justice,
Masked with Intent, Weapons Dangerous,
Possession of Stolen Property under $5000,
and three counts of Mischief Under $5000.
George pled guilty to three counts of
Attempted Mischief Under $5000 and one
count of Masked with Intent. The crown
dropped the Possession of Stolen Property
and Weapons Dangerous charges. George
went to trial for the remaining charges of
Assault Police Officer, Intimidation of a
Peace Officer and Obstruction of Justice.
On May 15, he was found guilty of
Assault Police Officer and Intimidation of
a Police Officer. He was found not guilty
of Obstruction of Justice. George will be
sentenced in August for the Assault and
Intimidation charges, as well as multiple
counts of Mischief. The crown is seeking
nine months in prison for George.

Jae Muzzin

and collect calls for those incarcerated;
rent money for when they get out; storage
for people’s belongings; and more. The
money that ABC is fundraising is to
facilitate everyday and immediate needs
of comrades facing jail time and their
support networks. Our 2012 fundraising
goal is $3000. For information on how
to donate, visit our website at http://

Where We’re At Now

Although the wave of repression
that followed the G20 strained our
communities and our organizing, we have
also gained important experience about
how to navigate the legal system and how
to support each other through the courts
and prison. The significant resources that
the State has used to infiltrate, prosecute
and imprison anarchists shows that they
perceive us as a threat, even though we
often view our influence on broader
society as only marginal. We have learned
of the consequences of struggle, and
now we are in a place where our strength
through repression can propel and inform
our strategies and tactics. Our bonds have
grown stronger by persevering through
this together.

Guelph ABC had a small amount of
infrastructure set up to support prisoners
before all this went down, and now
our abilities have been expanded and
strengthened. Through directly supporting
comrades in the court process, on strict
bail conditions and in prison, we have
established more contacts and concrete

To be in struggle means to support
our prisoners. By having each other’s
backs through these hard times, we have
more resolve to continue organizing
against the State and Capitalism. People
coming out of jail or harsh bail conditions
need supportive friends to find continued
inspiration. Throughout the past two
years, we’ve learned the importance of
taking care of each other, especially when
we’re in this fight against the system for
the long haul. How the hell are any of
us going to take struggle seriously if we
don’t support each other and prisoners?

The State’s planned mass expansion
of the Prison Industrial Complex makes
the likelihood of being imprisoned even
more of a reality, and the struggle against
prison more relevant for anyone who
exists in conflict with the State and Capital.
The Crime Bill, the new proposed laws
criminalizing masks at protests, and other
efforts by the State will only increase the
tensions between us and those in power.
It would be useful to prepare for prison to
be a reality for anarchists in the coming
years. The State’s tactics of repression
are no longer abstract for anarchists
in Southern Ontario. These collective
experiences have been extremely difficult,
scarring and traumatizing for many, but
we are resilient. It’s inspiring that we’ve
come through it with dignity and even
more determination.

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