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(en) Final Declaration of the International Meeting of Anarchism St-Imier 2012 Sunday, August 12

Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 23:35:07 +0300

After five days of discussions where endeavored to OSL champion the voice of social anarchism open, innovative and ambitious face the world and its complexity, we take the challenge of defending a policy without dogmatism that part of desires and needs of people, you will find the final declaration proposed network Anarkismo. ---- Thanks to the work and effort of numbers of volunteers as well as the warm welcome of the inhabitants are of-St-Imier, we have, in intense debates, conferences, meetings and other spontaneous cultural events, say anarchism as a political proposal alive, open and innovative. ---- That is to say: we will not be at the margin! ---- Final Declaration --- the International Meeting ---- Anarchism, 2012 St-Imier ---- http://rebellion-osl.ch/declfinalanarkismo.pdf ---- After five days of discussions and exchanges to recall our history, preparing our future battles and focus our efforts, we reaffirm the value of the positions and resolutions of the Congress of St. Imier underpinning social anarchism, allow future developments in and provide the basis for a genuine unity of action among all sectors combative and anti-bureaucratic social struggle.

The St-Imier Congress has wanted to open the diversity and plurality of ideas and practices of the labor movement and anti-bureaucratic federalist while building the nascent libertarian movement.

He refused the party-form, hierarchical, institutional and electoral defended by the current authoritarian socialism. He fought the statist conception of change and intends heard today make the conquest, the occupation of the state a tool for social transformation.

Congress in 1872 also declared its willingness to fight any kind of organization, hierarchical, bureaucratic, established to exercise command and create the delegation, submission and obedience.

In all this, the Congress opposed the federation of labor organizations and struggles, as well as free enterprise, socialist project management and direct social change as proposed plurality of forms of non-hierarchical organization of design in the labor movement, in its struggles and the libertarian socialist project.

Many struggles, activism and revolutionary attempts before and after the International Congress of 1872. Anarchism takes place in this story. Today it is a political movement involving many experiences and achievements common to a large number of collective and specific organizations, trade unions and popular social struggle. Anarchism contributes to the construction of a coherent movement capable of effective intervention and strong, seeking consistency between means and ends to radically change society. For us, social struggles anarchism feeds and feeds these struggles. It contributes to the popular movement of self-empowerment and self-organization.

Each resistor, every struggle, every dissent, each alternative is the question of freedom and equality. Each social struggle opens possibilities that we have to support social and political liberation.

The radical social transformation that we call our vows and we prepare for our action can only result from the will, self-determination and commitment aware of classes, individuals, men and women today-dominated es in this unjust system.

We are in a war social and economic intensities changing but always larger, sharper, more brutal. A situation of social insecurity and insecurity is widespread, destroying the common good, destroying public services, seeking to instill fear, resignation and submission, imposing everywhere capitalism. This policy is conducted by both capitalist governments in their pay.

They try to impose a total colonization of our conditions, mobilizing in the service of reproduction system all our activities. Meanwhile, there is a resurgence of old elements of domination: patriarchy, gender discrimination and gender, xenophobia, racism, enslavement, exploitation. These inequalities serve to strengthen the renewed capitalist valorization and ensure general reproductive system.

Anarchism criticizes a single system of supervision and control which obeys every day more oligarchic logic. Anarchism undervalued in any way spaces and civil liberties, public services and common good and some policies of redistribution, devolved to social solidarity, which remain. Anarchists seek to defend and extend these gains. All these advances have been won in the past by social struggles. The hope of changing society through the conquest of state power is largely disqualified. The conquest of institutional power, integration into state power and government action, participation in elections bring nothing to the improvement of living conditions municipalities, political and social rights. Instead, it is refusing to delegate to the State Government and the definition of the common good that people can effectively defend their interests and aspirations. It is acting for themselves, multiplying and strengthening their organizations, seizing the social wealth and means of production and distribution, imposing their needs, creating their own forms of organization and doing battle on the ground that the cultural classes may oppose the barbaric system gain emancipation and improve their conditions of existence.

The left parties do not appear as forces of progress and social justice. They defend even prior learning. Instead, they precipitate the ruin and the dismantling of our social achievements. Bureaucratization of the labor movement and social policy delegation oriented integration in public institutions, the refusal of the struggle and the imposition of social peace at any price, the submission to the objectives, strategies, capitalist values globalization lead us to a regression social, political and ecological large.

This is why the effectiveness of the fight and the construction of concrete alternatives are related to direct popular because it is rooted in the belief that social groups should emancipate themselves and act on a federalist and solidarity. In this class society, there is no consensus or compromise that would satisfy the common interest. We demand a clear dissent with the authorities. Direct action is for a proposal open and plural social transformation. It comes in a variety of forms of organizations and actions capable of uniting the popular resistance.

Anarchists operate within movements struggle to ensure their autonomy, to unite in a revolutionary and libertarian perspective, to build popular power, to economic empowerment, political and social.

Our project is that libertarian communism. We demand the convergence of traditions and experiences accumulated in this way: communalism free municipal self-government, self-management, workers' councils and unions, unionism basic combat and direct management agreement for the free creation, experimentation, association, federalism and alternative acts.

That is to say, since the construction of popular power base directly, not the state. We want to break with capitalism. We are fighting for self-management in a future society based on freedom and equality. This objective involves diverse forms of organization in all areas of economic and social life. Such an approach requires a self-established company, a social and economic development freely chosen. The socialization of the forces of production and exchange, and the social self constitute the main form. Equal access to resources and renewable ways to support the company has the possibility of free association, economic experimentation and exploration in the organization of living conditions. Self-management is based on the free organization of those who work, consume, and are members of the company after the abolition of the state, in a self-political institution of direct democracy, and law minorities.

The social anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism and revolutionary syndicalism, libertarian communism and defend a political project based on consistency between ends and means, between daily actions and revolutionary struggles between growing movement of self-empowerment and transformation radical social. Since 1872, our movement helps with many other men and women free to open this path. Today is our commitment to continue this project as far as will the direct action of the people.

St-Imier, August 12, 2012

Signatory organizations (13/08/2012)

Libertarian Socialist Organisation (Switzerland)
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