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(en) IFA Declaration of Saint-Imier Congress to other oppressed people in the world (ca) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 19 Aug 2012 21:00:42 +0300

Public Statement of the IFA Congress of Saint-Imier 2012, from 9 August 12 to other exploited and oppressed people of the world. - St ImierLa meeting of Saint-Imier has allowed many of the groups and activists who are members and non-members of the International Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA) to meet others. IFA would like to summarize the events of recent days. - Percent forty years in this city an international movement anti-authoritarian in its foundation. He played an important role in creation of an organized movement of anarchists. Worked then for profound social transformation, and thus have participated, as IFA, the international meeting in St-Imier. What we have to offer is the best type of society that humanity is capable of achieving. We want to create a world in which there a complete economic equality, so we understand that there must have any personal property, but have everything in place and Common without money.

But as economic equality, personal freedom would not
maximum. This means that we must live as we want and no one can
make us do anything we do not want to do, or prevent us from doing what
we want to do unless it limits the freedom of others. By
Therefore, there would hierarchies or oppression of any kind. There would
need for a state or police, because we would not need
to control or coerce. There would be no need for wars or conflicts
Overall, because we would not have political enemies and desire or no
need to harness all the resources of others. This is
we call Anarchism.

Anarchists reject the idea that human nature is
one other personal feats that are uneven. It is the case that
rulers and states throughout history have maintained this
systems. This lie that justifies capitalism as "natural"
systems. We have heard that there is a "crisis" of capitalism, but the
capitalism is the crisis. A recent system in terms
historical and has brought humanity to the brink of disaster many
times before producing the current situation. But people around the
world are seeing through this lie and are reluctant to
states and capitalism as never before and try to coordinate their
efforts across national borders. This makes a
anarchist society more possible than ever.

But anarchism is not utopian. Obviously, for a society of
work, many things must first change, and our task
now is to help achieve these great transformations and
provide an analysis that is useful to them. The working class, the
we refer to all the exploited and impoverished people,
including us, have to function as a mass movement.
Basically, do not trust the new leaders struggle with
old ideas, but by determining their own way.

Today, social movements are practicing new ways
organization that rely heavily on anarchism, by
example, take direct action against the obstacles to their progress and
experiment with non-hierarchical forms of organization. Include
student movements, the action against the destruction of
natural world and the commons, antiwar struggles, which
against the G8 and capitalism in general, and more
recently, the fight against austerity uniting the working class
internationally. Movements like the Indignados occupy and movements and
Similar self-organization against the banking system have
demonstrated the importance of using direct action to reclaim
public space. The uprisings of the oppressed peoples
Indians in recent decades, such as the Zapatistas, have
inspired the new social movements have influenced the
anarchism itself. These new movements create large assemblies
to make decisions together without leaders. Horizontal practice
decision making. They link the federal government, as
organizations equal, no bodies
decision at its center.

However, these attempts often fall short of what is
possible due to significant social change also requires
we change as individuals. We seek to be free and equal as
individuals, but must also be responsibility voluntary
personal and self-organization. The working class itself contains the
divisions and oppression and hierarchies disappear not only
because we have rulers and do not want to be equal. As
members of the working class, therefore, the internal struggle against
our own racism, sexism and the attitudes and practices
patriarchal. Similarly fight the assumption that
heterosexuality is the norm, or that the categories clearly
defined 'man' and 'woman' are 'normal'. We must identify and
challenge discrimination and stereotyping on the basis of the
age or ability. Until inequalities internalized and deference
towards the hierarchy are identified and removed it can not be
free, making them identify and oppose the movements
social and labor organizations, and in society in

Finally, to create this free and equal society, the class
working to bring the same powerful and capital. We
called "social revolution" this one. Anarchists seek to
build confidence in the working class in our ability to
succeed as quickly and with as little violence as possible. We do
through union with other workers to earn small
victories. We do our best this through direct action
not through reforms and negotiating with bosses. The action
direct means not to wait, but take what should belong to
all of us. We need to support each other's struggles through
mutual aid. This means that the practical solidarity in times
Difficulty. In addition to helping in the day to day, this shows
people what we are about. Therefore, practicing anarchy
as far as we can in the way we organize and
how to fight to prove that an anarchist society is possible.

Salute to the comrades of the past, their work and sacrifices
made personal for human emancipation. We follow their
work, and criticism to develop their ideas and apply them to our
situation. They turn to greet the world working class in this
moment in its history as it strives to achieve true
freedom and equality.

IFA has addressed many issues in the last five days, and in particular:

• The economic and social crisis of struggle

• International solidarity

• Fight against militarism

• The anti-nuclear energy and alternatives

• Migration

On this basis, the IFA has revitalized its own activities and
invites all exploited people to fight for the transformation
of society, for anarchism.
The International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA), August 12, 2012.
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