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(en) Uruguay, Circular of Review - by Libertarian Socialist Organization - OSL of July 19, 2012 (ca) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 08:29:35 +0300

The struggle continues, because so does injustice. And while in Uruguay the cake grow today are the richest that are taking the greatest. For the people, the crumbs, lies and doubts, repression. And while inequalities are deepened, the political and media discourse becomes increasingly reactionary and police. Unemployment insurance are hundreds of partners from the textile industry, are also hundreds of Pluna, but the investor, although the company is based, always do well, especially if you have friends in government. ---- " Do not forget that the workers are the only producers of wealth. We, the workers, we do leave the machines in industries that extract coal and ore mines,
which we build cities ... ---- Why not We, therefore, to build and even better able
to replace what was destroyed? ---- (...) we are not afraid of ruins, because we have a new world in our hearts. That world is growing this minute " Buenaventura Durruti

The land is concentrated in few hands and pesticides abound, but the cane is denied. It criminalizes the poor and marginalized, and it ruthlessly repressed for being poor, and if it is young, with more fury is given. Those who refuse to serve us daily through television frequencies are rewarded with legal privileges against the competition, but the compas laburan from sunrise to sunset with your shopping, recycling to bring some food to their families pursues ... For all these things are still in the fight, and fight we remember those who came before us and said the course, despite the sacrifices and losses.

When fascism tried to stop the advance that popular Spanish July 19, 1936, counter-attacked the people taking the reins of economic production and sweeping in many parts of Spain, with all forms of authoritarian rule and economic exploitation. Women and men of the working class workers and peasants began to work in the construction of a project of the People that still lights ... In vast areas of the country rose powerful self-managed projects, run by the workers through their unions. Barcelona became the epicenter of this movement, with almost all of his business, which emphasized industrial, in the hands of independent workers, regardless of both private employers and state.

The lands of Aragon campaign were occupied by peasants, who were put to produce collectively and severally, through countless agricultural communities.

The autonomous struggle and direct action of women and men exploited the Spanish people were crucial during the revolution, manifested both in the organization of militias who fought with rifles in hand against fascism bourgeois, as in the massive land occupation and immediate collectivization, as well as in factories run by workers themselves to sustain a new economy based on actual equity. This class experience and revolutionary, it is even today an example for all who suffer injustice and fight for a world free and equal. The Spanish revolution, along with other experiences in the history of popular struggles, is a demonstration that socialism not only can but must be built from below and so libertarian.

Never forget the role played by nefarious and criminal those who sought to manipulate the people's struggle to make it serve partisan ends, those who put obstacles and suppressed the most advanced experiences of the Spanish people in a speech to please seudoprogresista purposes other than the interests of workers, those who used a speech supposedly popular for climbing on power and led to the defeat of the organized people, the victory of fascism. Authoritarianism and complicity with the bourgeoisie of those believed to govern the people sealed the defeat of the hopes of freedom. Nor will we forget that the agricultural communities of Aragon, union industries in Barcelona and Valencia, militias and anti-fascist resistance committees in Spain, were elaborate constructions within the village, union workers and peasants in the heat of the masses and expressed the deepest interests of these. They were mere elaborations of minorities illuminated by a dogmatic rhetoric of socialism or anarchy, but authentic original creation of the masses themselves in dialogue with the best of revolutionary theory.

The Spanish Revolution was also the internationalist struggle. Because the fight was going through this revolution is the struggle to this day and everywhere divides the world explicitly or covertly: the struggle between the haves and among those without, between those who govern and those who are required to obey. From within the working people of the most diverse regions of the world (of which the Rio de la Plata was no exception), guilds, unions, cultural organizations and support committees gave their tireless support to the Spanish workers and peasants, sending money and materials, making propaganda, sending thousands of its activists to Spain to fight fascism and revolution. These women and men whose example of solidarity and delivery swept the borders of states, also remember and honor them when we recall the Spanish epic.

Although time has passed since then, the dreams of justice and freedom that mobilized these women and men remain. On this anniversary, the memory of those who wrote with their lives one of the most heroic pages of the popular struggle gives us heat to support the difficult winter of injustice and exploitation. The struggle of those comrades in Spain shows that socialism must be libertarian if you want to be a genuine alternative for working people, and only from the people and social organizations and economic struggle that this is given the revolutionary changes are made . Not in the election or in the vanguard, is stubborn and independent construction of the People where the future is brewing.

In popular memory is organized and struggle against domination and freedom will always be the example of the experience of revolutionary construction of the toiling masses of workers and peasants of Spain. Because we know that just as the working class rose in Spain, and in many other parts, and so many other times, workers will rise up again, we will sweep away the injustices our hands, and this time no return, we will build on ruins of this unjust system the new world we carry in our hearts.

For socialism and freedom!


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