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(en) Anarkismo.net: Press release of the Mexican Libertarian Movement (ca)

Date Sat, 21 Jul 2012 00:09:44 +0300

A project of free and independent A libertarian and anarchist organizations ---- To the people in struggle ---- We have called this talk because, as we consider relevant anarchist movement to make public some of our positions, but we also need to express our total and complete solidarity with those who are in jail in prisons around the world by ideology in general and in particular our fellow anarchist Mario Lopez, the last held by the Mexican State, the latter figure attached to large lists of political prisoner in this country. ---- First, we must define some of our positions to those who, for a long time refused to hear anything that does not suit their profits and are blind to the obvious social, economic and political, but also to those who, handled information and make it appear to anarchism as a synonym for chaos and destruction.

We believe that the basis on which rests the current normalcy of things, is based on two false issues and inseparable, both driving principle of violence toward individuals, communities and peoples alike. On the one hand is the fit of our political ability to decide how we live and how, rapture that is disguised under an alleged will and consensus of those who, underneath, appear as governed, but in reality it is a form extreme violence against life by those who consider themselves owners and masters of politics known as "political class" - and also lords of force, forming a whole called State. This imposing separation between rulers and ruled, based on false and repugnant democratic system, which seeks to upgrade every six years in this country. So we, the anarchists do not participate in these farces and not give our vote our right to decide about ourselves. So also our friend Mario is not in any sense, a supporter of the Movement # I am 132, for among other things, we consider it as reformist, legalistic and alien to what we believe, want and build. What the prosecutors and police officers testified about the bracelet I'm # 132, which according to Mario carrying, is but the first signs of mounting construction from the detention of our colleague, that we suppose they wanted to take advantage as political spoils because it was made five days before the election expected insults and changing local and national executioners.

The other main basis of this system is what makes the fit of our ability to produce and reproduce our goods needed, is the legitimate private property and divides society between the haves and have-nots. We believe in short, as I said Pierre J. Proudhon in 1840 that the property is just a robbery. Theft, which of course is in the form of violence by the owners, and then appointed as a legitimate title. This theft primal, is what would after the now dispossessed had no choice but to sell their unique and important workforce.

These two bases, shape the modern capitalist system, as we saw is worth the use of violence, rage and strength to be justified then in terms of legal, right and normal. However, the capitalist system whenever it is updated and extreme violence. For us this means the exploitation of workers, whether the field or the city, but despite devote himself to work, enjoy no luxury and survive on less than the basics, and suffer hunger and to work under conditions of constant danger, is also reflected in the thousands of people who have to pay rent to live under a roof or failing that, sleeping in the streets in the thousands of others who have to migrate from their places of origin to get an operator and receive a miserable salary, in the thousands also die from lack of care daily from curable diseases and lower in others thousands who can not read or write because since childhood they were denied education, in those who are driven to perform work unworthy to live, in those who suffer the fury of their homes and farmland for the construction of new roads or shopping centers that are sure to never use, in whom, as the Indians are denied the right to be whatever they want to, to identify and organize under and by their means or are denied the space of social and cultural reproduction such as wirarika town, in those who make war their daily lives, as is the case for almost the entire population of the north of this country that is among the power struggles and violence among drug traffickers and the government, and we can put thousands of examples of this and all latitudes in the world, none have completely escaped this system of domination. In short, for us this system is primarily a settled form of direct violence against humans cluster that 80% of the world population that is neither the political class or the bourgeoisie.

There is the violence. This is the true attack on peace.

All this is done by creating and / or use of institutions and social and cultural values â âthat make the gear to work and revitalize small and large scale. Institutions such as schools, hospitals, patriarchy, prisons, family, all are aimed at building mechanisms of power and domination in different degrees. That is also why we declare ourselves not only against the state and capital, visible heads of domination and exploitation, but and all forms of power, authority and domination, fighting every day to an end, confronting not only the public life but to the private, everyday. That is also why we have never sought the conquest of power, of sovereignty, but the construction of autonomy, of emancipation and power relations based on equality and horizontality.

That's why we set ourselves as anarchists in other ways to understand and build our lives to unjustifiable and atrocious selfishness, we propose mutual support among peers, with its increasingly hierarchical society, we propose equality and fraternity to governmental or associative mediation, we propose direct action, that is, do what we want for our own without intermediaries; to his false peace and social democratic, unmask their war against the social fragmentation, we propose voluntary associations, with their verticality and horizontality, with its violence, self-defense referred to in the organization and construction of alternative livelihoods for the recovery of our independence and a dignified life, without masters, no gods.

Hence, this act is sample of one of the fundamental principles of our struggle: solidarity. We contemplate that solidarity is the basis, the bowels of any organization that advocates for freedom. So, recognizing Mario Lopez as an anarchist, we have done nothing but sympathize with him and that means, fight for their liberation, to be with him and his family as we can, because for us solidarity is not just a slogan provides a revolutionary status, but is an ethical principle that as anarchists we assume with ours, the exploited, with our peers. We are clear that the judicial system and political climate, anyone who speak out against their principles is immediately a criminal hypocrites, therefore, from start to asumirnos as anarchists, we know to be against its legality. So also distrust the laws that the system itself has done and given under its benefits, whims and needs. We have seen how, throughout history they are modified and molded to the ruling classes, we have seen also, sadly, how to lock over and over thousands of what their terms are called "innocent", thereby destroying their person, integrity and dignity.

We recognize as well that prison is not at any time a system of social rehabilitation but a punitive system that uses the power to engender fear, to destroy people, creating abnormalities, delinquencies, so that, through extreme surveillance, isolation , psychological torture and physical abuse end up destroying the humanity of every being. And that's not something that begins properly within the prison walls, but, as shown in the case of my friend Mario Lopez starts from the moment you fall into their clutches. Our colleague was subjected to strong psychological torture, having confessed to being an anarchist, he served for mounting a variety of inventive without any evidence to support this.

We consider prison as the ultimate monument of hatred of freedom, although we know that the bars of prisons beyond the prison and are installed in our daily lives, so, there imprison anyone who challenges the rules, assuming that confinement they'll shut up the voices of discontent and dissent. Our solidarity is complete with all who protect and defend the freedom struggle.

As anarchists we aim to defend ourselves from the chains that oppress us and that has led us to come together as a movement, to speak out in favor of real solidarity and against the whole system, whom we described as dangerous to desvirtuarnos Vagrancy front to society and show us as not worthy of being heard, to have credibility. That's what they did to Gut also said they had drug problems, who was arrested for that on occasion, under the assumption to believe that this is a dumb drug addict who raves about politics, which is synonymous with being an anarchist misfit . We, in defense of Mario belie it, some we know, we know that has never been, nor even legal drugs like alcohol and snuff consumption. Do not make a mockery of our colleague, we do not make a joke.

As the anarchist movement, we have always been against all power, that it makes any government to be our enemy, that it does now, we want to make a hunt, based on the alleged dismantling of a radical organization, which want to look for accomplices and allies, ties. It is mounting a case, where unfortunately, Mario Lopez works as a scapegoat in order to undermine our anarchist political stance.

Not the first time the Mexican government mounted cases and accusations against fellow anarchist and the libertarian movement. Remember the case of arrests at the counter in Guadalajara in 2004, where the anarchist movement was severely beaten, arrested several of its members and subject to criminal full of lies, or more recently the case of the anarchists and Emmanuel Victor Herrera Hernandez, who after being arrested and prosecuted for participating in marches (one on the memorial of the slaughter of students in Tlatelolco and the other in the March Against Water Forum IV), were sentenced for crimes invented by prosecutors.

These arrests, prosecutions and convictions are one more sign that the state take hold of all their resources to attack the process of organizing people and peoples, because despite its discourse of democracy and rule of law, are themselves the first to use its laws to make false accusations. For us it is clear that the State uses these and other means of support and legitimacy in a society increasingly disillusioned with political parties and their promises.

We denounce this, not because we believe in the legality of the state, which serves to maintain control over every aspect of social life and to monitor the population, to ensure its perpetuation and hegemony, which is based on domination and exploitation of peoples, but because it is important not to shut up what they are trying to do with our friend Mario, and to make known and publicly denounce the Federal District Government prepares a hunt for anarchists using the pretext of the arrest of our colleague and their alleged connections with other libertarian groups.

We realize that these arrests, police mounts and persecutions are intended to intimidate us to abandon our struggle for a fairer and freer world, however, declare that in spite of them, we organize ourselves and we will continue and extend our ideal of freedom, and Despite the risk of incarceration, continue to express our solidarity with Mario Lopez.

We reject and denounce the intention of the Federal District to mount a case against anarchism in the arrest of Mario, we know from the manipulation of facts that is happening in research. We recognize this as an attack assembly of the state against the anarchist movement.

Mario Lopez concerns us, is being attacked by the beast of the system, psychological and physical attacks it. We know that our colleague continues to resist, despite the gravity of his situation, has not been defeated. So, we announced that we as anarchist movement in struggle and make the necessary campaigns for the release of our colleague and prevent the assembly lies about you follow feeding false and distorted arguments. From here we also appeal to the solidarity of autonomous anti-capitalist struggle from their ability to perform actions for the release of Mario Lopez and attend the activities planned for this week began today with this press conference and continue on Wednesday, 11 July outside the Hospital Ruben Lenero located behind the Metro Military College at 3 pm and on Friday 13 in the Moorish Kiosk, located in the Alameda-Santa Maria la Ribera, Buenavista-Metro after 12 hours to participate in a political-cultural act in solidarity with Mario Lopez. Also call on the media and independent organizations to be alert to this situation.

No more, thank you for your assistance.
Freedom Mario Lopez, the gut

Solidarity with anarchist prisoners World

Down the prison walls

Solidarity is the heart of the struggle against the power
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