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(en) Frace, REFLEXes # 87 April 2012 + history of REFLEXes [machine translation]

Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 21:50:29 +0300

"From Damascus to Paris ... From × friendship, money and emmerdes" + items & Lil'amitià Toulouse, money and emmerdes "+ items & Toulouse Limoges ---- A new article published on the website under "News France" From Damascus to Paris ** ... Of friendship, money and emmerdes ** Saturday, April 21, 2012 In a previous article, we asked whether friendships Syrian FrÃdÃric Chatillon would remain anecdotal or well become a problem for Marine Le Pen (MLP). The answer came on January 25 on France Inter station that MLP was the guest of the Morning to answer questions from Patrick Cohen and Bernard Guetta. Everything went well until the was addressed question of Syria and the position of the FN-vis a-vis the events that take place, causing an initial surge of anger from the President National Front as a boastful answer: "You questions found in a caramel? ".

Read more -> http://reflexes.samizdat.net/spip.php?article485


The news being what it is, read these two very complete records,
one on Identitaires of Toulouse, on the other links FN -
Neo-Nazis in Limoges:


Identity of the face Toulouse
Published March 29, 2012

A few weeks ago, we got wind of the situation Toulouse
in agitation among fascists.
An article in Toulouse Antifascist Union has made revelations about
the harm of youth identity Toulousaines.
The TSU has published such a "family photo" of identity
showing off the front of a local union they had vandalized.
The article reveals the identities of the protagonists easily
recognizable in the photo but without going further.



Nazis in Limousin: the impunity
Published April 11, 2012

We, a group of activists against fascism who want to stay
anonymous, we wish to convey (attached pdf)
a record that reveals the close ties between the Limousin section
National Front and the neo Nazi. In light of recent events
that took place in Limoges and the rise of xenophobic acts and
assault, it seems essential to inform the public
development and the danger of these groups who act in an


************************************************** ****************

************************************************** ****************
REFLEX Magazine Radical Anti-Fascist


Read more -> http://reflexes.samizdat.net/spip.php?article485


From Damascus to Paris ... Of friendship, money and emmerdes

Which shows that the galaxy Chatillon is a complex stack of matriochkas the subtle scent of Syria ...
Published April 21, 2012

In a previous article , we asked whether the Syrian FrÃdÃric Chatillon friendships would remain anecdotal or becoming a problem for Marine Le Pen (MLP). The answer came on January 25 on France Inter radio station on which MLP was the guest of the Morning to answer questions from Patrick Cohen and Bernard Guetta. Everything went well until the issue was discussed and Syria's position vis-Ã-FN live events taking place, causing an initial surge of anger from the president of the National Front in the form a boastful answer: " You found your questions in a caramel? ". The ire of MLP nevertheless did not fall since then a clutch of journalists citing the proximity of the ruling frontist with FrÃdÃric Chatillon, whose sympathy for the journalists stressed-Assad. The only distributed MLP Chatillon was then qualify as " simple service provider ", including the Syrian regime which he asserted that advertising campaigns for the Ministry of Tourism. This did not stop Patrick Cohen-end program to send listeners to the site Infosyrie , now well known to surfers interested in Syria [ 1 ], which ultimately put MLP pissed off, this one going up to threaten a libel suit. By reacting so as vivid and denying any political relationship with Chatillon - " God thank you, I am not influenced by the suppliers that I use "- thus swallowed the status of" single service provider , "MLP wanted to clearly put an end to questions raised by the exact role of the little band that revolves around the former leader of GUD and which have arisen since last summer in a number of books by journalists, newspaper articles or activists (including ours) and even documentaries, especially those broadcast by Canal +, The dark side of the new front .

Yet far from being a mere service provider, FrÃdÃric Chatillon and his friends are an important part of the device Marinist, whether for professional qualifications or their relational networks, even - because it is the sinews of war - in the financing activities of MLP. This is obviously for these reasons that the controversies and diverse and varied investigations did not alter one iota the intensity of relations between each other because all these people is sustained as the rope supports the hanged.

Jeanne, minesweeper flotilla MLP funds

The conquest of the presidency of the FN has not been easy for MLP. He first had to escape the political tutelage of his father, eliminate his political opponents within the FN grouped behind the "natural successor" Gollnisch and build a dedicated team, often based on ties of friendship woven in his youth. He had one last thing to do was probably the most important: getting financial independence and not rely money from his father. Indeed, if it left the presidency of the FN, he retained that of Cotelec, financial association to receive donations and loans from members and supporters. Totally independent of the cash of the party, this structure lends money to FN when it needs it and candidates to finance their election campaigns, is a good way to maintain control over the party and who presides over that. Since December 2010 but things have changed since MLP has also its own financing structure called Jeanne. This structure has two purposes: firstly to bring in money to fund the activities of MLP but also - and this MLP has learned the lessons of his father - the focus of future unwavering loyalty Front candidates elections. Thus, during the local elections of March 2011, Steeve Briois he could use the proceeds to finance by Jeanne leaflets and posters of some candidates (about 500), the latter should in return give their support to the line defended by the new president, is a good way to ensure the dominance of the line Marinist at the next congress.

To manage this micro party whose purpose is to " define and promote the conditions for a new political offer, [to group] all those who intend to participate in the recovery of France , "Navy mobilized its first circle in which GUD elders are very present. The fiscal agent is Jeanne and Steeve Briois, pillar of the FN in the north and party general secretary since MLP's accession to the presidency of the FN. The Secretary-General Jean-Francois Jalkh, national secretary of the National Front in the elections and a possible replacement time of Louis Aliot as Secretary General of the FN. Finally the President is Jeanne Lagarde Florence, an old friend of MLP, the two are known to the faculty of Assas in their studies. Florence Lagarde militated in the Rally of Students Parisians (REP) who had just succeeded in GUD ââafter its self-dissolution. She was well into the sixth position on the list of REP in elections to the CROUS in 1994. After working for the media group Lagardere Florence Lagarde in 2008 became head of the company Auto News. This does not prevent him from doing freelancing for a magazine on which we have already discussed, we mean Cigale , in which she recounts the various exhibitions held in Paris. She spends her companion, a Jildas Mahe. Let us pause a moment also on the list of participants whose route is fairly representative of what has become of this little world gudard between professional success and political network. Topping the list, there were Jildaz Mahe became a linchpin of the agency Riwal headed by FrÃdÃric Chatillon. In the second position which included Pierre Oldoni after being jailed in 1995 for willful violence and degradation of articles for the public rose by DPS and is then converted into the mercenary and security. In third position were found GwÃnael The Brazidec , came later to the Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseilles and became a teacher in higher education in Toulouse. FrÃdÃric Pichon included in the fourth position and became a criminal lawyer that we know while continuing his activism through the association Europae Gentes and companionship with ideological Identitaires. In fifth position, it was Gregory Tingaud who had worked in the Regional Council of Ile-de-France in the field of competitive intelligence has become a leader of the company Comes whose director is none other than Bruno Racouchot, former "head of cabinet" of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Gregory Tingaud also continues to invest in the meta-political activism through the foundation Polemia led by Jean-Yves Le Gallou. In the eighth position, there were Level Domitilla who now runs an insurance firm in Bordeaux, along with Robert Ottaviani , former skinhead and leader of the JNF and the MNJ, became early support of MLP displayed through The Generation Pen and Wave Navy. Finally in the ninth position Lliotter included Miguel, today a teacher-researcher and consultant for a time UMP mayor of Hauts-de-Seine.

The Treasurer Jeanne Olivier Duguet. Again a former part of Gud's inner circle of Chatillon. One could thus see the birthday party of Axel Lousteau last year in the company of Chatillon, Jildas Mahe (superb in kilts!), Jack Marchal, Vincent Roman, etc.. It is also a supporter of the pro-Syrian political line of Chatillon, we have seen the scroll side of Grand Fred at the event organized by supportive environments pro-Bashar in Paris on October 30. And it is associated in his business from Chatillon.

ah! GUD and the black helmets, the full story! (Dr)

Duguet, more classical, he opts for the white cap of pro-Bachard (dr)

In this demo, will be present as the "Zionist" Ginette Skandrani, Edward Klein of Gud, and Yahia Gouasmi Antisionite Party members, and Jean Bricmont, always blameless when these dating, no doubt:

F. Chatillon and Ginette Hess-Skandrani (document C +)

E. Klein, small gudard become great? not win! (Independenza webtv)

When we talk of Syria

The combination of funding Jeanne was domiciled Avenue Victor Hugo in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. This is actually an address that serves as a debit mailing to over 200 companies. Among these there are two companies whose manager is another Olivier Duguet. The first is a company called France Finance Howell, formerly Hades Property Management who was then residing in Duguet in the Hauts-de-Seine. In passing the capital of 10 000 euros of Hades will increase to 100,000 euros for Howell. The second company was formed in March 2010 and is titled Dreamwell. Its purpose activities of advertising agency. The title of the various trade names used by this agency has something familiar because Dreamwell addition, Adrowen, Obernon, Dreamwell also uses the names Taliesin, Iona and Ivaos.

Names already used by another agency which has been much talk lately. Of course we want to talk about Riwal Communication, the agency FrÃdÃric Chatillon. No wonder that since Riwal owns 55% of Dreamwell, the remaining 45% being divided into 15% for Olivier Duguet and the remaining 30% being provided by some Walschap Nancy, of Belgian nationality and residing in the Yvelines . In fact Nancy Walschap is the maiden name of the shareholder and his usual place of residence is Damascus, Syria. Of her married name, Nancy Nancy Walschap called Idris. She is the principal manager of one of the largest tour operator in Syria, Adonis Travel company founded in 1991 with offices in Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Libyan and Oman.

Besides this activity, Adonis Travel develops through a subsidiary, IT Syria, activities of trade and finance with his head still Nancy Idris. The links between Adonis and Riwal are even stronger than the company Adonis sharing the same address as Riwal Syria. She was also the tourism agency for the contest of Cicada Special Damascus. Her husband Ghassan Idris, Vice President of Adonis Travel is a specialist in tourism since 1982. Adonis has 50% of its tourism activities with France, hence the interest probably a relay in the Hexagon. Economic interest but also political interest, tourism aspiring to the Syrian regime to showcase abroad as indicated by the Minister of Tourism Khallaa Saadalla Agha al [ 2 ]: " I think that to open offices Tourism in the Arab and European capitals will help the promotion of Syria abroad . " The Minister then insisted on a positive aspect of his country, the next "safe".

When Bashar al-Assad came to power, he was perceived by Western countries as more open politically than his father and more liberal economically. Indeed we have witnessed the early 1990s to some liberalization, especially in the economic rather than political, but this liberalization has however held under the control of power. It led to the emergence of large monopolies dominated by the family of Syrian President, relatives or clients of the system giving rise to what might be called the military-mercantile complex that Adonis Travel is one element among other. But this liberalization was also meant the destruction of any part of the Syrian population, including peasants, causing the appearance of great poverty. Tourism, again, will be required to play an important internal role, that of a new pension saving. Ghassan Idris in 2006, the husband of Nancy Walschap, told the newspaper The Guardian " for the government, tourism is now as important as oil, that's part of the national strategy . " In 2009, Syria had received 6 million tourists and double their number thought by 2012 with the key to creating 2 million jobs in the sector. With the revolt and its current long-term consequences, it is clear that this sector will collapse, collapse and says says less money and less contracts, which effectively support Chatillon.

But bad news never comes alone, we learned mid-March that the General Tlass , one of the supporters of Chatillon was in Paris where he had many contacts among the Syrian exiles. But the conversations were not successful. Promoted by several Gulf monarchs, the scenario Tlass organizing the transition is likely to be stillborn. As for Manaf , various rumors have reported his death. But we can make more surely assuming a loss of confidence and it showed him that Assad would not be at the head of the 105th Brigade, being confined to his home.

Fortunately he remains France to do business!

Far from Syria, France is indeed in the field. But who says campaign material and said campaign costs. Like all parties, the FN out of a specific material [ 3 ] which we could have assumed that it was manufactured by Riwal. But Riwal exit. Instead, an LLC, Unanimous, to the commercial sign Duplex, launched in January 2011 and one time resident rue de la BoÃtie (eighth arrondissement of Paris) in a building used as a mailing address before being transferred to 14 Place LÃon Deubel (sixteenth arrondissement), which has long been the headquarters Vendome Safety and Papuan SCI, or both companies with Axel Loustau has long been the owner and manager [ 4 ]. But that is not yet the latter is the direct cause of Unanimous as this area has two figures of the galaxy Chatillon, namely Sighild White who is no longer present and Thibault Nicolet, manager of the SARL capital of 20,000 euros. In Cicada magazine No. 18, on Syria and published in early 2008, we read: " At twenty-six years, Thibault Nicolet left London where he was sommelier at the prestigious restaurant Spoon and moved to Damascus, where He plans to open a wine cellar. ". Damascus is decidedly the outskirts of Paris for some! Remains to be seen if the results of the first round will allow all these people to continue to peck in the cake ...

[ 1 ] The site is driven primarily by Pierre Robin, formerly of GUD and the Third Way but also the team of Landmark where he participated in "Nazism and dialogue" with Arnaud Be under the pseudonym of Louis Denghien.

[ 2 ] Interview in the magazine Facts and projects in which there is also an interview Thala Khair, wife Manaff Tlass.

[ 3 ] The war diary of Marine Le Pen, The Spirit of France (circulation: 10,000 copies for # 1, 90 000 copies for the No. 2, 50 000 copies for No. 3 and 4, 55 000 for No. 5), and the newspaper Youth With Navy Sailors (15,000 copies):

[ 4 ] The Vendome Security headquarters was transferred to Ivry sur Seine during the summer of 2011, Axel Loustau no longer the majority shareholder, however, the telephone number is always Vendome at Paris in the yearbook; SCI Papuan has not moved for its share.

Read more -> http://reflexes.samizdat.net/spip.php?article485


Journal history 1986 - 2002 Posted January 16, 2003, updated March 28, 2009 by REFLEX

Appears when the first issue of REFLEXES in June 1986 with the modest run of 300 copies, many believe that is will be the last. For what REFLEXES ? Take a group of young people or students, or elsewhere in Nanterre near Paris, members of a relatively small structure Libertarian (Libertarian Student Coordination), disappointed by the low background work of the libertarian movement or lack of connections between different fronts of struggle, facing a groundswell authoritarian symbolized by the rise of the FN ... Shake it off, use in 1986, you get REFLEX Study Network, Training and Fight against the Far Right and Xenophobia , nasty little group ready to fight on all fronts: security measures, immigration, anti-fascism, national liberation struggles and social support for prisoners, anti-militarism, which reflected the interests of different "founders" as well as the political period in which this creation took place. Given the groundswell authoritarian, some no longer arose the question of what to do since 1984 and the first radical response against the FN in Toulouse, namely the attack against the congress that allowed the cancellation of the meeting Jean-Marie Le Pen. The emergence in this city of autonomous antifascist movement saying it was necessary to prevent the far right to express themselves paved the way for new ones, they are called SCALP (Section Bluntly Anti Le Pen) or CRAFAR ( Lille), Emergency (Lyon), CAF (Marseille) and they rely on libertarian ideas, Leninist or simply unclear. The newspaper REFLEXES had its place in this framework activist wanting to coordinate the various committees and groups of individuals. The twenty typewritten pages of this issue were reviewing a different axes of struggle: struggles against security laws, anti-fascism, anti-militarist and anti-racist struggles, call for support for the Italian refugee Orestino Dominichelli. From that first issue the European opening is already present with an article against the fight against the census in Germany. The other numbers are available year round in the same way, publishing numerous press releases from various associations. The number four in December 1986, enriched with 8 pages plugs into social movements, ie the fight against Devaquet project, hoping that this movement expand its targets, " the gradual opening of the movement of Other fields of struggle (...) such as the nationality code, the plan Chalandon, questioning the repayment of abortion, etc., continued (...) that the concerns of the so-called "new generation "students and students were not limited to the look and culture of video-clip . " In this issue stories and analyzes the first "violence, provocation and repression in the student demonstrations" and the first interview, one of the Anti-fascist Action English (actually a translation of Searchlight ). Please note the initiative of demand for women objector status (sic) of consciousness.

The year 1987 will be prolific with eight numbers (32 to 40 pages). In January the sticker appears in a star REFLEX early years, "This man is dangerous! "With the head of Charles Pasqua, broadcast to tens of thousands of copies and which had the effect of saturating a telephone line from the Interior Ministry. The first investigations on the far right are present in the form of an article on the Federation of Independent Business Police (one of our favorite Turkish heads) and on the far right university (another node our heads ... ). The model is still rough but the computer had already appeared. One senses in these numbers still relevant to the struggles of immigration especially for autonomous initiatives (collective "I am, I remain ..."), the other major concern is the police (especially on police violence), anti-fascism only appearing at the opportunity to interview local community Antifascist as Emergency Lyon (in the 7 April 1987), the case in Marseille and Lyon ( No. 8 May) or the Committee of Antifascist Resistance and Antiracist Lille. Also note the appearance in May 1987 from designs by Gil, who will sign the covers of REFLEX for years that this year "Revisionists: more cons! The Jews never existed! "And" My flu is Spanish, my numbers are Arab, my tops are English, my shoes are Italian and German is my shepherd ... I dare not open the gas to end: it is the Soviet! ". In the issue of November 1987 , re-releases of two: that of the Basque organization "Iparretarrak" and "the former FLNC" to protest against the proceedings against U Ribombu and against a magazine Basque North, Abil . " We believe that to publish texts from groups who chose armed struggle as a political tool can never be equated with an acceptance or support (for) those who publish these texts. Freedom of expression and information may not be restricted on the grounds that the publication of texts from these groups is an apology for their crimes, otherwise we may soon not have to publish that news texts from pharmacies or departmental or institutional . " The year ends with a special issue (No. 12) to forty pages with the National Coordination Antifascist created in Lyon in November and collective gathering of Lyon, Toulouse (Scalp), Lille and Paris. Solidarity initiatives are continuing with campaigns for the release of Jean Philippe Casabonne, "French Hostage in Madrid" or Roberto Gemignani, Italian activist threatened with extradition. More than twelve pages are devoted to the struggles of immigration and in particular the initiative Memory fertile.

In 1988, anti-fascism is becoming more important in REFLEXES : four one seven are devoted to Le Pen and the subject almost always opens the newspaper. Interview with a Redskin Scalp collectives of Bordeaux and Nantes, Lille, Reims, text analysis like that of Alain Bihr in the number 18 of September 1988, "Behind the Le Pen vote, the changing balance of class" , or "the implementation of the National Front in Marseilles dockers' ( 14 March 1988) also report many initiatives antifascist local, national or European (Congress antifascist, antiracist and anti-sexist Berlin). The skins (which are not yet called boneheads in Politically Correct) appear under "Skinhead (aid): give them a brain! ". The struggles of young people from immigrant backgrounds are also very present and the national liberation struggles (which is still not known by PC "resistance identity") in Kanaky, Euskadi and Corsica. The police keep the rope well especially in number in June 1988 with Case Black War, a police operation aimed at criminalizing the radical movement be it political or musical. It goes without saying that a second term Mitterrand does not upset with joy writing REFLEXES : " The victory of Mitterrand welcomed immigrants according to Liberation. For Kanaks, it meant at least one installation (sic!) in the gears of war colonial enterprise by Pons. Yet! Mitterrand in the debate with Chirac has been very clear: there will be no change in policy towards immigration and regarding the matter of Ouvea, himself gave agreed to the assault, even if he had asked as in the killing of Eloi Machoro that this be done with as few deaths as possible ... Mitterrand said he was in agreement with the Pasqua laws, even if he wanted to revisit some provisions ... ".

The year 1989 started on a campaign for the release of Pantxoa, " guitarist KGB, sentenced to four years in prison for throwing two Molotov cocktails on the shutters of a police officer responsible for the expulsion of his friend Luis, singer of the same group, and who spent his second Christmas in jail . " The thrust of the paper varies little: anti-fascism, which often adorns the front pages, struggles for national liberation struggles of immigration and anti-militarism. Note an opening of more and more European perspective, of course, about the far right but not only because we find numerous articles on the issue of political asylum. A special issue is also on Europe: "For an open and united Europe. Europe against an exclusion of racism and fascism. " " This building in Europe, though it will not remove the national states, will nevertheless a number of changes in our daily lives, in terms of rights and freedom. Indeed, Europe is the preparation of social control and repression. Central to this process is the issue of harmonization of legislation between the states related to the issue of the disappearance of customs barriers and wider borders. But this harmonization is prepared in a social climate globally disastrous economic crisis, development of casualization, restructuring, unemployment ... These social factors are reflected politically by a general rise of the extreme right in Europe, and more broadly by a rightward drift of all political . " This issue begins with the story of the expedition of the delegation of REFLEXES antifascist congress in Berlin: " You take five militant REFLEX (giving two hairy, shaved one, one and a deposit crÃteux presentable) you put in a suitable car (...) You choose a route allowing you to spend a maximum of border crossings, to test the best homogenization of customs customs (...) After traveling two thousand kilometers and above spent nearly eight hours to only border you finally have found that the surveys (cars border Ed) are in vogue, and also systematic deepening. You are almost wish the harmonization of legislation do that next time, the first who dig you give a good pass to give the following position ... "Do fearless REFLEX and Scalp Paris organized a demonstration on April 22 "For a European day of antifascist, antiracist and anti-sexist" event which will bring together Europe Square, 5 minutes from the headquarters of the National Front some two hundred people. The other campaign that will mobilize a large part of the Scalp in France will tour Geronimo to be attended among others Thenardier Ugly, Dirty District, ND, Brigades, Washington Dead Cats, the Kamioneurs Suicide ... There are still investigating the PNFE, skins, the AMP Fund ...

In 1990. Format change, REFLEXES goes A4, first rather modestly, as the No. 27 has 14 pages and is used only to subscribers. It must be said that the lean period had worsened. We do note in this issue as walking caravan for the release of Jean Philippe Casabonne which ended in Paris in early February by a lean event. After several years of anti-fascist mobilisations a balance was necessary especially since, far from diminishing, the scores of the National Front and racism were only grow. Where a record number achieved with anarchist magazine Black and Red , entitled "Anti-Fascist why? "( No. 28/29 , 60 pages). The balance is severe for the liberal anti-fascism but not only, and thus the collective Vanina Red and Black concludes his article "Antifascism: Remedy or poison? "" Speaking of "fascism" to describe the dynamics launched a movement against such improper FN is (...) and can even be embarrassing to the extent that the call to receive little historical references echo the opinion public. Also as it can cast a wide net, this label may mask the absence of political content in the message "antifascist" (...). Moreover, the need for policy clarification, as real as it is, is not peculiar to this "anti-fascism", which currently operates as a pressure group, is that of the far left in general, in search of alternative strategies and policies (...) as well as new forms of activism. (...) The policy clarification is necessary in the short term, under penalty of breath, because the functioning of signs of recognition and slogan never works long (...) radical anti-fascism, it must be structured as a political movement, if it is to really develop. It must also be careful not to "ghettoized" maintaining a defensive stance or letting confine (...) in the margins of society, rather it must "get out of its reserves" by adopting a different approach vis-Ã-vis from the outside. (...) Should be given to establishing new networks to reconstruct the social fabric and avoid everyone to stay in a bubble - that recreate another activism, especially in large cities, to encourage a greater dynamic range. Reinvest neighborhoods favor intervention on housing policy, for example . " The REFLEX group also gets its balance sheet in the article "radical anti-fascism, quesaco? "" the notion of local labor remains a problem. She previously lived on a dynamic development, and it is to consolidate it on the basis of achievements, but also in terms of opportunities to create. Two hypotheses emerge: either the field work is considered an occupation in ideological terms, an affirmation of its existence, and when this goal was achieved. or fieldwork is understandable in terms of ideological occupation, but inextricably linked to occupation and social policy: the ability of initiatives to weigh in the balance of power policy, to create networks of sociability-usability. In short, must be on the ground (themes and locations) chosen, either in terms of mobilization (quantitative) or analysis and perspective (qualitative), the sine qua non of genuine political autonomy

. " REFLEXES continues investigations on the far right (AMP Fund, PNFE, European New Order and a small new French the KKK) and expanding its contacts abroad (Dossier on Britain, No. 31 in the summer of 1990) . The appeal of Gilles Perrault "The time has come-offensive against" is published ( No. 31 summer 1990), but the initiative known as "Call 250" is quickly criticized ( 32 October 1990 ): " Ask the problem of anti-fascist struggle of a structural unity, united front, the Republican front, is not it putting the cart before the horse? The proposal of the collective unit 250 based on simple aggregations of organizations, is it not a failure consumed for many years? This is one reason that had seen the Scalp appear in Toulouse in 1984, and this is the total absence of responses to the fascist National Front and that gave birth to three years Scalps throughout France ... assertion of an alternative discourse and radical will he drowned by machinery politicians? It is up to us otherwise . " This year ends with a folder on the alternative rock that has ties to radical anti-fascist movement explained in the editorial of the issue: " Every month we organize a concert or two where music and politics mix to form an explosive cocktail. The groups we invite all have in common to have a different approach with respect to their audience, to introduce new rules of the game where the money would no longer be master ... In these concerts, the groups are not there "for animate the evening "or attract people to the bosom of some pharmacies politicardes, but because their concerns and their struggles converge with ours . " " In the 80s, the rock, which is not yet called alternative, was born, carried by the independent movement. Concerts were held in the liberated areas, factories squatted. With the arrival of the Left to power in 1981, militancy has declined ... The reciprocating movement has evolved towards greater support: self-released, independent labels, fanzines, reflection on the problem of distribution, etc. The alternative rock ... has played an undeniable role in the "re-politicization" of a part of youth, including his anti-fascist . "

In 1991, still lean to the magazine (two unlucky numbers), but nevertheless a very strong militant activity since REFLEX and other individuals and groups created the group "War on War" that will publish a weekly for a month, the aim being nothing less than " to break the war machine that has no other function than to strengthen social deprivation experienced by Third World peoples and also certain social strata in the West . " The number 33 of February 1991 revolves around issues of social control and repression as the main folder "East Side Story" is concerned about the rise of nationalism in the old democracies called "popular". The number following "From Le Pen in Cresson: France land of exile" ( No. 34 summer 1991) revolves around the situation in the suburbs of anti-fascism, police and the Gulf War.

1992. The year began for REFLEXES by the publication with the radio show Free Parloir a special issue : "the State Kills! Racist murders and security, "updating a brochure published at the end of 1986. The first section includes all cases where a policeman or gendarme shot or killed people with murder for each judicial action. The simple chronology from 1972 to 1991 which covers fifteen pages shows the impunity enjoyed by the "forces of Order." The booklet then discusses the role of justice and that of associations. After this special issue, REFLEXES resumed his habits: surveys on the far right (Circle the National Front, New strength, skins, New Right) but also reflection on the National Front, "Fascism or reaction," concluding that " the FN is not a fascist party, the historical sense, because it does not aim to propose a "new order", with totalitarian aims, motivated by revolutionary tendencies: on the contrary, he rather work towards a return "traditional values", and to stem the decline in which the French company would evolve now, so it is a reactionary or ultra-reactionary party (...). The problem is the rise of authoritarian ideologies and political and security, while the logic of social exclusion that the FN is a current that promotes this type of political choice, especially since it has allowed the opening of the ideological space legitimating, indeed! But for now, it is not in power, it is the Socialist Party for over ten years and manages to satisfy the need of capital, so that sets this company carrier exclusion effect order to secure and therefore authoritarian . " The group also agrees on the double sentence that is "the expulsion applied to foreigners after their prison", where many items, actually since 1991. International issues are also increasingly important in the magazine: " We reject the constitution of the world into three dominant economic centers: the U.S., Japan and Europe. It is a world where exacerbate competition between these three blocks, and on the backs of the South and victims of social exclusion in North and South. To this we must oppose the values ââof solidarity, equality, freedom, both North and South, but also advocate for the free movement of people and ideas "(editorial of No. 37 summer 1992). From that number one is created in the center section of the magazine entitled " REFLEXES Europe, "or sometimes" REFLEXES abroad. " Note from the November regular publication of No Pasaran! who wants to "reconstruct a network against the extreme right, the security policies and authoritarian", this will be regular monthly (which is unfortunately not the case REFLEXES ) and will resume gradually in fact one of the original roles of REFLEXES : make info-cons, and report on initiatives of collective struggle.

1993: REFLEXES struggling to find its form and its frequency is still erratic (three issues per year). On 38 February 1993 the formula is trying to open the folder that disconcert many readers. The first record would attempt "to address some aspects of citizenship." It is clear that opinions vary among different authors: Alain Bihr proposes to make "elements to meet the crisis of national identity", Luc Bonnet defines "citizenship as a tool generally negative" and Jean-Christophe tries reflect on what could be an "active citizenship". The rest of the paper is essentially devoted to the far right whether international or French. The formula file is dropped from the next number that comes on a magazine format that is still present: the opening remains in the investigation of the far right (the 'old fascists who rule us "and the beginning of a lengthy investigation into the far right and then at university in the No. 40 a survey of neo-Nazi mercenaries in the former Yugoslavia and the PNFE), Europe supplement, Police, Immigration and cons culture (interview with Assassin in the No. 39 , then the musician in the anti-fascist German J No. 40). Note No. 40 in an article in the mood "We do not eat antispÃciste not to kill animals," article that will run much ink (which is not even squid!), REFLEX even being the subject of a petition campaign and boycott. Yet the polemical tone of the article put his finger on a drift of the radical movement, " the antispÃcisme goes beyond the mere reporting of maltreatment of animals, and under the guise of good intentions, invents a new form of bigotry, creating a community where "viandistes" excluded and considered as the cause of all evil in the world . "

In 1994, the magazine continues its merry way, the covers and layouts are improving a number on the other. Investigations on the far right are becoming more sophisticated (to the chagrin of some of our readers who criticize us know when Le Pen has a fart through ...), surveys of castles PNFE, the NSDAP-AO and Operation Werwolf, the NR of SOS Bosnia, Jimmy Goldsmith, etc ... But a space for reflection also opens the magazine with articles on "dual society: end or dead end? "Alain Bihr or" Afterword TO FACE "Orestes Scalzone. Very involved in the anti-CIP in March and April 1994, No Pasaran network decides to issue a special issue "was always right to rebel", which takes stock of "nice to me in March." Exceeding the CIP, the work is analyzed and its function: " It seems obvious that in itself struggles against unemployment (demand the division of labor or work for job creation) are not very promising prospects. They are required to link up with those on all social aspects. In fact, one must include the fight against unemployment in the fight against exclusion, against the polarization of society ". The case also discusses local situations in Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Grenoble, Lyon, Tours, Poitiers and Angers then the attitude of trade unions, police and even the far right. At the end of the academic year, a local group of the Scalp of the University of Nanterre is at the center (with our comrades of the CNT-FAU) of a micro-Cyclone, "Case Watzal", which is made by the expulsion of a student activist in the German extreme right of a meeting organized by Professor Michel Korinmann on "Germanophobia, Germanism, Germany in question" and the case is absurd proportions by press campaign that develops against the local anti-fascists in the World and the BBC and in the right-wing press, and the support will accrue both to the University of mandarins and Watzal Korinmann, even the direction of University thinking some point to raise a disciplinary rule and references to the university. This case will resonate in REFLEXES No. 44 , "When the connections are dangerous."

1995, time of budget cuts affects new magazine that appears more than 28 pages and only three times that year, while No Pasaran appear 11 times and from 16 to 24 pages. This is ironically announced in the editorial of No. 45 : " After Liberation , REFLEX ! In the new format of 80 pages and are responding with an offer even more enticing: 8 pages less for the same price! We speak few of us in our editorials: but the variations experienced by our paper in terms of both content and layout and in terms of periodicity, deserve an explanation. We are trying for a long time to reconcile the requirements and financial requirements and editorial deadlines while trying not reduce the quality of the newspaper "while promising the end" of the REFLEX -Arlesienne "surveys (the FN and money The GUD, the fundamentalists, the AMP Fund, skins, hooligans in Europe, the AMP Fund (again!!)). Interviews with Roma Auzias Claire, on the case with Michel Guingouin Taubman, on Yugoslavia but also with Patrick Lecorre Raymonde Blecs and whites. We always find in the book of articles translated from Europe Searchlight or the Antifa Info Blatt . It is then that REFLEXES ceases to be the journal of the REFLEX group of Paris to become the magazine, hypothetically Quarterly, No Pasaran network.

In 1996, two numbers for the first months of this year: a special issue "face sexism, machismo, patriarchy ..." directed by activist (s) No Pasaran network is dedicated, as its name indicates , to sexism: " For some time, debates on sexism, machismo, patriarchy, homophobia, crossed our groups. The fight against fundamentalist cathos will install us equal relationships, the ras-le-bol of pogo macho concerts in the struggle of Algerian women, chiapatÃques or Tibetan, the need to develop our positions and a further consideration arises. Also need to know the history of feminist struggles, to question the patriarchal order and its relationship to the society in which we struggle . " After five months of waiting seems the No. 49 of REFLEXES devoted to "Xenophobia in power," which analyzes the anti-immigrant French. A double investigation in this issue, one of the Initiative and Freedom Movement and the other on policy i ntitulÃe "Clan of Marseilles."

1997 will usher in a period of uncertainty for three years during which only three numbers that come out. Yet, originally, there is no reason for this sudden degradation time of publication, the coffers of the network is also empty in 1997 than in 1996. But the troubles of the newspaper will be born of a simple change of model maker for No. 50, a change that would be completely ad hoc. Although Greek and very talented, the new model maker will also be very slow, he is overwhelmed by many activists work, resulting from multiple points of interest. Weeks, months will pass without a friendly pressure reaches to break the deadlock. The year 1997 will thus flow without any publication and therefore without any subscription or subscription renewal even, most readers believing the newspaper dead and buried, even though he had to go out to celebrate 10 years of collective REFLEX end of 1996. It will therefore not until 1998 that the situation is released, the layout hairy agreeing to pass the model he held hostage. The No. 50 is going to come out in summer 1998 in the context of regional elections in which the FN was a hit, but equally interesting articles that shabby (and for good reason): "As an Indian metropolitan ..." (10 years of radical anti-fascist struggle), "Cops in stock" and "Eurocops" (10 years of security policy in France and Europe), but 10 years back of the moral order, 10 of immigration policy ... This issue has, however, some investigations on the extreme right: the financing of the FN 1997 and the Nazi Black Metal, following the desecration of Toulon. The cover of this issue should be a target and the head of Jean-Marie Le Pen. But the fear of prosecution hid the target, leaving only the coil belching J.-M. Le Pen on the PS candidate in Mantes-la-Jolie, famous altercation in 1997 which cost him a 2 year ineligibility. The output of the No. 51 in October 1998 suggests that the magazine is distributed to a good start, especially since the quality is at the rendezvous, both in form and substance. The No. 51 is indeed no doubt one of the best of all. On the "margin", it also looks good to some individuals or marginalized groups of the French extreme right (Christian Bouchet, a few individuals of GUD 1990s, Eric Rossi and magazine Think & Act ) as to the world prison and internment. But trimestrialità is not to go and we must wait six months again to see out the No. 52. It appears that in June 1999 is published in a heavy, war broke out in Kosovo and the future seemed to be a flashover of the Balkans. The NATO intervention tears the far left and the libertarian movement in particular. Although this issue opens with two surveys of the far right ("Gilles Soulas, fye of easy virtue" and "Rock of identity, Rififi in Vitrolles"), most of the record relates to the war in the heart of the Europe with a view clearly pacifist record made ââ by a militant network No Pasaran working for years on Eastern Europe. But his irritation against the usual slogans of the 25th hour of Parisian leftists launched the controversy within the network No Pasaran and with some personalities of the libertarian movement. In addition, the coffers are empty and the network questioned the need to publish two magazines: No Pasaran and REFLEX . Finally, the split in the FN occurred in early 1999 gives the impression that some militant anti-fascism loses some of its priority. 1999 will therefore be completed without new number.

In 2000, some activists of the network, especially in the provinces but also in Paris, decided to recreate a new team to revive a REFLEXES new formula that is no longer a magazine but an anti-fascist magazine feature articles and reflection, deepening themes that No Pasaran would not have to deal instead. But some blunders and misunderstandings will quickly stop the project. Nevertheless, the work involved has not been lost since it will be published as a No Pasaran special issue devoted to agriculture. Still, the experience is lived as a failure by the No Pasaran network which then decides the summer of 2000 to withdraw from REFLEX , both financially and structurally. The title seems so doomed. But as a weed (some, less modest, would have raised the phoenix!), The newspaper will be reborn in the fall of 2000, following the stubbornness of some veteran members of REFLEX. Just this reissue will be made ââin a specific order not to "duplicate" with No Pasaran. REFLEXES new formula will therefore focus specifically on the movement advocating nationalist withdrawal and / or community as well as law enforcement structures in national or European level. The newspaper also retain its openness to the struggle against fascism in Europe, the continental dimension is fundamental. The No. 1 (53) is launched in autumn 2000 and autumn 2002, five issues have appeared thus respecting a biannual periodicity globally. The adventure continues!
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