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MAI Treaty Conference (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) Saturday, January 17, 1998 - Dallas, Texas

"We are writing the constitution of a single global economy" -Renato = Ruggerio, World Trade Organization Director General (WTO Singapore = Ministerial, December 1996) "Because the United States has a federal = form of government, many of the laws governing foreign-owned companies = are at the state and local level. If a balanced agreement that provides = the U.S. with access to substantial new markets is achieved, we are = prepared to bind the states and their sub-divisions, subject, of course = to Congressional approval." * United States Federal Government Paper, "Multilateral Agreement on Investment," 1996

What is the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)? The MAI Treaty = is a new international economic agreement currently being negotiated at = the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an = international body comprised of the world's 29 wealthiest nations. The = MAI is designed to ease the movement of capital - both money and = production facilities - across international borders by limiting the = power of governments to restrict and regulate foreign investment. The = MAI is based on the investment provisions of the North American Free = Trade Agreement (NAFTA) but the MAI amplifies these provisions and, = unlike NAFTA, which only applies to the U.S., Mexico and Canada, would = apply them worldwide.=20 What is the purpose of this conference? To bring the MAI Treaty to the = forefront of public discussion. To propose questions and to seek answers = to important treaty questions concerning national, state, and local = sovereignty, as well as environmental and human rights issues. Conference Information [LINK] (Click the SMU icon above for travel directions) Saturday, January 17, 1998 - Dallas, Texas Hughes-Trigg Student Center, 3140 Dyer Boulevard - Dallas (University Park), Texas 75275-0436 =20 =20 Invited Conference Speakers: Al Gore, US Vice President - Kay Bailey Hutchison, US Senator - Paul Wellstone, US Senator - Dick Armey, U.S House - Richard Gephardt, U.S House - Pete Sessions, U.S House - Marcy Kaptur, U.S House - David Bonior, U.S House - Peter DeFazio, U.S House - Dr. Pat Choate, 1996 Reform Party Vice-Presidential Candidate - George W. Bush, Governor of Texas - Garry Mauro, Texas Land Commissioner - Meg Lundsager - US Treasury-Trade & International Policy - Jesse Jackson, Rainbow Coalition - Lori Wallach, Public Citizen - Bob Stumberg, Professor of Law Georgetown University - Ronnie Dugger, Alliance for Democracy - Mike McCloskey, Sierra Club - Richard D. McCormick , US Council for International Business - Richard Fisher , Nominee Deputy US Trade Representative for Asia & Latin America - Dr. Ravi Batra, Professor of Economics SMU - Dr. Charles McMillion, President MBG Information Services - Don Hodel, President Christian Coalition Confirmed speaker Co-Sponsors: North Texas Alliance for Democracy, The Reform Party of Texas, Sierra Club of Dallas Regional Group, Dallas Peace Center, DFW Greens, Public Citizen of Texas, Concerned Americans for Reforming the Send Email To: Conference Chairman: Thomas J. Kemper tdolphin@onramp.net Conference Vice-Chairman: Bob Dennis rodennis@compuassist.net Press Information Julia Chaffe care@compuassist.net

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