(en) Proposal for National Day of Action January 2nd

Shawn Ewald (shawn@wilshire.net)
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 21:34:25 -0700

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/* Written 4:56 PM Dec 24, 1997 by moonlight in igc:reg.mexico */ /* ---------- "Proposal for National Day of Action" ---------- */ PROPOSAL FOR NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION JANUARY 2ND

Today Cecilia Rodriguez, Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine and a representative of Aguascalientes LA met with the Consul General, Jose Angel Pescador, at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.

The purpose of the meeting was to ask the Consul to respond to a set of four questions regarding Monday's massacre of 45 Indigenous people in Chiapas. Pescador was quick to admit that the incident was on of the worst in Mexico's history, but otherwise shared nothing new aside from what he had already shared with the press. Pescador was amenable to responding to those four questions as well as to transmitting other concerns and questions from other people in the United States and Canada. He said he was willing to speak directly to the Chiapas state government and Zedillo's government about expressions of concern and outrage from any individual and organization willing to do so.

Ms. Rodriguez , Mr. De La Rocha and Aguascalientes LA scheduled another meeting to be held with him on January 2nd where they hope to present a list of questions and a list of organizations denouncing the massacre. WE THEREFORE PUT OUT AN URGENT CALL TO ALL ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS TO BEGIN THE PLANNING AND ORGANIZATION OF NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION ON JANUARY 2ND AT EVERY MEXICAN CONSULATE IN THE COUNTRY. WE ASK EVERYONE TO PLEASE SEND THEIR PROPOSALS FOR ACTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

In spite of Zedillo's public statement, it is our belief that unless there is a continual outpouring of international pressure, massacres such as the one that occurred on Monday will continue. Although the Mexican government has lost a great deal of legitimacy within the international community, this does not signal a transformation of its political system which would necessarily deal with the existence of paramilitary groups. We believe that it is necessary to exert a level of international pressure which will bring the Mexican government to terms with its own internal corruption.

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