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The Internet Anti-Fascist: #49, Wednesday, 24 December 1997 ______________________________________________________________________


I just checked WebSideStory to see the latest results of the cybernazi "Internet Blitzkrieg."

Stormfront is still #1, averaging 606 hits a day, down 95 from last issue.

Nizkor has moved up to the #2 spot, gaining 85 to 451 daily visits. Meanwhile The Einsatzgruppen Archives (TEA) has bounced up ten places to #9 averaging 175, up 90 from last issue's 85.

However, the Delaware Klan dropped but is only one hit below TEA.

On a somewhat heavier (or lighter, note depending on how you handle such things) the BDSM group "Escape" is at #12 while the much vaunted White People's Web is at #15.

Don't forget to visit both Nizkor and TEA at:

<http://www.nizkor.org/index.html> <http://www.pgonline.com/electriczen/>

Stopping this "Blitzkrieg" takes you only a few seconds every day. Think of the far harder task that the earlier generation of anti- fascists faced in stopping the real Blitzkrieg.

You can also write to your friends and let them know the latest way to go after the cybernazis.



"The Bible condemns homosexuality. The Bible says that those who practice such things as homosexuality and bestiality are gonna cause the land to vomit them out.

"And ladies and gentlemen, with all the sincerity in my heart, I cannot understand how a group that claims only 1% of the population - that's the homosexual, the sodomite ---excuse me, that's the lesbians--- and 2% are the so-called homosexuals, the sodomites. How they can get control of the Federal government and use billions of taxpayer dollars to educate our children in this bizarre, anti-God lifestyle.

"And I want to say very sincerely, right now, that if the United States of America officially embraces sodomy, we will have done to us the exact same thing that was done to Sodom and Gomorra. It's just a question of when. All the pretty lifestyle we have, all the money, and all the riches and all the nice homes will be taken from us. Everything we have and enjoy will be stripped away from us if we as a nation embrace this.

"Now if that's what you want, if you want to lose everything you have and your family has, well just keep on doing it. But if you don't, then I suggest you turn back to what God says and please Him rather than offend Him. We've already offended Him with the Supreme Court. We've already offended Him with 35 million unborn babies aborted. And now we're offending Him with this thing He calls abomination. Now if that's what we want ---if we want to destroy America, our freedoms, and all of our money and the wealth we have in this country, well keep right on at it. No problem. We'll hasten the coming of the Lord, and that's the way it is."

-- Pat Robertson, the 700 Club, 16 December 1997

Well, well, well. Now, Pat is telling his wealthy faithful that they will lose their cushy life if they don't keep down those sodomites. They will lose "all the pretty lifestyle we have, all the money, and all the riches and all the nice homes...."

-- Henry Messer and Jeff Montgomery

- - - - -


Summertime, and if the living in the park isn't easy, at least the people there don't worry about heat. That isn't always the case, and the trash barrel fire issue has frequently been in the courts. Construction workers, with a warm place at home, have always had fires in the winter. The homeless had to fight for the same right.

New York is a city so lacking in common decency it spends money to deprive the homeless of winter warmth.

I observed this two winters ago. People would make a trash barrel fire. After five or ten minutes the various police would mobilize a flying wedge to put it out. You'd see a dozen unarmed park police, one of whom had a bucket of water. Four or five armed city police would accompany them.

Homeless activists--that is to say the homeless themselves would dump the embers on the concrete and run away with the barrel. Fires are easy to create; dry barrels are not. The bucketeer would douse the embers and the police menagerie retreated. Back came the barrel. People reached beneath sweaters and coats for cardboard. Others gathered wood. Fuel abounds in a gentrified neighborhood where buildings are gutted and rehabbed. Within two minutes a new fire was started.

The homeless couldn't be prevented from having the fires. They didn't throw bottles; they didn't fight with the police. They just ignored the city's wishes. They ignored them repeatedly.

My notes from that evening read: "Tis the season to see Dickens' Christmas Carol on television. We've learned to hiss at Scrooge, the heartless manager.

"Yet there was always immediate benefit to Scrooge's actions. He at least made money at the expense of the poor, the downtrodden, and the outcast. Today's city managers have gone beyond Scrooge in their heartlessness. They spend thousands of dollars on police overtime to extinguish people's fires.

"The city used to let pickets, protesters, and construction workers have trash can fires. They tried to ban them when the homeless also wanted to stay warm.

"Ebenezer Scrooge was a petty street vendor of nastiness compared to the corporate professionalism of the city's Parks Department this holiday season.

"There was instrumental reason behind the fire dousing. The homeless shouted epithets at the police and chanted various slogans. The most telling was also the shortest: 'Real Estate! Real Estate!'

"A decree went forth from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. We can thank God this Christmas season that Christ was born in the Roman Empire instead of New York City. The Augustus administration allowed the homeless poor to squat in mangers.

"Had Mary and Joseph lived under [New York mayors] Koch or Dinkins they would have been styled bullying anarchists. Yuppies would publish outraged letters about how the couple interfered with the rights of the stabled horses. Others would accuse them of running an illegal drug business (wine) in the stable. They'd avoid the welfare department, fearing their child would be taken from them as unfit parents. City police would tear off their roof. And park police would extinguish their fire.

"They still could, however, carry their straw into the streets and sleep, roofless, under the stars. Just like the homeless in Tompkins Square Park. Blessed are the poor."

Merry Christmas.

[The above is extracted from an article on Tompkins Square Park, originally published in _Downtown_.] _________________________________________________________________

-- tallpaul Fascism: We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.

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