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Have you heard that the US Secretary of Defense is planning to a further experiment with Anthrax Vaccine (implicated in Gulf War Syndrome) to be given to 2.4 million US Troops in 1998; $120 Million budgeted for this experiment on the lives of so many.......

Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote: >
> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 19, 1997
> Paul Mitchell Calls for
> Nationwide Civil Disobedience
> by All U.S. Military Personnel
> AUSTIN, TEXAS. Paul Mitchell, Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
> Candidate for Congress, and Private Attorney General in the cases
> of People v. United States et al., today called upon all United
> States military personnel to consider non-violent civil
> disobedience in the face of the anthrax inoculation being planned
> by the Secretary of Defense..
> In a brief but tightly worded NOTICE AND DEMAND TO CEASE AND
> DESIST, Mitchell gave the Secretary of Defense until midnight on
> the night of Sunday, December 21, 1997, to announce the
> Pentagon's commitment to suspend any and all such plans
> immediately..
> The evidence now published in "The Rockefeller Report," and
> in the testimony of U.S. Senator Don Reigle before a U.S. Senate
> Subcommittee, in addition to numerous other authoritative
> documents, provides overwhelming proof of criminal negligence by
> the Pentagon, in their administration of "investigational"
> vaccines on American GI's, covering a period of 50 years..
> The tragic outcome of similar vaccines given to American
> soldiers destined for the war with Iraq, has alarmed concerned
> Citizens all across America, including experienced constitutional
> experts, veterans now suffering from the syndrome of illnesses,
> other legal and medical specialists, and forensic pathologists
> who have studied the Gulf War Syndrome ("GWS"), as it is commonly
> called today..
> In particular, the Veterans Administration ("VA") does not
> appear to have developed any effective treatments for what has
> become a highly contagious epidemic of numerous interrelated
> symptoms. Many affected veterans have come away from the VA's
> facilities both frustrated, and convinced that these hospitals
> have been secretly ordered merely to measure the spread of GWS,
> but to do nothing else to stop its advance into the population at
> large..
> One anonymous activist has even concluded that the tainted
> vaccine shot into Iraq War veterans, was simply a first-round
> test, from which a concerted and covert conspiracy has learned
> what they wanted to know, and now intends to administer a new
> carcinogenic and neurotoxic disease that is contagious, virulent,
> and most probably fatal, albeit slowly..
> Carcinogens are cancer-causing substances. Neurotoxicity is
> the medical term for that attribute of chemicals which cause
> irreparable damage to the human central nervous system, including
> essential, autonomous brain functions..
> Such a tainted vaccine could permanently disable more than
> half of the 1.5 million men and women currently enlisted in the
> U.S. Armed Forces, both active and inactive..
> In related developments, a concerted research effort is now
> underway to confirm allegations, made on a private videotape
> several years ago, that the U.S. Federal Court of Claims has
> added a huge number of amendments to that Court's local rules, in
> anticipation of a massive increase in the number of wrongful
> death claims resulting from an unspecified government inoculation
> program. One lawyer on that tape even took note that the rules
> were printed on thin, onion-skin paper, in order to prevent their
> volume from being conspicuous..
> Mitchell is now planning to bring an emergency action to
> that Court, for compelled discovery of those rules and for a
> permanent injunction against the Pentagon, in order to buy time,
> and to raise public awareness of the massive biological damages
> which could result from inoculating all U.S. military personnel
> with another tainted vaccine. The U.S. Federal Court of Claims
> is not well known to the American Public, even among legal
> activists..
> Mitchell is asking all families of the men and women
> currently enlisted in the U.S. Military, to take a close and hard
> look at the massive amount of information already published and
> available on the Internet, before allowing the Pentagon to
> inoculate those personnel with an anthrax vaccine that may be
> tainted, deliberately. The Internet is a worldwide network of
> interconnected computers that are so easy to use, even children
> are now becoming proficient Internet "surfers."
> Mitchell is also planning a proposal to all manufacturers of
> contact lense solutions, to donate huge supplies of saline to the
> Post Exchanges ("PX") at all military bases, in order to provide
> local military authorities with an alternative, innocuous
> "protest" serum..
> Given the seemingly endless chain of corruptions issuing
> from the White House in recent years, Mitchell is confident that
> American military personnel, both officers and subordinates, will
> oppose the President and the Cabinet on this vastly important
> issue, and inject saline instead of a highly suspicious vaccine,
> made "necessary" only by political motives that are highly
> questionable and demonstrably treasonous. Congress has enacted
> severe penalties for violating the prohibition against treason;
> one of those penalties is death. Paul Mitchell is opposed to the
> death penalty, however, on religious grounds..
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