(en) Global Justice Conference Apr 3-5 @ Collge Park MD

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We gladly announce the 4th annual Working for Global Justice Conference on careers and activism in international development April 3 - 5, 1998 at The University of Maryland at College Park

schedule of Events:

Friday, April 3: Global Justice Activism and Getting Started in International Development Activism and Protest Rally in Washington. Films and Keynote session. Workshops include Job Tips, Interview Techniques, Getting Your First Overseas Experience, Employment and Volunteer Opportunities, Internships, and Assessing Values. Forum topics: Research Organizations, Multinational Development Organizations, and US Government Options

Saturday, April4:Working in International Development Panel discussions include presentations by international development professionals in various sectors including: Human Rights, Research and Academia, Engineering, Population and Family Planning, Relief and Refugees, Management, Public Health, Media, Microenterprise, Science, Environment, Banking and Finance, Democratization, and more. Other Saturday events include: Career Counseling/Resume Critique sessions, Workshops, and International Networking Session featuring numerous volunteer and development organizations, an International Film Festival, and a Hunger Dinner.

Sunday, April 5: Supporting Grassroots Development, Global Justice Organizing, and Student Paper Presentations Closing address by featured speaker. More panels and workshops on international development topics. Workshop activities provide participants with vital skills necessary for Coalition Building, Event Planning, Fundraising, and Public Relations. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to submit papers and critiqued in qroup sessions. Papers must address grassroots international development issues.

Comments from 1996 and 1997 Conference Participants: "Thanks for organizing this conference. Overall I'd give it an A++" "I definitely feel I got my money's worth - This conference is useful to many non-recent graduates!" "I made lots of contacts and got lots of informational interviews at the International Networking Session." "I have met some lifetime friends who share some common interests with me." "International Film Festival - excellent, quality, informative films. I'm so glad this was a part of the conference." "Keynote address by David Korten was phenomenal. Inspiring to hear from such an idealistic, articulate speaker."


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