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The Internet Anti-Fascist: #46, Sunday, 14 December 1997 ______________________________________________________________________

ANTI-FASCIST ACTION ALERT #6 East Timor Activist To Be Charged For Displaying Torture Photos

"Activist Vaughan Williams from the Darwin-based Australians for a Free East Timor is due to appear at the Northern Territory's Darwin Magistrates Court on Monday December 15 for publicly displaying pictures of East Timorese women being tortured by the Indonesian Armed Forces." See the press release and action requests/addresses at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story025.txt>

ANTI-FASCIST ACTION ALERT #7 Declaration of solidarity with Montreal anti-hunger activists

"On December 3rd, over a hundred persons participated in an action of the Committee of the Unemployed, Central-Montreal (Comite des sans- emploi Montreal-Centre). Their goals were to denounce hunger, and to voice their anger vis a vis elected officials who prefer to bow to the pressure of financiers. The demonstration took place in front of the Queen Elizabeth hotel after a group of persons went in to get food from the hotel's restaurant, which was then symbolically redistributed. ... the police intervened rapidly and with massive force. They arrested 108 persons who then spent between 13 to 20 hours in prison. For a political action, the police crack-down is one of the largest, and most spectacular, in Quebec history. <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story036.txt>



no author [Euskal Herria Journal] "New concern over attacks on Basque web sites," 12 Dec 97, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/new_news/igc_ehj/igc012.txt>

Denver/skinhead stories, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story026.txt> no author [Associated Press], "No Charges in Denver Confrontation: 'No charges will be filed against six white people arrested in a confrontation with a black woman who said they beat her in a convenience store after she asked if they were skinheads'." David Van Biema, "Rocky Mountain Hate: Denver is shaken by a rash of skinhead crimes. They may not be linked, but the fear is mile high," Time Magazine, 1 Dec 97.

David Crary, "Canada Hires Nazi Hunter: 'Criticized for lax efforts to pursue war crimes suspects, Canada appointed a prominent Nazi hunter from the United States on Friday to help bring aging Nazi war criminals to justice'," Associated Press, 12 Dec 97, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story027.txt>

Vatican/Nazi stories, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story028.txt> Francis D'Emilio, "Vatican Closes Nazi-Era Archives," Associated Press, 9 Dec 97. David Willey, "The Roman Catholic church has begun an examination into how Christian religious prejudices against the Jews may have fuelled anti-semitism during the NAZI era," BBC, 9 Dec 97.

no author [Associated Press] "French Rightist [Le Pen] Repeats Nazi Remark: 'Nazi gas chambers merely "a detail of history".'," 5 Dec 97. at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story029.txt>

Arlene Levinson, "[Straight Edge] Youths Swear Off All But Violence, Police Say: 'Straight Edgers use chains, mace and clubs to enforce their abstinent lifestyle. It takes place in school yards, at concerts and shopping center parking lots'," Associated Press, 3 Dec 97, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story030.txt>

Movie review and humor at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story032.txt> Carrie Gorringe, movie review, "Amistad: 'Eight years after Nat Turner dared to dream of freedom, fifty-three would-be slaves aboard the Spanish slave ship La Amistad (a Spanish word that, in the most savage of ironies, means "friendship"), led by one of their own, a man named Cinque (Hounsou), rebelled against their chains and slaughtered most of the ship's crew'," via nitrateonline.com, 12 Dec 97. no author [via Progressive Radio list], humor, "Senate Cool to Bludgeoning Treaty," rec'd 12 Dec 97.

BBC reports on Nazis in German Army, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story035.txt> no author [BBC World Service], "German army in Nazi scandal," 7 Dec 97. no author [BBC World Monitoring], "German Defence Ministry rejects Nazi dissemination charges," 27 Oct 97. no author [BBC World Service], "Defence minister admits neo-nazi extremism in German army," 10 Dec 97. Caroline Wyatt, "The German defence minister, Volker Ruehe, has been forced to admit the German army does contain neo-Nazi elements," BBC, 12 Dec 97.



This is the first issue that our regular readership breaks the thousand mark. It is difficult to estimate total readership since many readers send selected material to friends and associates; TINAF also goes out to several discussion lists.

I first want to thank all of the readers whose support has encouraged me to keep researching, writing, and publishing. I also want to thank my critics whose contributions helped produce a better, more easily read, electronic journal.

TINAF is still a very young journal and many new readers have questions about it and my editorial calls in the various sections.

TINAF is published for people who are explicitly anti-fascist. Not every article or pointer in TINAF is itself meant to be equally anti- fascist; rather I try to select them because they are likely to have a significance to a large portion of the readership.

Readers asked the difference between fascists publishing their documents on the net and TINAF having some of the same documents on its ftp site. The documents are there for the information of anti-fascists; they constitute intelligence or raw data on which anti-fascists can base an analysis and formulate their own anti-fascist policies. I utopianly would like to see everyone read _Mein Kampf_ as one part of a broad education about fascism; I oppose anyone reading it as the single work on how to make the world a better place.

Other readers have mentioned that not all of the Anti-fascist Action Alerts are directed against explicit fascism. This is true. I select material for the Alerts on the assumption that most readers believe the best defense against fascism in an ongoing offensive against the activism, history, politics, and philosophy in which fascism grows. Simple anti-Semitism is not fascism but few advocate abstention in the struggle against it for this reason.


-- tallpaul Fascism: We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.

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