(en) An Anarchist FAQ Update

i.m.mckay (cllv13@ccsun.strath.ac.uk)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 18:49:47 GMT

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Hi all

This is just to announce that the anarchist FAQ at


has been updated! There has been major revisions of sections C.4, C.5 and C.6 on Big Business, why it develops and its impact on society and section D (which is on "How does capitalism and statism affect society?"). Plus a minor update to section B.7 (what classes exist within modern society?") on the high levels of wealth concentration in society.

Also the links page has been recently updated, with over 300 anarchist and anarchist related links!

For a detailed, indepth discussion on anarchism, its ideas, ideals and history, the FAQ is the place to go. Find out why anarchists hate statism and capitalism and what we aim to replace it with.

Also, in the next month, expect to see new additions to the FAQ on "What do anarchists do?" within capitalist society.


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