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Urgent Action

In Lima, between the days 18 21 of November was stopped (in arbitrary,=20 illegal and unjust form), for agents of the DINCOTE ( "National Office=20 Against the Terrorism"), four lawyers: Ernesto Messa, Carlos Gamero=20 Quispe, Luis Ram=F3n Landaure and Teodoro Bendez=FA; they are isolated in= =20 revolting conditions=20

These lawyers for many years have assumed the defense of political=20 prisoners, as well as of shanty-towns, of unions and workers, of=20 relatives of detainee-disappearances, of relatives of political=20 prisoners in front of the genocides perpetrated by the Peruvian state in=20 the jails of maxim security, they have denounced the inhuman in more=20 than an occasion you condition to which they are subjected inside their=20 plan of isolation and systematic annihilation, they have defended to=20 other colleagues that they have also become political prisoners; Those facts have taken them in more than an occasion to that the=20 Peruvian State pursues them, too harass with surveillance and pursuit,=20 there is intrudes on their offices and homes making destruction and=20 pillage of their documents of work, they have been the object of=20 physical aggressions, of intents of kidnapping, of detentions; with a=20 clear desire of intimidating them, of impeding them that they continue=20 assuming the defense of the rights of the town

Carlos Gamero and Ernesto Messa have been members of the Commission of=20 human rights of the greater University of San Marcos, as well as=20 outstanding members of the School of Pleading from Lima; Luis Ram=F3n=20 Landaure has worked in form associate cases with APRODEH and with the=20 Reverend Hubert Lansier (member of the Commission Ad Hoc Law 26655) on=20 the situation of the children political prisoners in Peru; Teodoro=20 Bendez=FA assumed the Defense of shanty-towns as well as of Political=20 Preys of the jails of maxim security.

The Colegio de abogados de Lima it have denounced this detention in the=20 face of the Commission of human rights of the Congress, as well as in=20 the face of the public opinion, how part of the -fichaje- index card and=20 persecution on the part of the DINCOTE and of the Peruvian State of all=20 the lawyers that they have assumed the cases of accusing by terrorims,=20 existing a list of approximately 200 lawyers objects of this=20 persecution. This situation is a sample more than the violation of the=20 rights and basic principles that it have recognized the Peru inside=20 their internal laws like in International Pacts (right of defense, free=20 professional exercise, judicial independence, individual freedom,=20 between another).=20

We for this requested them that they send letters of solidarity to the=20 Peruvian authorities demanding the immediate and unconditional liberate=20 of the lawyers before noted, in support to the actions that comes=20 assuming the Colegio de Abogados de Lima.

1.- Colegio de Abogados de Lima. Dean Dr. Vladimir Paz de la Barra. Av. Santa Cruz N=BA 255, Miraflores, Lima- Peru. 2.- Commission of human rights of the Congress, Fax: (51-1) 4263201 3.- Commission Ad Hoc Law 26655 Srs. Commissioned Minister of Justice Alfredo Quispe Correa, Reverend=20 Hubert Lansier and Mr. Defensor del Pueblo Jorge Santisteban de=20 Noriega. Av. Nicol=E1s de Pi=E9rola N=BA 1065, 3er Piso. Lima 1, Peru. FAX: (51- 1) = 4=20 264900, 4 270519.

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