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Lyn Gerry (linjin@tao.ca)
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 08:11:24 pst

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Subject: McLibel documentary now available on video Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 From: One-Off Productions <oops@spanner.org>


'McLibel: Two Worlds Collide' is the inside story of how a single father and a part-time bar worker took on burger giants McDonald's.

Filmed over three years, the documentary follows Helen Steel and Dave Morris as they are transformed from anonymous campaigners into unlikely global heroes defending themselves in the longest trial in English history. Along the way they face infiltration by spies, secret meetings with top executives, 40,000 pages of background reading and a visit from Ronald McDonald.

The 52-minute documentary uses interviews with witnesses and reconstructions of key moments in court (directed by Ken Loach) to examine the main issues in the trial (nutrition, advertising, employment, animals, environment), as well as the implications for freedom of speech.

McLibel is not about hamburgers. It is about multinational corporations and the power they wield over our everyday lives. Worth giving up six years of your life for?

"A very brave film. The characters of Helen Steel and Dave Morris emerge triumphantly. No wonder the main TV channels dare not show it." - Ken Loach

"The trial of the century." - Mike Mansfield QC

Running time: 52 minutes Production company: One-Off Productions Ltd. Date: 1997

BROADCASTS Both the BBC and Channel 4 wanted to broadcast the documentary, but both were stopped by their lawyers. This is despite two independent media lawyers giving it the all-clear. It looks as though there will be no UK transmission. A reflection on the English libel laws and McDonald's power to influence the media? Probably.

Negotiations are under way with many other countries and details of transmission dates will be posted on the film's website.

WEBSITE Full details (inc. storyboards & transcripts) about the film are now available at: www.spanner.org/mclibel/

The whole film will soon be available to watch live on the website.

ORDERING (there is an order form to print at: www.spanner.org/mclibel/distribution/order.html)

Price: 12.99 (waged) or 9.99 (unwaged) Postage: 2 (UK), 3 (Europe), 4 (world) Format: PAL (UK) or NTSC (USA)

Please send a cheque for the total amount (in pounds sterling) made payable to 'One-Off Productions' (inc. P & P) to: BM Oops, London WC1N 3XX. Don't forget to indicate which format you require and to include your name and address.

LICENSING Any shops, groups or magazines interested in selling the video, please get in touch.

MAILOUTS Could we put our flyer in your mailout? Suitable subjects include: legal, environment, activist, animal rights, trade unions, nutrition/ food, freedom of speech, multinationals. Please get in touch.


For any further information, please contact:

Simon One-Off Productions Ltd BCM Oops, London WC1N 3XX. UK oops@spanner.org t/f +44 (1)71 681 0832

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