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Paul Kneisel (tallpaul@nyct.net)
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 22:30:21 -0500

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The Internet Anti-Fascist: #45, Wednesday, 10 December 1997 ______________________________________________________________________

ANTI-FASCIST ACTION ALERT #5 Wooden Shoe Books threatened by skinheads

Hello - I'm writing this on the road but just got news that Wooden Shoe, Philadelphia's radical bookstore, has been threatened by skinheads. On Sunday night/Monday morning, someone wheatpasted fliers reading "Death to Mumia" and white supremacist propaganda to our windows. A few days before this, the store received an anonymous phone call threatening to burn our "commie, nigger-loving store" down. The Shoe is located near South Street, where there have been occasional incidents of Nazi skins attacking people.

The white supremacist literature originated from the David Duke-style openly racist organization called the National Alliance. The "Death to Mumia" flier had a Minneapolis contact address for the "Death to Mumia Coalition."

The Shoe displays prominently in our windows announcements for the upcoming Peoples' Tribunal on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and a variety of announcements for other political actions in the city. We also display radical books, the variety of which are generally despised by neo-nazi-types.

It seems to a number of Shoe collective members that we're not dealing with an organized effort here, probably just a small group of amateurish boneheads. Nonetheless, we don't want to be entirely dismissive of the threats, especially since we're just re-opening after an unsuspicious fire that destroyed our store last February. We would appreciate advice from folks who have dealt with this kind of harassment before. Also any information on the groups I've mentioned above would be appreciated (size, history of violence, organizational attachments, addresses, etc.) ...

Please respond directly to my address - I've cc-d this message to a number of lists.

--In solidarity, Alexis Buss <alexis@netaxs.com>



no author [International Confederation of Free Trade Unions],"Child Labour On The Increase In Europe, Says World Union Body, 'Unacceptable exploitation of children is occurring in virtually all European Union countries'," ICFTU OnLine 25 Nov 97, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story022.txt>

"Religion and Culture of the Roma (Also Known as Gypsies, Rom, Rroma, Romani)," via: <http://www.religioustolerance.org/roma.htm>

no author [CNews], "Charges laid in demonstration against Gypsies [sic]: 'Eight people were charged Tuesday with promotion of hatred over a demonstration against Gypsy refugee claimants last August'." 9 Dec 97, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story023.txt>

Sonny Inbaraj, "[East Timorese] Women Covertly Sterilised, Says Report," Inter Press Service, 9 Dec 97, at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story024.txt>

"Christian Reconstruction, Dominion Theology, and Theonomy: 'Christian Reconstructionism is a belief that society, particularly in the United States, has seriously degenerated morally and religiously and must be totally rebuilt to Biblical standards'." If you are a bit weak on the potential of clerical fascism check this site, via: <http://www.religioustolerance.org/reconstr.htm>



Recent issues of TINAF have been strong on current events but weak on other areas. My own interests focus on the ideological character of fascism; to be strong in one area is to relatively ignore others.

To combat this I have assembled a series of anti-fascist analyses that cover additional areas of research and thought. I have selected them from a variety of locations on the anti-fascist spectrum and because they reflect some controversy.

"Buchanan & Fascism: A Serious Look" is a selection from the book _Eyes Right!: Challenging the Right-Wing Backlash_ edited by Chip Berlet and published by Boston's South End Press in 1995. The article was written by Berlet and Margaret Quigley; at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/anti-fa/afdoc001.txt>

Jean Barrot's "Fascism/Antifascism" is one of the more comprehensive works on the topic that reflect the views of the "left-communists." It is from the book Barrot edited titled _"Bilan" - contre-rivolution en Espagne_ originally published by Pirate Press and distributed on PC disk by Wildcat; at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/anti-fa/afdoc002.txt>

Bibliographical material for the book _Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience_ by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier is stored at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/anti-fa/afdoc003.txt>

The booklet was originally published in 1995 by AK Press and was downloaded in .html format from the Spunk Press web page.

Janet Biehl's essay "'Ecology' and the Modernization of Fascism in the German Ultra-right", tracing the development and presence of eco- fascist forces today is at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/anti-fa/afdoc004.txt>

Peter Staudenmaier's essay from the book--"Fascist Ecology: The 'Green Wing' of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents"--is stored at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/anti-fa/afdoc005.txt>

I selected the essays for their controversial character. But readers who think that Biehl and Staudenmaier are totally off-the-wall should consult "We Are -- Or Should Be -- the Real Greens" by then-openly cybernazi leader Milton Kleim at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/fascist/FD002.TXT>

In my web-search for "Eco" and "Fascism" I serendipitously discovered Umberto Eco's theses on "Ur-Fascism" in "Eternal Fascism: Fourteen ways of looking at a blackshirt," published in the "NY Review of Books" in 1995 and reprinted in abbreviated form by "Utne Reader." It is at: <ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/docs/anti-fa/afdoc006.txt>


-- tallpaul Fascism: We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.

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