(en) 30 november 1997

kurt svensson (ksvensson@hotmail.com)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 01:47:24 PST

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11 december 1997 stockholm hello, this message was apparently lost i cyberspace... sorry for the delay. -ks

1 december 1997 stockholm, sweden

30th of november i stockholm

the 30th of november is a traditional day of nazi and fascist activity in sweden.

on saturday the 29th of november circa 250 uniformed nazis participated in a concert and party in central stockholm. they nazis had booked a local under false pretenses at the social democratic coupled abf (the workers educational association) building. the abf official on duty at the time was shocked but the police forced the concert to continue as planned in order to "maintain order" in the city. many socialist organisations have protested abfs inability to come to action in this case.

on the 30th of november an anti-racist demonstration was held with circa 650 leftists in attendance. under heavy police control the demonstration went off without incidence. most noticable were the very large amount of hostile plain clothed policeman present in addition to the 180 total police in service for the days activities.

in the eveninng of the 30th a group of circa 30 older nazis and nationalists held a rememberance ceremony for their hero the warrior king karl XII at the church on the stockholm island of riddarholmen. this ceremony was under heavy police protection. anti-fascists documented the event.

during the evening and night rumours of nazis groups roaming the streets sent anti-fascists on patroling duties without an concrete results.

in the town of linköping where violent confrontations occured between nazis and anti-racists earlier this month the police made five arrests of anti-fascists in order to "maintain order". a group of 80 uniformed nazis were kept under observation but allowed to roam the streets unhindered. (971211 note: approximately one week later 5 000 demonstrated in linköping against racism - the largest anti-racist demonstrations held in sweden since 30th of november 1992 in stockholm and lund!)

all in all this years 30th of november activities were calm i comparison to previous years of the early 1990s.

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