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The Internet Anti-Fascist: #44, Sunday, 7 December 1997 ______________________________________________________________________


Reader Paul Harris responded with a list of e-mail addresses to whom protests can be sent in the case of Lanney College Labor Studies Chair Albert Lannon <avlannon@sfsu.edu>.

Albert J Harrison II, Chancellor, Peralta Community College District: <DSXG17A@prodigy.com> (Home) <aharrison@peralta.cc.ca.us> (Office) Earnest Crutchfield, President, Laney College <ecrutchfield@peralta.cc.ca.us> (Office)



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Elaine Dutka, movie review, "Nazi ties added to 'Tibet' character: 'In response to the recent disclosure about the Nazi party affiliation of the central character in TriStar Pictures' fall release "Seven Years in Tibet," director Jean-Jacques Annaud has altered dialogue in two sections of the movie'," Los Angeles Times, 30 Nov 97, at: <<ftp://ftp.nyct.net/pub/users/tallpaul/publish/story/story017.txt>

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The latest revelations about 1960s Pentagon plans to overthrow the Castro government read like a Bevis and Butthead episode written by Josepf Goebbels.

One proposal called for the U.S. to airdrop over Cuba pictures of an "obese Castro next to two shapely women." "Heh-heh-eh-heh-eh," said Col. Butthead while sitting in the Oval Office. "That will sure fix the Cubans' wagon."

Another plan, perhaps from Col. Bevis, called for the U.S. to airdrop valid one-way airline tickets out of Cuba. The projected costs of depopulating Cuba was not covered in current news reports. Of course any flood out of one country is also a flood into another. Pentagon plans specifically mentioned that the tickets would not be to the U.S. but to countries like Mexico and Venezuela.

Other plans had a more sinister character.

"One pretext suggested for attacking Cuba was to fake hijackings of American airliners," reporter John Lang summarized. "This complicated scheme recommended putting a group of college students on a charter airliner, having this plane rendezvous with an unmanned drone off the coast of Florida, landing the passenger-carrying plane at an auxiliary field and then shooting down the drone with U.S. warplanes pretending to be Cuban MiGs."

As an AP writer ominously noted "The paper did not say how the students would be persuaded to keep the secret."

The same info-warriors did not shrink from proposing that the U.S. commit felonies in the sky. Another plan was to selectively clog radio frequencies causing Cuban airlines to crash.

Nor were proposed acts of terror limited to the sky. The same planners advocated the murder of civilians in the U.S. in actions designed to blame pro-Castro "terrorists." Ironically, the anti-Cuban planners were prepared to "eat their own", for the proposed victims were to be anti- Castro refugees who had immigrated to Miami.

Piracy on the high seas was yet another Pentagon plan.

"The terror campaign could be pointed at Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States," said one document quoted by John Lang. "We could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized."

Readers familiar with the history of U.S. naval disasters leading to declarations of war should not be surprised that the Pentagon suggested another "Remember the Maine" campaign. They proposed to blow up a U.S. ship and use it as a pretext for a military attack on Cuba. Naval "vulnerability" has a long history in the initiation of U.S. wars.

It includes the:

impressment of U.S. mariners--War of 1812; attack on the naval base at Fort Sumter--Civil War; sinking the battleship Maine--Spanish-American War 1898; sinking the ship Lusitania--World War I; attack on Pearl Harbor--World War II; attacks on U.S. patrol boats in the Tonkin Gulf--Vietnam.

Perhaps some readers now ask themselves "As horrific as Pentagon plans were, what is the connection to anti-fascism?"

The first is the notion of the "banality of evil." The planners who could so genteelly advocate murder were not wearing the uniform of the Nazi officer or writing their memos in 1942 Berlin. They wore the stars of U.S. generals in 1962 Washington.

The second is the acceptance of international war crimes by then Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. There may have been no genocide in the planners' conspiracy but piracy, whether in the air or sea, has long been deemed a crime against humanity. So is planning an aggressive war as the International Tribunals at Nuremberg determined with full U.S. agreement.

Yet neither Kennedy or Johnson called for such a tribunal; nor did they convene courts martial or even call for the generals' resignations.

The plans were not developed by the generals out of a requirement of their Oath as "officers and gentlemen." Indeed, insofar as their formal duties required them to uphold the Constitution and laws of the U.S., the actions quite contradicted the Oath. No. The plans came from forces willing to commit war crimes to further their own virulently right-wing political agenda.

Such forces continue to exist in the U.S. and its armed forces today.



The reference to "racial monopolization" in the last issue should have been to "racial mongrelization." Dam speling chekkers!

The corrected version is: "The meaning of the 'dirt = disease' equation was covered in the last issue. Those who share concerns for 'racial purity' see the Gypsy as dark-skinned though not quite African. And if the immediate fear of 'racial mongrelization' does not develop when your daughter marries one, the 'Gypsy will steal your child'."


Administrative Matters

I recognize people's desire for security and privacy but also don't want to get blasted for stealing others' ideas or research. The "default value" when people write is to cite their communication as coming from "a reader." I am happy to print names and e-mail addresses; just tell me it is OK to do so as did reader Paul Harris above.


-- tallpaul Fascism: We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.

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