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Andrew Flood (andy@tao.ca)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 06:10:19 -0500 (EST)

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After a long discussion on A-infos-org (the collective that maintains the A-infos service) it was decided to offer A-infos subscribers the choice of what languages they receive posts in.

A-Infos will continue to be a list open to any and all languages but as a start we have set up a number of other lists to allow subscribers to decide what languages they wish to receive posts in. These lists are

a-infos-de A-Infos Deutsche News

a-infos-en A-Infos English News

a-infos-es A-Infos Noticias en Castellano

a-infos-fr A-Infos News Francais

a-infos-it A-Infos News in Italiano

a-infos-misc A-Infos News in Infrequent Languages

a-infos-pt A-Infos Noticias en Portugues

a-infos-sv A-Infos Svenska Nyheter

To take advantage of this new service you need to send a message to majordomo@tao.ca. The text of this message needs to start with unsubscribe a-infos which will unsubscribe you from the multi- language feed. You should follow this with a subscribe request for each of the specific language lists you wish to receive.

e.g. if you wanted French and English the entire text of your message would read

unsubscribe a-infos subscribe a-infos-en subscribe a-infos-fr

We strongly encourage the use of languages apart from English on A-Infos newsfeed. We hope that this language split will encourage subscribers who only read the less common languages on a- infos to get others to subscribe _and_ to post more news items in their language.

To maintain an awareness of the overall project each of these lists will all receive a daily post that lists the subjects of articles sent to the other lists. This can be retrieved through the web archive at http://www.tao.ca/ainfos/ainfos_arch.html

If you see an article you would like translated email a request to a-infos-trans with the subject of the article and the URl for it on the web page. If your lucky one of our volunteer translators may then translate it.

a-infos-misc A-Infos News in Infrequent Languages

This is a list for languages that do not yet have there own list, so we would encourage anyone who reads a language other then those listed above to subscribe to this list and to submit news to it. Once any language on this list become frequently used we will start a new unique list for it. However we are willing to change this arrangement if there are problems with it so feel free to contact us.

NOTE: To submit articles mail them to any of these lists. To discuss articles subscribe to a-infos-d@tao.ca by sending the message subscribe a-infos-d to majordomo@tao.ca

Anarchists who wish to help maintain the news service are welcome to subscribe to a-infos- org@tao.ca

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