(en) one activist imprisoned (Finland)

AKL / Jyrki Lappalainen (bozo@kaapeli.fi)
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 23:39:21

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One of the five activists that tried to raid the fur farm has been remanded in custody. She was imprisoned because the police suspect she rented the car they were driving. Three activists were freed until their trial. The 5th activist is still in the hospital, he was shot by a shotgun. His situation is not critical, but it's not very good either.

But we have to remember that the farmer DID try to kill the activits, he hit 3 of them, and he's still free. The police don't even know whether they'll charge him with anything or not. If they will, the charge will be "aggrevated assault", NOT attempted murder, what it should be.

There will be solidarity demoes all over the world, (in Sweden in 7 different towns, in the USA in 3 different towns, in Germany, England, Turkey...). The activists need all support possible, maybe you could arrange something too??

We'll publish the imprisoned activist's address (where she's being held) as soon as we know it. More info from the Finnish ALF SG: javuori@cc.helsinki.fi

Keep the pressure up!


Support Animal Liberation Prisoners - Write them a letter now -

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