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well...here i am in wonderful kingston again...shit iz fucked right up...elections have been declared to take place on dec.18 1997...the shooting has just gotten underway and nomination day is this monday...the murder count for this year so far has long since surpassed ANY previous record set in jamaica..including the grotesque elections of 1980 in which over 850 people were killed...so far this year the count stands at 942.

the cia has reped some benefits from all this of ccourse..the collection of fingerprints from over 1.5 million voters was carried out by a computer firm that does plenty of work for the pentagon. Needless to say that as a result, thousands have decided to remain unregistered..the voters list here is a topic of controversy ...every voter on the list is supposed to be crossmatched by computer but so far only 180, 000 people are crossmatched..this means that the voters list is open to the type of corruption that has traditionally plagued jamaican elections in the last two decades.

the candidates are once again edward seaga and PJ patterson...seaga , who is known for his ruthless gangsterism is preparing his constiuents for what may be the bloodiest elections this country has ever seen..patterson on the other hand is firmly in control of the police and army which routinely sweep thorugh neighborhoods with a type of ruthlessness that rivals duvaliers private forces..the "uncle knapsacks"...earlier this year, the police laid siege to arden gardens..more popularly known as TIVOLI ...and previously called "back-o-wall" until it was bulldozed by seaga to make room for the worst projects in kingston. for three days this last spring, the police and army engaged in a vicious street battle that saw no arrests but several deaths..icluding that of a six year old boy who lay sleeping in his bed when a bullet pierced his wall...and then his brain.

the current governent saw the loss of michael manley this year and recently, a councillor by the name of brian dixon was gunned down as he exited a church ..the fallout from that shooting has sparked both fear and anger from his party who seem convinced that the death of dixon was ordered by the serving JLP MP , karl samuda. apparently, everyone knows the men who did the killing but noobody is willing to report them in a country that is often controlled by steet justice...

nomination day is this monday the 1st of december and it is expected to be violent. on nomination day, people "flex" in the streets in order to intimidate and fight down their opponents... tribalism is still rampant even though the DONS or Community leaders (many of whom are drug lords) no longer rely on their local politicians to provide them with firearms. in jamaica, coca-colonisation has had more consequences than the new crop of McDonalds resturants that are all over kingston...another such consequence is the prevalence and availabilty of some serious high powered weaponry...children as young as ten are sometimes seen riding in their bicycles in the inner cities with M-16 rifles propped up on their handlebars...shit is crazy. as a friend of mine told me recently "guns down yah like watah." And that aint no idle hype.

so...everyone here braces is bracing for the next three weeks which promise to be pretty intense...pressure is showing on the faces of everyone and an atmosphere of caution has taken over...the tourists stay safely tucked away in places like Sandals and the Jamaica Grand, while just outside the gates, the cauldron gets ready to blow its top...

Stay tuned...Live from Kingston Continues...

" THe MiNd iZ a TerRiBle ThiNG to TaSTe" ----AfFLicTEd 1997---------------

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