(en) Free Sheila

Robert Cherwink (rc@vom.com)
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 12:38:41 -0800

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>Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 16:14:54 -0500
>From: Aron Kay <pieman@queenbee.net>
>Reply-To: pieman@queenbee.net
>Subject: Free Sheila
>Shafcar@aol.com wrote:
>> aaron:
>> thanx.
>> Here's the information as i have it.
>> Sheila Shortell was driving a vehicle in a small caravan heading through Utah
>> for Arizona and Thanksgiving. They all stopped in Nefi (sp?) Utah at a truck
>> stop.
>> They noticed bright shiny police cruisers watching their vehicles. When they
>> left
>> Sheila's car was stopped for having a "cracked" tail light. A susequent
>> police search
>> located a small amount of cannabis. Sheila was arrested.
>> She was charged with possessing three pounds.
>> Sheila has been a rainbow medicine woman, an herbal healer, for years.
>> Sheila feinted at her arraignment and was confined to the Utah State hospital
>> in Provo for thrity days observation. She is not allowed to receive phone
>> calls except
>> from family.
>> Her social worker is Dick Bruno, his phone number is 801/344-4427.
>> He may be able to clear/arrange phone calls.
>> Sheila's address is Sheila Shortell
>> P.O. Box 270
>> Provo, Utah
>> The payphone number in her ward is 801/373-9159.
>> Sheila is my friend and has been a dear friend and travelling companion of my
>> families close friend Victor. They have been with the rainbow nation a long
>> time.
>> As of now Victor has approached the ACLU and the rainbow legal liason has
>> been notified.
>> Sheila needs help and spirit lifting.
>> please get this across the rainbow!
>> Frank


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