(en) Urgent information: Animal rights activists shot!!!

EVR TR (blindeye@sci.fi)
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 15:04:18 +0000

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6.12., early at Saturday morning four (or possibly five, the information we have at this point is not too exact yet) animal rights activists were wounded by a shotgun, used by a fur farmer in Orimattila, southern Finland. One of the activists is still in hospital, but there is not much information about his condition. However he has been transferred to another, bigger, hospital so he is not propably well.

The activists were walking around the fur farm, it is not sure if they were ALF activists or if they were just trying to take photogtaphs, etc. The activists were shot before they got inside the farm (it is not even sure if they tried to get in).

According to our knowledge, the farmer did not give any kind of warning signal. The farmer first shot the activists once and then started to run towards them shooting dozens of times. We have not much knowledge about the farmer, he is propably under arrest, but it is also propable that he was heavily drunk when the shooting happened and this can dramatically reduce the punishment the farmer will (?) get.

It is very propable that the farm was owned by Make Kuisma. The same farm has been raided three times before this (although, it is not sure, if this was to be a raid).

The fur industry is very Finnish-like animal rights problem. Finland is the biggest blue-fox-producer in the world although this is a small country. This is why there’s been much discussion about the subject and the Finnish ALF has been very active raiding fur farms.

We hope to get your support. Demos near the Finnish embassies would be a great sign of solidarity. If any demos are organized, we would be happy to know about them, so please contact the (e-mail)address below. If possible, please organize the embassy-demonstrations at wednesday 10.12. We here in Finland will do lots of media work for that day.

The solidarity work is now done by Oikeutta Eläimille, the radical grassroots animal rights organization in Finland, but the work will propably be transferred to Finnish ALF support group, if it shows that the action was an ALF-action. Anyway, the addressess below will work in the future as well, because the people behind these organizations are mainly the same.

Oikeutta Eläimille! PL 362 00131 Helsinki Finland

Phone: +358-9-685 7725 +358-422-364 794

email: javuori@cc.helsinki.fi


After writing this text, we just received information that this was to be an ALF hit. The animals were to be colored with harmless ink to reduce the price of their furs. The solidarity campaign will be continued by ALF SG.

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