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Martha Cody-Valdez (mcody-valdez@descartes.ucsb.edu)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 14:13:49 -0800 (PST)

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------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 13:33:34 -0800 (PST) To: andres.jimenez@ucop.edu (Andres Jimenez), alaver@uclink4.berkeley.edu From: Joan Lichterman <joanl@uclink4.berkeley.edu> Subject: UC Berkeley conference on Human Rights and Labor Solidarity: Working in the Pacific Rim

From: Fran Schreiberg (Worksafe! Northern California) Subject: forwarded e-mail Jacob A Ely at UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education >
>Please pass this CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT along to all interested parties.
>Human Rights and Labor Solidarity:
>Working in the Pacific Rim.
>On January 29-30, 1998, UC Berkeley's Center for Labor Research and
>Education will host its second annual global conference entitled: "Human
>Rights and Labor Solidarity: Working in the Pacific Rim."
> The conference will bring together labor leaders from the US, Thailand,
>Burma, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand with human rights
>activists and academics to discuss the causes, problems and solutions of
>worker repression in the Pacific Rim.
> The conference plenary sessions will focus on Globalization And The Effects
>Of Worker And Capital Migration. Invited speakers include William Greider,
>author of One World Ready or Not, Barbara Shailor, International Affairs
>Director for the AFL-CIO and Sidney Jones, Executive Director of Asia Watch.
>Other conference sessions will explore issues of Child Labor And Women
>(with a representative from a women's union in Thailand); Repression Of
>Trade Unionists (with Rekson Silaban, International Affairs Director for the
>Indonesian Prosperity Trade Union ) and The Rise of Independent Unions (With
>Young-Kil Kwon, Leader of the Korean Congress of Trade Unions). The Closing
>plenary sessions will look at some Labor Solidarity Campaigns and the
>possibility for inter-union concerted bargaining and political activity.
>Examples will include representatives the NIKE and New Otani campaigns, the
>SBSI campaign in Indonesia and the work of the KCTU to build an opposition
>movement to the South Korean government.
> This two-day meeting is an opportunity for human rights activists, labor
>leaders, union members and academics to work together on new theoretical
>approaches to globalization and also to work on real strategies for
>addressing human rights and labor issues in the global economy.
> The conference will cost $25 for two days ($10 for students). The
>conference will be held at the International House on the University of
>California at Berkeley campus. For a conference registration form, contact
>the Labor Center at 510-642-0323.
>Co-sponsored by: Center for South East Asian Studies, Center for Korean
>Studies, Institute of Industrial Relations, UCB, Labor Center UCLA , Labour
>Market and Regional Studies Center, International Business Institute,
>University of Woolongong.
>Jacob A. Ely
>Center for Labor Research and Education
>University of California, Berkeley
>Office: 510-642-0323
>Fax: 510-642-6432


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