(en) Class war in Israel.

Ilan shalif (gshalif@netvision.net.il)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 22:00:21 +0200

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Class war in Israel is intensifying The neoliberalism stage of capitalist class society is still multidimensional.

The secretary of the invigorated general trade union of the Israeli workers explained/declared the general strike of the 700 thousands workers of the non private sector. (Governmental and municipal - About 40% of the wage slaves.) Though the majority of the working class are influenced by the more chauvinistic trend of Zionism, class war is still going on. One of the probable results of the heightened class war will be the lessening of support Jewish working class persons give to the settler colonization efforts of the the more reactionary parts of the ruling class.

Few main factors are responsible for the inflammation of the class war.

1) The call of the extreme left of our tiny bit of organization in its first paper - 35 years ago for independent trade union materialized in the last few years.

(The communist party wanted to "revolutionize" the Zionist pseudo trade union of the Jewish workers - the "Histadrut". Our organization called for dismantling the so called workers economical politico economical conglomerate, and building a real trade union of the workers of the country. The "Histadrut" was mainly a economical super cooperative tool for settler colonization in palestain till 1948 and then in Israel, both in agriculture settlement and industry. It was interwoven with the Zionist government and its various political endeavors. It was managed by the bureaucracy of the national socialist movement[s]. It also had a trade union department to serve it.)

When the pro capitalist populist "right" took power took the government at 1977, it gradually destroyed the economic base of the national socialist movement. As a result, the pro trade union section of the bureaucracy, with the help of bureaucrats and activists of workers councils of the biggest working places took over. They accelerated the dismantling of the "Histadrut" conglomerate and started to rebuild the organization as trade union.

2) As part of the neoliberal assault on the working class all over the world, the government tries to cut pensions, social services, freedom of strike, workers rights, etc.

3) The conflict between an eager to prove itself trade union bureaucracy and the neoliberal assault on the working class inflames the class war and ignited the militancy of the working class.

Ilan Shalif

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