(en) Nov. 25 - rally at ubc - some thoughts

Sierra Club (sierra@vcn.bc.ca)
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 17:34:34 -0800 (PST)

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Hi Katja. Good to hear your report. At the main mall I got a handle-bar in the abdomen when the fence started coming down. Caught a whiff of the pepper spray and stumbled back. When the police declined to arrest any more, the rally broke up to various road exits. I went to the Chancellor Boulevard action. I heard the Southwest Marine Drive action was breached and when the police started leaving a half an hour later, I realized it was over.

It seems the efforts were anticipated and the results not entirely in our favour. The fence came down too easy and the pepper spray came from everywhere. I was on the leftside two or three people back and was shocked and backed-off. It was good to see the rally end in a safe, peaceful manner and not end with the distemper of some hotheads who didn't understand. Fact is, these actions of civil disobedience are a call to unite. It was not necessary and undoubtably foolish to try to bring the fence down. I don't know the people up front that escalated to bringing the fence down, but would like to channel that enthusiasm into more tangible results. If the fence would have come down, the people would have been boxed and the riot squad was parked by the building on the left. I think the action was to be more symbolic - so we take the moral victory which I feel is not a complete as it should have been.

That said, I'm so gratified and inspired by the events of the past week. Managed to get alot of video done, Went to a heck of a fundraiser for community media, met many great souls in waiting and even managed to pay the rent. In time, some people will stay the revolution grew stronger and wiser over the past week. The rally at UBC was certainly solidarity building and was a fitting finale to the week. One thing I found was alot of confusion but that's what happens when the walkie-talkies get stolen by the folks who are suppose to be protecting us. My concern is for Jaggi and those arrested. Going to be at the Boycott $hell rally at Broadway and Arbutus on December 5 at 4:00 pm?

I would say the UBC action did well in the media, but that too will fade from memory. It's important that group and capacity building continue. Thanks to you, Jaggi and the APEC-ALERT group. I admire and am inspired by by your spirit and action. I'm off to Saturna Island for some hot-tubbing. Take care. anon Sid Tan

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