(en) Toronto Makes George Bush Feel Like He's In Baghdad

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Thu, 27 Nov 1997 16:32:31 -0500 (EST)

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--/\-- Toronto Makes / / \ \ George Bush ---|--/----\--|--- Feel Like \/ \/ He's In Bagdhad /\______/\

Toronto - Nov 19 1997

during the fall in toronto, the univeristy decided to grant an hourary doctorate degree in laws to convicted war criminal george bush. his convocation was met with a loud and militant protest, demanding his arrest, and justice for the peoples of the world.

media quoted the attendance at the demo between 400 and 4000. whatever the number the community of resistance had come out in force. banners, pickets, signs, costumes, drums, whistles, and many bodies had come out in the toronto cold to participate in a drama that continues to unfold.

the police had setup barracades creating a perimeter around Hart House, the building hosting the ceremony. protestors had gathered at all sides to chant down the building, the participants, and anyone else who cared. a great deal of frustration and pain was directed towards the suits on their way inside, the vibe was that people had had enough. they were'nt going to take it any more.

30 minutes into the event, a procession of 4 skull faced uncle sams on stilts began to approach the demo. they were composed of 2 cops, a shepherd, and a drummer, all herding in the peoples of the world, symbolic representatives of the victims of george bush's actions and policies. the sams were beating and abusing the people, until one by one to the rat a tat tat of the sam's drum, they are each laid to death, as part of the ritual of amerikkka. this continued until the very last was standing, whereby instead of falling, she fought back, clashing symbols, and raising the dead, rallying the many against the tyrannical few. down came the uncle sam 4, and up went the people, celebrating and dancing the victory for democracy.

as the theatre concluded, many, if not most of the participants in the demo realized that audience they were not, rather actors in history were they. and with renewed passion and fury they surrounded the limos and security forces who dutifully stood by.

as old boys left the building they were pelted with snow balls, forced back inside by a constant barrage of well packed wet snow. how could the police and secret service fight back against canadian snow? although they tried with their horses, in the end they could do very little, surrounded by cameras, outnumbered and outflanked by protestors, the leaders of the continent had to sneak out through the back kitchen.

for the movment itself is demonstrating 'the snow ball effect'. as the elite consolidates and becomes global, the resistance and opposition to them grows exponentially. local groups are active in every continent in the world resisting the global ruling class and demanding true democracy and rule by and for the people.

the main targets of the demonstration: george bush, brian mulrooney, mike harris, peter munk, and robert pritchard, all got out of the building with out any harm.

geroge bush received the honorary degree in connection with peter munk's donation of nearly $7million dollars to the new peter munk centre for international studies, a free trade policy play pen for neo-liberals and neo-conservatives alike. brian mulrooney, mike harris, and robert pritchard, are all just men who were lucky to escape.

geroge bush, a spook of spooks, has appeared in many human attrocities and genocidal wars, both covertly and overtly, over all continents, to all peopes, over the last several decades. the university of toronto choose to honour him with a degree because 'he won the cold war'.

organizers in toronto plan to continue efforts to oppose the global corporate agenda of privatization, trade liberalization, security and surveillance by confronting power wherever and whenever it appears. the george bush confrontation was a good festival of resistance by and for the people. george bush was later quoted in the nightly news as saying he 'felt like he was in baghdad' commenting on the level of protest. he then went on to comment how he thought 'mike harris is doing a good job in ontario'.

For pictures of the demo see: http://www.tao.ca/earth/damn/bushoff.html

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