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Shawn Ewald (shawn@wilshire.net)
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 11:34:55 -0700

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[The following information was provided by the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers, which is directing international solidarity efforts in support of the Han Young struggle. To receive a Hyundai action packet, email labor alerts or other information, contact Campaign for Labor Rights - see contact information, above.]

This alert has two new items: 1) Han Young hunger striker taken to hospital 2) U.S. activists to organize one-day solidarity fast 3) Hyundai hires new PR firm This alert also repeats the suggestions for action listed in our most recent alert.


One of the Han Young hunger strikers had to be taken to the hospital on Monday, November 25, due to anemia and dehydration. He will follow doctors' advice not to continue the hunger strike. The fact that Miguel Angel Meza required emergency medical attention four days into the hunger strike reflects the precarious status of workers throughout the border region, where real purchasing power is only one-third of what it was less than four years ago. In very real terms, to be a working person in the maquiladora sector is inherently to be on a partial fast. The remaining three hunger strikers meanwhile are continuing their juice-only hunger strike.

Just as Angel Meza was being rushed to the hospital, Teran Teran (Governor of Baja California, which includes the Tijuana area) was welcoming potential Asian investors to a meeting in his office.


Human rights advocates in Eugene, Oregon are planning a one-day fast in solidarity with the Han Young hunger strikers. They plan to use the occasion to build community support for the workers' struggle to gain government recognition of their independent union. Activists in other communities are urged to consider organizing similar events. It would be especially helpful to have the participation of local clergy and laity.


Hyundai Precision America has hired a new public relations firm in response to the struggle at Han Young. A representative of the PR firm already has intimated that one option for Hyundai to try to solve its PR problems would be to sever its contract with Han Young. We need to send a clear message to Hyundai that cutting and running from Han Young will only increase Hyundai's public relations problems. The boycott of Hyundai Motors will continue until the Han Young workers have justice.



Monday, December 1 will be a national call-in day to Hyundai Motors. Call Chris Hosford, National Manager of Government Affairs and Public Relations for Hyundai Motors USA, (714) 965-3470. Emphasize that the workers will have been on an hunger strike for 12 days by that point and this is giving Hyundai an image nationwide of blatant disregard for human life. If you get a machine, please leave a message expressing your concerns. Sample message:

I am calling to express my concern about the treatment of the Han Young workers near Tijuana, Mexico. These workers receive less than $1 per hour doing dangerous work such as arc welding, for which they are not provided even the most basic safety equipment. The Mexican government and Han Young management continue to deny them the right to be represented by the union of their choice. The Han Young factory where these workers are employed produces exclusively for Hyundai. Under Mexican law, that makes Hyundai responsible for violations of these workers' rights. I intend to support a boycott of Hyundai Motors until the Han Young workers are represented by the union of their choice. I'm telling my friends and associates about the boycott of Hyundai Motors.

Hyundai spokespeople may seek to distance Hyundai Motors from the Tijuana operation, Hyundai Precision America. The following information is relevant to that issue:

The Hyundai plant near Tijuana makes tractor trailers. Hyundai Motors and the Tijuana plant are both part of the same Hyundai corporate structure. The various divisions of Hyundai work closely together in financing and other aspects of business. The president of the entire Hyundai conglomerate used to be in charge of Hyundai Precision America and was in Tijuana in recent weeks, meeting with management of Hyundai Precision America about the Han Young situation. Also, his son-in-law, Ted Chung, is the current president of Hyundai Precision America.


Saturday, December 6 will be another national day of demonstrations and leafleting outside Hyundai car dealerships. Please organize actions in your community. We especially encourage the building of local coalitions including peace & justice, labor, students and other concerned citizens. If there is a Korean American population on your campus or in your community, it would be helpful to meet with representatives of local organizations, to explain the basis for the Hyundai boycott. In all outreach, please clarify that nothing in this struggle should be construed as anti-Korean.

Concerned citizens, especially clergy and laity, might consider doing a one-day fast on December 6 in support of the Han Young hunger strikers and in coordination with local demonstrations.


1) Call your local Hyundai dealerships today. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Auto Dealers - New Cars." See the sample statement under "National Call-In Day."

2) Continue to organize leafleting at Hyundai dealerships on any dates which meet local needs. Leaflet masters are available in the Hyundai action packet. If your city has an upcoming car show, this would be an excellent venue for leafleting. You might want to call ahead to determine whether Hyundai will be an exhibitor at the show in your community. Remaining 1997 car shows:

Anaheim, CA: November 22-30; Convention Center; (800) 345-1487. Phoenix: November 26-30; Civic Plaza; (800) 345-1487. Orlando, FL: December 3-7; Convention Center; (800) 345-1487. Washington, DC: December 26-January 3; Convention Center; (301) 670-1110. Indianapolis: December 27-January 4; Convention Center; (317) 266-8455.

3) Organize a delegation of clergy and laity and progressive local business representatives (people in suits) to schedule a meeting with: the management of Hyundai dealerships and, if your city has any of these: administrative offices for any division of Hyundai, a Mexican consulate, a Korean consulate.

4) If there is a Hyundai administrative office in your city, please organize a leafleting action when employees are likely to be entering or leaving the building. It would be helpful to include in your leaflets an invitation to Hyundai employees who feel that they have been unfairly treated by the company to come forward with their stories. Give a local contact number for Hyundai employees to call.


Religious leaders and representatives of human rights groups are asked to come to Tijuana to visit the hunger strikers and then to carry their testimony back to U.S. communities. These are to be working delegations. Clergy will be meeting with their counterparts in Tijuana to urge them to contact the governor of Baja California. Catholic clergy are especially urged to come. Participants will have to pay their own transportation to and from San Diego. Costs on the ground will be negligible. If you are considering participating in such a delegation, call the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers to make arrangements: (619) 542-0826.


"Boycott Hyundai" bumper stickers!!! Printed in a union shop, with the union "bug."

$1.00 each or $6.00 for 10. Add $2.50 per order for shipping and handling. Order from:

Labor/Community Alliance P.O. Box 5077 Fresno Ca 93755

If you have questions about the bumper stickers, call (209) 226-0477 or e-mail CLR2@igc.apc.org.


Han Young management have fired 12 workers because of their union activities. The workers and their families immediately lost their medical coverage. The week before one of the workers was fired, his wife was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She urgently needs medical care. Due to local anti-immigrant sentiment, there is little hope for her to receive pro bono health care in San Diego. The mother of two brothers who were fired needs heart surgery. If no-cost health services can be provided by a hospital in your community, please contact the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers at (619) 542-0826.

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