(en) Anarchists ska-punk band is planning a tour

David Pickard (amedia@tnet.cz)
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:13:27 +0000

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Anarchists punk band "The Tone" (with members of Schwartzeneggar and Thacher On Acid) is planning a tour around Germany in start of April 98. Please if is there anyone who can help with orgenise their gigs to contact me directly <amedia@tnet.cz>.

Their dates we would like to do around: 30.3.98 Leipzig 31.3.98 Berlin 1.4. 98 Hamburg 2.4. 98 Hannover 3.4. 98 somewhere back - near Czech borders

I need help with their promotion there a lot so please put this information if you know someone. Otherwise if there is someone who would like to organise some gigs their band in Prague contact me too. I hope it can help.

Thanks a lot. David Cechura / Voice Of AnarchoPacifism A-Production

mail me: <amedia@tnet.cz> phone me: +420 02 5819503 fax me: +420 2 5814910 http://www.czechia.com/amedia/index.htm http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/1650/index.html

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