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EcoNet / Alerts Archive November 20 - November 24, 1997 http://www.igc.org/igc/econet/index.html

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Alerts Archive November 20 - November 24, 1997 Letters Needed: Wyoming Bison Under The Gun Venezuela's Indigenous Peoples Appeal For Support Snowmobile Trail Closure In Yellowstone Needs Support President Signature On Interior Bill Major Blow To Environment

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November 20 - November 24, 1997

Dangerous Nuke Waste Shipment From France Cloaked In Secrecy

Update On 10 Citizens Arrested For Protesting Cassini Project

Forest Service Fails To Protect Kalmiopsis Wilderness

UK's Top Nature Organisations Call On Govt To Protect Wildlife

Southwest Center Updates Salvage & Wetlands Victories

Chile Bans Super Factory Fish Trawler

Article Depicts Battle Against PVC Plant In Louisiana

USFWS Agrees To Halt Trapping & Killing Of Coyotes In NWest

Read Latest Newsletter Of Forest Guardians

USDA Neglects Organic Farming Research

Jane Goodall To Highlight 1st Nat'l College Enviro Summit Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition documents and exposes the hazards of the high-tech industry and promotes environmental and economic sustainability and accountability.

The International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths (IPSEP) researches energy and development policies to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel use while saving money, boosting jobs and economic output, and improving the prospects of poorer and richer nations alike.

Corporate Watch is dedicated to helping build greater democratic control over transnational corporations at the local, national and international levels, providing Internet users, activists, journalists and policy makers with an array of tools to investigate and analyze corporate activity.

The Fund for Animals, dedicated "to speak for those who can't,", is one of the largest and most active organizations dedicated to the cause of animals throughout the world.

The Alaska Funding Exchange works with individuals, non-profits and small businesses who are trying to raise funds for special projects and program support.



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