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The following mail was sent to a multuiple-recipients list and since I believe it is of major interest to all internationally orientated anarchist activists, I am forwarding it to A-Infos. Robert

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A N N O U N C E M E N T ----------------------- Forever In Struggle A Page on Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, the Movement for Liberation and the Anarchist Black Cross Federation


Forever In Struggle is a new site featuring political prisoners and prisoners of war, including addresses, photographs and biographies; national and regional work being done for the freedom of PP/POWs; news and alerts; and information on the Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF), founded in 1995 to work for political and material support for individuals imprisoned for their political actions and beliefs.

While terms such as "political prisoner" and "prisoner of war" have become largely rhetorical to the general public as well as activists, real-life definitions are explained on the site and applied to people who are today recognized by international conventions as political prisoners and prisoners of war. Just as importantly, Forever In Struggle details news of regional and local community efforts to increase awareness of political prisoners and prisoners of war.

The ABCF works in a nonsectarian manner to assist a variety of prisoners (including Black Panther Party/Black Liberation Army members, Puerto Rican independistas, anti-imperialists and others) through financial support, grassroots community activism and national campaigns. As political prisoner Ojore Lutalo states "any movement which does not support its political internees is a sham movement," and the ABCF has developed effective programs such as the War Chest Program to address those needs.

The new ABCF site replaces the old ABCF site on the jaxnet server, and bookmarks should be changed to reflect such. In addition, some sites may wish to remove the Mid-Atlantic ABC Network (nothingness.org server), which is a dead URL.

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