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Sat, 22 Nov 1997 02:18:33 -0800 (PST)

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NEWS ADVISORY For Immediate Release Saturday, November 22nd, 1997

Students Fear Arrests Today as UBC Hands the Campus Over to RCMP and Big Business

For the second consecutive night, students camped out behind the Museum of Misanthropology. A variety of security forces, including the VPD, RCMP, Fire Department, and "others", paid repeated visits to the protesters throughout the day. At night they were visited by close to 20 RCMP and a police dog named Zak. They were asked to leave, and were threatened with arrest. The camp fire that students had made to keep themselves warm was dramatically extinguished by two firemen in full regalia. Students spirits remain high as outside support has been tremendous. All their needs have been met, although dry socks remain in high demand. The students look forward to the days ahead, and hope to have the opportunity to meet the APEC leaders in person, in order to press their concerns directly.

Meanwhile, students at DemoVille have learned, through a reliable inside source, that the university administration is handing over the UBC campus to RCMP today at 6pm. "The administration has effectively sanctioned the arrest of its students for being on their own campus," said Katja Cronauer, a student at UBC. The administration had promised that students would have full access to the campus until the security zone is established on Nov 24th. "It's APEC that should be barredfrom this campus, not students," said Jonathan Oppenheim.

Friday night, 20 students arrived after dark, and more are expected. They are calling on the Vancouver community to join them in DemoVille.

On Nov. 24th, the students are planning a series of forums on the impact of APEC featuring internationally renowned speakers. At 9am on Nov. 25th, the students will gather beside the Student Union Building, and will then "Crash the Summit."

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