(en) Freedom's Outpost Busted - Four Protestors Arrested

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Sat, 22 Nov 1997 23:12:38 -0800 (PST)

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NEWS ADVISORY For Immediate Release Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 1997

Freedom's Outpost Busted After Handover To APEC - Four Protestors Arrested -

At 9 pm, after three nights of camping at "Freedom's Outpost" behind the Museum of MISanthroplogy, four students were arrested. The Museum is to be the site of the APEC Leaders' Summit. At 6pm, the university administration had given the RCMP permission to make the arrests. According to Staff Sergeant Plante of the RCMP, the students were arrested for mischief, despite the fact that the students had not damaged any property, and had not interfered with any of the construction occurring at the site. Plante complained that the students had written anti-APEC statements using pebbles, and washable glass chalk.

The RCMP have obviously been taking courses in media savy and spin doctoring. They bused in media for the well orchestrated affair, and then whisked them away. The students on the other hand, have not been treated so kindly, having been subjected to repeated overhead helicopter flights, police dogs, and various security forces.

The arrested students were Jamie Macaulay, Anna Lewis, Lindsay Davis and Matt Law. "Freedom's Outpost" has been the temporary home of as many as fifteen people during the last few days, with many visitors from DemoVille dropping in and out. The students are opposed to APEC and the APEC world vision. They have been camping at Democracy Village (a.k.a. DemoVille) since Monday and the Museum since Thursday, in an effort to stop the APEC "leaders" from coming onto their campus. On Tuesday, at 9am they will be gathering at the Goddess of Democracy at UBC and marching on the Summit.

For more information, contact APEC Alert at (604)-251-9914, pager: 571-7540 alert@unixg.ubc.ca, http://www.cs.ubc.ca/spider/fuller/apec_alert

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