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Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com)
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 08:21:34 +0000

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From: wgcp@earthlink.net (Tom Boland) Subject: Re: Victory in Berkeley for the Children of Iraq! FWD


Why has the US government slashed housing funds and other social programs so drastically since Carter was president? A big part of the reason is the hugh hunk of our tax dollars that the Pentagon takes.

You probably know that our country is at the brink of war with Iraq again, in the hope of toppling a dictator--who we backed when he invaded Iran and gassed his own people (with chemicals sold Iraq by US corporations, with state department approval).

Somehow, he stopped taking orders from our government and picked his own dictatorship to invade. Our government meant to send him a termination notice, but had some trouble delivering the message. (However, our soldiers we did get back some of our US made nerve gas components.)

As the last war against Iraq began, homeless people and other concerned citizens were occupying the student center at MIT to call for homes and Food Not Bombs. We could not have picked a better place in the Boston area to symbolize the arms industry, to which MIT is closely tied. Yet the war went by so fast that it semed impossible to stop.

End of comment--and on to the next war. Or to peace and justice, depending on what we do.


In response to citizens concerns about the death toll on Iraqi civilian population, the Berkeley City Council put itself on record last night in calling for a lifting of sanctions against the people of Iraq. The council approved a resolution directing the Berkeley City Manager to: (1) Send a letter to the President of the United States, UN Secretary General Coffi Anan and the President and permanent members of the Security Council, calling for immediate lifting of any sanctions that hurt the civilian population of Iraq, (2) Send to UNICEF a symbolic sum of $1000 to be earmarked for relief of Iraqi children (3) Send communications to all Bay Area City Councils encouraging them to take like actions. (4) Remove the limit on oil revenues for humanitarian needs. (5) Adopt alternatives to comprehensive sanctions on Iraq."

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