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Shawn Ewald (shawn@wilshire.net)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:43:57 -0700

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------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:28:32 -0800 (PST) To: CLR All Campaigns e-mail list <clr@igc.org> From: Mike Rhodes <clr2@igc.apc.org> Subject: L.V. Myles/Disney Update

Labor Alerts/Labor News a service of Campaign for Labor Rights 1247 "E" Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 clr@igc.apc.org (541) 344-5410 http://www.compugraph.com/clr 150 DISNEY WORKERS FIRED IN L.V. MYLES PLANT! URGENT CALL FOR SOLIDARITY WITH HAITIAN FACTORY WORKERS [Information in this alert comes from the Disney / Haiti Justice Campaign, Village Station, P.O. Box 748, NY, NY 10014 - (212) 592- 3612; and Batay Ouvriye, P.O. Box 13326, Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.) Tel. 011 (509) 22-67-19.] Urgent Update: The Disney/Haiti Justice Campaign has received information from Batay Ouvriye that the situation at L.V. Myles in Haiti has worsened. Out of about a 500 person workforce, more than 150 workers have already been fired in an intense campaign to stamp out worker protest and to intimidate workers. Although workers are still protesting, this has come as a serious blow. The replies received from L.V. Myles in New York concerning this situation state that this is not the case and that workers have not been arbitrarily fired, it seems improbable that they can continue to deny this. The Disney/Haiti Justice Campaign strongly encourages all actions that can be taken to protest and denounce this injustice. Send your letters or faxes to: L.V. Myles 135 Madison Ave, 10th floor NY, NY 10016 NOTE THESE NEW NUMBERS--Tel: (212) 725-0900 or (212) 696-8420 Fax: (212) 268-1845 Mr. Michael Eisner, C.E.O. The Walt Disney Company South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521 Tel: (818) 560-1000 Fax: (818) 846-7319 This is an urgent call. Please act now in support of these workers. For more information, contact THE DISNEY / HAITI JUSTICE CAMPAIGN, VILLAGE STATION, P.0. BOX 748, NY, NY 10014 - (212) 592-3612; or BATAY OUVRIYE, P.O. Box 13326, Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.) Tel. 011-509-22-67-19 CAMPAIGN FOR LABOR RIGHTS newsletter subscriptions: Send $35.00 to 1247 "E" Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. For a sample copy, send your postal address to <clr@igc.apc.org>. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To receive our email Labor Alerts, send a message to <clr@igc.apc.org> with "labor alerts -- all campaigns" in the subject line or specify which labor issues interest you: Nike, Disney, Guess, child labor, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, US farm workers, US poultry processing workers. If you would like to receive information which falls outside those categories (prison labor, workfare, other policy issues, additional briefing material on some campaigns), indicate that you want to be on our Additional Labor Information list AS WELL AS our All Campaigns list. To stop receiving this service, check to see whether you have received our alerts directly from us or as a reposting via some other list. Send an email message to the address listed in the "return path" saying that you want to unsubscribe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU EXPERIENCE A BREAK IN OUR LABOR ALERT SERVICE, send us an email verifying that you still want to receive our alerts and indicating which lists (see above) you want to be on. For various technical reasons, many email messages are "bounced back." Our largest lists are now on an automated system which drops any address which malfunctions, even if because of a temporary problem with your email server. Although our alert system is becoming automated, YOU CAN STILL COMMUNICATE WITH A REAL PERSON at Campaign for Labor Rights. Send your messages to <clr@igc.apc.org>.

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