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brand is a Swedish anarchist magazine with a nearly one hundred year history.

This is brand issue number 5, 1997 (9) The theme of this issue is reactionary mobilisation.

p. 2 A word from the editorial collective...

p. 3 Not one more rape! Two very successful demonstrations in Stockholm against pornography, rape and brothels.

p. 4 About the reactionary mobilisation which is occuring in our society at this very moment.

p. 5 In what forms is the current reactionary mobilisation expressing itself.

p. 6 The middle class is marching! A complete look at fascismen in theory and practice. p. 11 The Mold is Revolting! What is radical conservatism and how is it being introduced in Sweden?

The following two articles are based upon a lecture series arranged by Anti-Fascistisk Aktion, AFA, and the Syndicalist Youth Federation, SUF, in Stockholm.

p. 14 Schengen on the prowl. The increasing police state tendencies within EU.

p. 16 Criminals of the world unite! The Schengen decision paved the legal way for the mass arrests in Amsterdam during the EU ROT OP this past summer!

p. 18 Sub-cultures in decay. An article translated from the German magazine Antifa INFOblatt concerning the connection between political and sub-cultural movements.

p. 21 Empire of the Nerds strikes back! The conservative right is attempting to criminalize the radical left.

p. 22 Guide to the autonomous animal rights movement which has evolved in Sweden over the past few years.

p. 24 a-infos; news notices concerning amongst others the state of the European squatters movement, anarcho-punks clash with police in Minneapolis, a new issue of the American magazine Anarchy and 20 years since Stammheim.

p. 27 Reports from England. Brand was at the International Militant Anti-Fascist Confrence in London as well as the demonstration marking the two years of struggle for the Liverpool dockers.

p. 30 press releases; from commandos in Sweden-we can read about attacks against pornographic shops and animal liberation actions.

p. 30 debate; letters concerning the Stoppa Nazirocken demonstraion in Helsingborg this past spring, pornography as exploitation and the importance of animal liberation.

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