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The Internet Anti-Fascist: #39, Wednesday, 19 November 1997 _____________________________________________________________________


I think future history will reveal that last Saturday's anti-Nazi demonstration in Dover was more important that it appears today. Regular TINAF readers know that the U.K.'s National Front called an anti-Roma ("Gypsy") action and were stopped by a broad anti-fascist coalition. Dover is important for more reasons than the militant coalition that came together to defend Romani rights.

I've spent the past several days looking through the <igc> site and reading about immigration issues. I want to spend the next two or three issues of TINAF examining how immigrants are becoming a "new" scapegoat. The quotation marks are important because the far Right has always targeted them in one way or another.

But there is an unusually intense focus that today's Right has developed. Traditional right-wing groups have always used the myth of the dangerous outsider to whip up hate-based action. The KKK focused on Black people; the traditional European fascists targeted the Jews; right-wing Populists in the U.S. went after Catholics and Masons. And, of course, groups like gay people were always a reserve for additional projected fears.

Hate is transferable; the psycho-dynamics of hatred move--and can be moved--from one group to another. So I want to further explore why the Roma are the "ideal" ethnic group on which fascists focus hate. Then I want to examine how today's Right uses the immigration issue in its organizing both off and on the net.

Meanwhile, you can examine the "The Patrin" web site whose URL is listed below to see how the Roma have been treated through the centuries. It contains several excellent short articles on the "Porraimos" ("Devouring") which is how the Roma refer to the Nazi genocide. Other links are to articles showing what they're up against as many in Europe want to move to a second Devouring.


Administrative Matters

Several readers wrote that last issue's links to the movie reviews of "Starship Trooper" weren't valid anymore. This is a problem that several on-line journals have experienced, particularly with current news articles. Newspapers often keep stories at their web sites for only a day or two. All of us are working on a solution to the problem.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT'S WORTH CHECKING

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(2) Romani culture and information on the web: anthropological, social, historical, etc. including related links:

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(3) For a look at how the Right uses the immigration issue, see the links established by the pro-immigration "Political Ecology Group" via: <http://www.igc.org/peg/imm_env/links.html>


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