(en) Flamingo Raided! 8 AM PST 11/19/97

Lyn Gerry (redlyn@loop.com)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 08:44:58 +0000

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Flamingo Squat, in Santa Monica, Raided by Police

At dawn this morning, 30-40 cops from the Santa Monica Police Dept. raided the Flamingo squat, and arrested three homeless activists -- Jennifer Waggoner, David Bush (both homeless), and Michael Reinsborough (member of Food Not Bombs and the IWW).

When the police arrived, Michael Reinsborough said, he stepped off the Flamongo property with a video camera to document the arrest. Police grabbed him, smashed his video camera and arrested him. He said when they took him away, jennifer and David were yelling.

Police then arrested Jennifer and David. Jennifer was chained to the building. Pain complaiance holds were used during her arrest; currently, we do not know the extent of Jennifer's injuries.

None of the other 40 plus residents of the Flamingo were arrested.

The three activists are now awaiting arraignment in a Santa Monica jail, which should occur this evening or tomorrow. They have each been charged with "interfering with an officer" and "tresspassing." Bail has been set at $250 dollars for each of them.

We are asking that you call the Mayor of Santa Monica's Office to protest the arrest of these activists, and the shutting down of the Flamingo Squat, and to demand that all charges be dropped against the activists..

Santa Moinica Mayor's Office: (310) 458-8201

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