(en) Han Young/Hyundai hunger strike

Shawn Ewald (shawn@wilshire.net)
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 20:59:02 -0700

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Workers of the Han Young maquiladora, which produces the chassis of tractor trailers for Hyundai are starting a hunger stike Thursday, November 20. Three workers -- Fernando Flores, Miguel Meza and Miguel Sanchez -- will initiate the hunger strike on the 20th, to be joined by additional workers each week at their encampment outside the state administration offices in Tijuana. They plan to continue their hunger strike until their demands for recognition of their independent union are met.

On November 10, the Tijuana labor board denied certification of the STIMAHCS labor union even though a clear majority of the workers voted for the union.

Now is the time for people of conscience north of the border to act in solidarity with workers south of the border.


1) Continue leafleting actions at Hyundai dealerships and at car shows. To receive a Hyundai action packet, for more information or to receive email Hyundai labor alerts, contact Campaign for Labor Rights at CLR@igc.apc.org or (541) 344-5410.

2) Delegations: Clergy and laity and representatives of human rights organizations are urged to consider participating in small delegations to visit the hunger strikers and then to bring their message back to your communities. Please contact Campaign for Labor Rights (541) 344-5410 if you can participate in a delegation. Participants will need to pay their own transportation to San Diego. There is no delegation fee.

3) Write a letter to Hyundai:


Mong-Gyu Chung Chairman Hyundai Motors 140-2, Kye-Dong, Chonro-Ku, Seoul, Korea

By fax: via North American headquarters: 1-714-965-3149

Dear Mr. Mong-Gyu Chung,

I am writing to express my support for the workers at the Tijuana maquiladora Han Young who voted overwhelmingly to be represented by the independent union of their choice. I understand that Han Young has begun firing union supporters and is threatening to replace all of the union supporters with workers it will transport from Vera Cruz as a means to defy the union effort.

I understand that Han Young produces solely for Hyundai Precision America. I am supporting the boycott of Hyundai Morotrs and will encourage my friends and associates to do so as well. U.S. and Asian-based corporations cannot continue to violate basic worker rights in Mexico without repercussions.

Your company should ensure that the illegal firings stop, that the fired union supporters are reinstated and that Han Young management negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the independent union.

CC: Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers 3909 Centre Street, #210 San Diego, CA 92103 fax: 1-619-295-5879

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