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Martha Cody-Valdez (mcody-valdez@descartes.ucsb.edu)
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:40:01 -0800 (PST)

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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 20:44:34 -0800 From: Brian Chiu <dissent@ea.oac.uci.edu> Reply-To: assnaas-socal@uci.edu To: Multiple recipients of list <assnaas-socal@uci.edu> Subject: Support Korean Labor Hunger Strikers!

Hello! Seventeen steel workers in South Korea have been on hunger strike for nearly a month now (since Oct.16), and they intend to strike until death unless the American company POSCO stop unfair labor practices against union activists and unreasonable work conditions. Please spread the word and if you have a fax machine and wouldn't mind saving some lives, please read on and take action. Thanks! - Brian Chiu, electrical engineering

---------------------------------------------------------------- >From action97@pencil.math.missouri.edu Thu Nov 13 21:16:52 1997

Defend The Sam-mi Steel Hunger Strikers Stop POSCO Union Busting In Korea!

Since the 16th of October, 17 workers have been on a hunger strike to demand their jobs back. Over 600 workers were fired by a POSCO Steel subsidary when POSCO bought half of the Masan Sam-mi Special Steel Industry plant in December 1996. After buying literally half the factory, POSCO fired all the workers in their newly owned section of the factory and unilaterally implemented a new contract. They began to rehire some of the workers but screened out all the union activists and supporters at the plant. This left 600 workers without a job.

The workers who are members of the Sam-mi Special Steel Industry Workers Union which is affiliated to the KCTU set up a tent camp outside the gate and have been in continuous encampment since the 15th of October. POSCO is closely tied to the Korean government and has provided over a billion dollars (US) to the government politicians. POSCO also in the past built a plant with non-union labor in Pittsburgh, California and sought to stop any union organization. The POSCO Pittsburgh, California plant is presently organized by the United Steel Workers Of America (USWA).

The new labor conditions for the Sam-mi POSCO workers include forced over-time up to 7 days a week and a ban on the worker's wives from working outside the home. POSCO has said that if the worker's wives have another job outside the home, POSCO workers cannot concentrate on their jobs. This corporate ban on the right of worker's wives to work is allowed under Korean labor law. POSCO is intent on keeping out the union at all costs.

The hunger strikers are determined to continue the hunger strike until death. Trade union and labor supporters around the world can send faxes to:

Kim Man-Je, President of POSCO at 82-2-3457-1900

Also the Korean Government Department Of Labor can be faxed at 82-2-503-9771

And the Korean Department Of Trade And Industry at 82-2-503-9627

Also please contact the Korean Embassy and/or Consulate in your area with a phone call, fax or delegation in support of the Sam-mi hunger strikers in Masan, South Korea.

Please coppy all faxes, statements of support and activities to General Secretary Kim Hong-Ki Sam-mi Special Steel Industry Workers Union Phone:82-551-68-4074 FAX: 82-551-64-1225

The union can also be contacted on the internet at sami@kpd.sing-kr.org Reach their web page at http://kpd.sing-kr.org/~sami


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