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The Internet Anti-Fascist: #38, Sunday, 16 November 1997 ______________________________________________________________________


"Demonstrators clash in Dover: 'The right-wing National Front party was forced to abandon a protest march against the presence of Eastern European asylum seekers, after it was disrupted by angry anti-racist counter demonstrators.' BBC News, 15 Nov 97, via: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/newsid_31000/31749.stm

Stephen Hunter, "Goosestepping At the Movies: 'Starship Troopers' and the Nazi Aesthetic," movie review, Washington Post, 11 Nov 97, via: <http://washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1997-11/11/032l-111197- idx.html>

Garry Thompson, "['Starship Troopers'] Goose-stepping its way into teen-agers' hearts," Philadelphia Daily News, 14 Nov 97, via: <http://www.phillynews.com/daily_news/97/Nov/14/features/FGAR14.htm>

David Weinberg, "Politics of antisemitism: Is the struggle against antisemitism around the world Israel's fight?" Jerusalem Post, 16 Nov 97, via: <http://www.jpost.com/com/Archive/16.Nov.1997/Opinion/Article-1.html>

"Who's Behind The Culture War: Contemporary Assaults on the Freedom of Expression " by Mark Schapiro. An overview of religious right organizations, politics, and activists.via: <http://www.as.wvu.edu/~thumm/cultwars1.html>

"The Liberal Constitutionalist: 100% Pure Constitutional Liberty -- Accept NO Radical-Right Wing Imitations!" via: <http://members.aol.com/realconst/l_c_home.html>

In the second site's own words: "It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. The extreme religious right (and most leaders in the Patriot and militia movements) tells us how the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to form an official Christian nation, and they come up with ever zanier twists of Constitutional law to turn the obvious meaning of our Bill of Rights upside down. David Barton's historical distortions of America's founding period argues that First Amendment religious liberty exists only for fundamentalist Christians, and judges like the unspeakable Robert Bork argue that Constitutional free speech and free expression was never meant to protect ideas that they find uncomfortable or objectionable!

"Somebody out there has to present the other side: Contrary to the Religious Right's revisionist history, 'religious freedom' does not give Pat Robertson or James Dobson the 'freedom' to impose their moral values on everyone else under the pretense of 'America's Christian Heritage.' Get involved and join the fight for freedom!

"Religious liberty protects individual freedom of conscience. The Liberal Constitutionalist is here to do just that."

Many sites -- like Nizkor -- expose the content of the Holocaust Revisionists' distortions of history around the Nazi Genocide. The Liberal Constitutionalist performs the task of revealing the similar distortions by the Religious Right concerning the U.S. Constitution. A "must check" site for anti-hate activists.


BOOK REVIEW: _Uncovering the Right on Campus_

copyright 1997 by the Center for Campus Organizing (CCO). ISBN 0-945210-07-8. 134 pages, $US 8 plus $2 postage ($13 outside the US.) CCO, Box 748, Cambridge, MA 02142. All proceeds support campus organizing.

We all know about the myths presented as fact by today's Right Wing. We've experienced them around Holocaust Revisionism, increased homophobic organizing, and a series of other attacks on broad humanist thinking. These attacks are increasingly presented by conservative campus activists whose organizations and actions are described as "spontaneous."

_Uncovering_ exposes the $US 20 million a year myth behind the myths. It examines, in considerable factual detail, the names and dollar figures of the groups receiving the funding and the private foundations giving it. It identifies 51 campus newspapers funded by the Madison Center for Educational Affairs and has an index of right-wing organizations on campus from "Accuracy In Academia" to "Youth For Christ." Particularly interesting are the advertisements in campus newspapers by individuals announcing that Christ cured their homosexuality.

The various chapters, written by different authors, show how today's campus Right and their off-campus supporters pull together issues like the anti-gay offensive, affirmative action, student aid, racism, and militarism into a single unified whole often described as the battle against Political Correctness. As Rich Cowan and Dalya Massachi note: "The danger in the 'anti-PC' campaign is that privileged groups will label challenges to their privilege as 'fascism' in order to justify a violent response.

"Conservative groups have repeatedly indicated a goal of eliminating liberalism and the left. Jack Abramoff, former chair of the College Republicans (CRs), went so far as to say, 'we are not just trying to win the next election. We're winning the next generation... It's not our job to seek peaceful co-existence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently.' (CR 1983 Annual Report)"

CCO has 16 excerpts from the book available on their web site, via: <http://envirolink.org/orgs/cco/right/index.html>.

_Uncovering_ accomplishes the rare task of combining theory, tight factual research, and organizing tips; it is an invaluable tool for those seeking to combat today's right-wing offensive both on and off campus.


-- tallpaul Fascism: We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.

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